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Baby-sitters Club | The Complete Guide to Jill Henderson


Total appearances in series: 4

RS#23 – Jill Henderson is a friend of Sunny’s from school. Dawn knows her only vaguely because they used to be in the same class, but was never really great friends with her. Jill and Maggie Blume, along with Sunny, are members of the We ♥ Kids Club, the California version of the BSC. The club has been meeting for six months. Jill agrees to baby-sit for Mrs. Peters on Thursday. She pulls a bottle of nail polish out of her purse and begins working on her nails. She eventually paints everyone’s nails during the meeting.

She accompanies Sunny, Maggie, Dawn, Jeff, Jeff’s friend Luke, and Mr. Schafer to the beach. The girls are all wearing bikinis, which Jeff scoffs at. She is described as having blonde hair (just like everyone else in their group). Jeff calls the girls “The Blonde Convention” while at the beach. Jill and Maggie both comb Sun-Light into their hair.

Jill and Maggie arrive at Sunny’s for a We ♥ Kids Club meeting, and Jill invites Dawn to a party being thrown by Joe Luhan and Tom Swanson, both of whom Dawn grew up with. Jill is enthusiastic about the guacamole dip and cut-up raw veggies which serve as the snacks during the meeting. Jill contributes a homemade lemonade recipe she’d found in a magazine to the club’s kid-friendly recipe box. Jill rummaged in her purse for yet another nail polish, a different color this time, and asks Dawn which looks better after doing one hand. She teases Dawn that they’ll discontinue the colors before she makes up her mind which she likes best.

Dawn doesn’t consider herself as close to Maggie and Jill as she is to Sunny, much less her BSC friends.

The final We ♥ Kids Club meeting that Dawn attends is actually a going away party that the girls have thrown for her. Jill contributes to the healthy snacks, and takes a baby-sitting job that comes in.

RS#72 – Jill lives pretty far away from school, so she takes the bus home. During a meeting of the We ♥ Kids Club, Sunny attempts to teach Jill how to surf. Jill is a bit embarrassed by her lack of coordination, as she wobbles around when she steps on the board, but flaps her arms wildly and sings the theme song to Hawaii Five-0. Later during the meeting, Sunny discusses board wax with Jill between job calls.

Jill’s background is described thusly:
Jill Henderson is actually quiet and serious when she’s not carpet-surfing. Of all of us blondes, she has the darkest hair, and deep, chocolatey brown eyes. She’s the only one who doesn’t live in the neighborhood. Her house is tucked away in the hills at the edge of town. Her parents are divorced, so she lives with her mom and her older sister, Liz. They have three dogs—all boxers—named Spike, Shakespeare, and Smee. (Jill loves them, but boy, are those dogs ugly.)

Jill is the first to suggest they do the feature article for the Palo City Post when the writer, Rhonda Lieb, calls during a club meeting. While waiting to meet with Ms. Lieb, Jill eats a whole wheat cracker with cashew butter, which she scarfs down before wiping her hands on her white pants. She crosses her legs tightly to hide the resultant stain. Jill tells Ms. Lieb about a baking experience she had while baby-sitting for twins, which turned into a dough-flinging contest. In the picture that accompanies the article, Jill and Maggie are running after a ball with one of the neighborhood kids. She’s described as “warm and nurturing, the calming force of the group” in the article.

The We ♥ Kids Club is interviewed for a local TV station; they appear on the eight o’clock broadcast. Jill, Maggie, Sunny, and her parents all go to Dawn’s house to watch the feature, which lasts four minutes.

Jill picks up a new client after the media exposure, the van Drutens. She is accidentally double-booked alongside Sunny by the Facklers. She bets the Facklers will call them when they realize their mistake, but in case they don’t, she suggests that both she and Sunny go to the job and split the money. She isn’t impressed with the Facklers, and thinks Mr. Fackler doesn’t have any room to talk when he tells Maggie that the club ought to be more organized, considering he and his wife don’t communicate about calling baby-sitters.

Jill doesn’t want the We ♥ Kids Club to be an exact carbon copy of the BSC; she especially is against the idea of regular meeting times. She likes Sunny’s suggestion of a secret handshake, which they all try to decide on but eventually never do.

RS#77 – Jill is described as having dark golden hair. Jill’s sister is given a name, and her surfing abilities have improved by this book:
Jill is probably the most serious of us, and she’s sensitive in ways that remind me of Mary Anne sometimes. Jill lives with her mom and older sister Liz in the hills at the edge of town, along with three huge boxers: Spike, Shakespeare, and Smee. She’s the only one of us who doesn’t live in the neighborhood and she usually takes a bus to meetings. Like the rest of us, Jill likes to surf. And she is seriously good at it, too.

Jill answers the phone when Mr. Cater calls, looking for a companion for his twelve-year-old daughter, Whitney.

RS#98 – Jill is described as an organic food junkie. Dawn calls her much more laid-back than Maggie, and a terrific listener.

Total appearances in series: 3

SS#5 – The BSC attends a meeting of the We ♥ Kids Club at Sunny’s. Jill points out that they keep a record book and made Kid-Kits. She tells Mary Anne not to fret about Sophie Robertson’s asthma, because Stephie has had it all her life and knows how to deal with it, including using her inhaler and taking oral medication for it. She and Maggie groan loudly when Erick and Ryan DeWitt’s parents call for a baby-sitter, and try to discourage Kristy from taking the job.

Dawn borrows Jill’s bike (along with Sunny’s) when she, Kristy, and Claudia decide to go to the mall instead of the beach.

The We ♥ Kids Club and the BSC have a sleepover at Dawn’s house. Jill is super-impressed when Jessi mentions that she knows Derek Masters; she doesn’t know any “real TV stars” personally. She asks why Mary Anne doesn’t think Stephie can join the outing they’re planning with their baby-sitting charges on Saturday (Mary Anne responds, “Her asthma, of course.”) Kristy spends much of said outing trying to show up the We ♥ Kids Club by being the perfect baby-sitter for the terror DeWitt boys, only to concede in the end that they had been right about them all along.

SS#12 – Jill, along with Sunny and Maggie, accompanies Dawn, who’s shopping for her bridesmaid dress, to the mall. She mentions that ‘radiant’ is one of the words Charlotte spelled in her web to describe Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web. Jill mentions that she and her sister were bridesmaids once. Her sister picked the dress, which was “sooo ugly.” She says that it’s a shame that her sister bought said dress, because she spent a lot of money but only wore it once. When Dawn hesitates about buying the dress, Jill quickly backpedals, saying the dress she’s chosen is lovely and that she can wear it for a lot of different occasions.

While at the mall, she spots “the perfect tie for her father in a men’s store window,” and all the girls go in with her to consult. She suggests celebrating after Dawn buys the dresses, but the other girls fight over where to go.

Jill is described as the quietest member of the We ♥ Kids Club, and she “lives way on the outskirts of Palo City.”

Kristy, Claudia, and Mary Anne visit Dawn at school; they pull Jill off her bus that afternoon to say hi, and Jill pleads with them to attend the impromptu We ♥ Kids Club that Sunny calls on a whim. She jokingly thirds when Sunny officially calls the meeting to order, for Kristy’s benefit. When Sunny tells the others about the surprise going-away party she’s throwing for Dawn, Jill wants to know who’s attending. She suggests they serve mini ranch-flavored rice cakes. Kristy splits the guest list between Jill, Maggie, and Sunny and asks them to invite everyone, which Jill starts to do right away.

Claudia takes a picture of the We ♥ Kids Club and herself, Kristy, and Mary Anne with the self-timer feature during the Schafer-Olson wedding reception.

SS#14 – The We ♥ Kids Club surprises the BSC when the RVs land in Palo City by attending the pool party set up by Dawn’s stepmother. Jill exclaims over the hummus, “Scrupm-diddley-umptious!” and Maggie, Dawn, and Sunny exchange a Look – “That’s Jill. Thirteen going on eleven. But we love her anyway.”

Total appearances in series: 3

M#12 – Jill suggests Dawn try the spinach dip with the raw veggies during a We ♥ Kids Club meeting. She’s described as quiet, self-assured, and kind of serious. She tells the girls a story about her dog, Smee:
That day at our meeting, Jill was telling us how Smee likes to chase the cat next door. “It makes Mrs. Banks so mad,” she said, “so I try to keep him away from her precious Tinkerbell. But once in awhile he gets away from me, and you should see how they run through the bushes. I actually think Tinkerbell enjoys being chased, but there’s no way to convince Mrs. Banks of that.” Jill grinned.

The We ♥ Kids Club doesn’t get as excited about solving mysteries as the BSC does.

Jill and Maggie join Sunny and Dawn at the beach one Saturday afternoon. Jill’s sister Liz had driven them up and was supposed to come and pick everyone else up later. Jill made oatmeal cookies, Maggie made sandwiches, and they both brought fruit to share. Jill asks why Sunny and Dawn aren’t surfing, considering others are. Dawn mentions that “Maggie and Jill like horseback riding better than surfing, but they pay attention to a good surfing rumor when they hear one.” Jill brought a pile of magazines, which she leafed through with Maggie, and gets creeped out while waiting for Liz to pick them up when the girls realize that the beach had emptied without them noticing. They start to pack up when Sunny spots a lone surfer, whom Jill can’t really see.

M#17 – The We ♥ Kids Club is hanging around Sunny’s house, eating five-grain tortilla chips and organic salsa and laughing about Tom Swanson’s caterpillar-like eyebrows. Jill is described thusly: “Jill Henderson has blonde hair so dark it’s almost brown – until you see her in the sun, when all the golden highlights shine through. She has velvety brown eyes and a sweet, serious manner.”

Jill mentions that all of the neighborhood kids are bummed over the possible cancellation of Halloween, and laments it herself, saying that Halloween is “the biggest holiday in the world” for kids. The girls are worried about the escaped, armed gunman responsible for the robbery, and Jill chews on her fingernails. Dawn notes that she’d stopped chewing her nails “a while ago” but it’s a nervous habit that comes back when she’s stressed. Jill is stunned when Dawn announces that she wants to try to find the gunman, and tries to slow everyone’s roll when they hop on board with the idea. She asks them what they think they’re going to do if they catch him, and only agrees to help the others when Dawn promises that they’d immediately call the cops if they found him.

When Maggie suggests throwing a party for the neighborhood kids, Jill grabs a notebook and takes down everyone’s ideas for games and activities. She suggests using cooked spaghetti as “brains” in the haunted house, and vetoes “really, really scary” ghost stories that Sunny and Dawn are “always reading.” She suggests making toasted pumpkin seeds.

At school, the girls are eating lunch in the courtyard under a bougainvillea tree when Dawn tells them about another clue she’s remembered. Jill suggests calling Officer Garcia, which Dawn says she’ll do that afternoon. In the meantime, Sunny suggests tracking down the clue themselves, which the girls do.

Maggie and Jill attend the Palo City High track practice one afternoon to try and find the guy who matches the description of the boy who’d bought the clown mask. Jill thinks it might be “the cute one” who wins all the races. Maggie contends that both of the guys are cute, and laments that it’s too bad they’d never even look at them, since they’re mere middle-schoolers.

Jill agrees with Maggie that they should dress up for the neighborhood kids’ Halloween party, and considers wearing the cat costume she had in third grade. She decides instead to go as Marge Simpson. When Dawn drags her feet about coming up with a costume idea, Jill suggests she go as Marie Antoinette or Martha Washington. She insists that “feeling silly is part of what Halloween’s all about. It’s the one day of the year when everybody gets to act like a little kid again, no matter how old they are.” Jill and Maggie serve as the test subjects for the haunted house that Dawn and Sunny have put together, and have them test out the pin-the-broom game that she and Maggie have devised. When Jill grabs the tape deck to try out the disappearing chairs game, the girls hear on the radio about the clown robber’s latest attack.

M#26 – Jill is described as having a “unique, cooked smile.”

Total appearances in series: 1

Dawn's Book – Dawn claims that she was friends with Maggie and Jill in first grade, and that they all sat together in class and wrote notes to each other. Though they were friends, neither of them lived close by. Maggie and Jill were especially interested in Dawn’s yellow parakeet, Buzz Buzz. They were so fascinated by him that Dawn started to exaggerate about his feats and abilities.

By fifth grade, Dawn, Sunny, Maggie, and Jill were “very best friends.” Dawn claims that they were never obnoxious or cliquey, and that they played with the other kids, but “everyone knew we were special friends.”

Dawn and Sunny decide to deal with their nerves about the autobiography assignment by going to the beach with Maggie and Jill.

Total appearances in series: 4

DAWN DIARY I – Jill calls out to her friends on the first day of school. Dawn, Sunny, and Maggie make fun of her outfit, speculating that she’d found her first-grade attire:
Jill was wearing a sweatshirt with a huge pink unicorn on the front. The unicorn’s horn (why aren’t unicorns called unihorns?) was sparkly gold, and the unicorn was standing on a powder blue cloud that was made of some puffy material. On Jill’s feet were pink sneakers, and on the toe of each sneaker was a pony with an actual tail hanging over the side of each shoe.

“Hi,” we called back to Jill.

No one said anything about Jill’s shirt or shoes, which I thought was commendable of us. Then I realized that Jill wanted us to comment. And so her face fell when Sunny looked beyond her and said, “Well, I guess we have to go in.”

They let her walk into school with them.

When the eighth-graders are called into an assembly with the high school kids, Dawn, Sunny and Maggie meet up with Jill, who’s wearing a “sweatshirt with huge crayons painted on the front” which she very obviously thinks is cute. The other girls try hard to look like they’re *not* with her, however, because they think she looks babyish. Another of Jill’s friends, Peg, carries a troll doll, which is sticking out of her puppy backpack.

When the girls contemplate joining the high school, they scope out a guy with a crew cut dressed in army fatigues, and have this conversation:
Jill began to giggle. “He looks like – “ she started to say.

“Shut up. He’ll hear you.” Sunny cut her off.

Jill clamped her mouth shut. She looked wounded and embarrassed. I felt sorry for her. But not sorry enough to say anything.

Jill isn’t as jazzed about the idea of going to high school as the other girls, proclaiming in a tearful tone that she likes middle school. Dawn notes how the transition to high school is changing her friends, saying of Jill: “Then there’s Jill. Actually, Jill isn’t changing, at least not in comparison to the rest of us. She still seems more like a seventh-grader (a young seventh-grader) than an eighth-grader. I am tired of oohing and ahhing over her teddy bear collection.”

Jill doesn’t know who Justin Randall is, and doesn’t join in the other girls’ gentle ribbing when Maggie admits to her crush on him. She looks downright miserable, in Dawn’s estimation, but nobody presses her on why.

Jill plants a surprise in Dawn’s locker – a fuzzy toy puppy with a note on the tail – which embarrasses Dawn when she discovers it in front of witnesses. The note reads, “Here is a little good-luck friend for you. Keep it with you always. Your puppy pal, Jill.” Dawn vows that she will kill Jill for leaving her such an unwanted, unwelcome surprise.

Dawn realizes that she, Sunny, and Maggie have outgrown the We ♥ Kids Club, and that they don’t really miss the meetings or baby-sitting; however, Jill “would love to keep meeting and baby-sitting” because that constitutes part of her idea of “hanging out, along with cookie-baking and popcorn-making.”

The girls are excited about being invited to an ~exclusive~ upperclassmen party until they realize that Jill has also been invited. They speculate that she was only invited because she was known to hang out with them, and nobody wanted to hurt her feelings by leaving her out. At first, Jill doesn’t want to go (“They are eleventh- and twelfth-graders! They’re, like, four years older than us. Some of them are eighteen already.”) but says that if they do decide to go, they should make fudge to bring along with them, since its rude to show up empty-handed, to which Maggie reacts incredulously. Her reaction merely “puzzles” Jill, though.

Sunny, Maggie, Dawn, and Jill meet up in Dawn’s room to discuss the party. Jill insists that they can’t go because their parents won’t allow them to, and suggests they have their own party/sleepover instead. The others reluctantly agree and decide to meet at the mall to pick up supplies. Jill brings a list, but the others ignore it. Dawn observes that “Sometimes I’m like Jill and I just want everything to stay the way it’s been. I want us to be young and safe.” Jill pooh-poohs the idea of navel rings and eyebrow rings, and gets all excited about seeing the kittens at the pet store. She and Sunny are the most at odds with each other, but share a moment over the hamster cages at Pet World. Their next stop is one that only Jill is interested in:
Jill insisted we go into this one store called The Bear Necessities. I’d never seen it before, but Jill seemed intimate with it. It was full of – guess what – teddy bears. And accessories for teddy bears and things with teddy bears on them and books about teddy bears and kits for making teddy bears. There was also a huge section of dolls and stuffed animals.

Jill was in heaven. When we left the store (with much eye-rolling on Sunny’s part), she was carrying a bag containing a strip of teddy bear stickers, a pair of teddy bear barrettes, and a plastic perfume bottle shaped like a pony (with a sparkly blue mane).

Jill is oblivious when Sunny gets upset during lunch, obtusely asking if she was brought the wrong meal when she’d been eating it for ten minutes before bursting into tears. She, along with Maggie and Dawn, is stunned when Sunny impulsively pierces her belly button, instantly lamenting about what Sunny’s parents would say when they saw it.

The sleepover at Jill’s is, predictably, a disaster. Maggie arrives at the same time as the pizza delivery guy, and Jill gushes about Mr. Blume to him, making Maggie even more uncomfortable than she already is. Jill’s mother doesn’t let them take their pizza upstairs, but makes them stay in the kitchen to eat. After dinner, they all go to Jill’s room, which she’s decorated in an explosion of pink and white. Jill’s all excited because she has the TV and VCR and a stack of Disney movies to watch. When no one shows interest in movie night, she forces a game of charades on them, and then wants to goof call the neighbors, play Cootie, or do makeovers. When Sunny shoots her down, Jill realizes that none of the others actually want to be there, but only came because they weren’t allowed to go to the other party instead. Jill bursts into tears when the others concede her point. When Jill’s mother and sister leave, Sunny, Maggie, and Dawn decide to sneak out and go to the other party, and leave Jill behind by herself. Dawn tries to smooth things over with Jill before they go, and promises to be back before her mother and sister return at midnight.

When they finally make it back to Jill’s, they toss stones at her window to get her attention. She comes down and opens the door for them just in time for Sunny to throw up, which grosses Jill out. She lets them in, telling them that she lied to her mother by leaving her a note that said they’d all gone to bed early. She is very upset about having to cover for them and doesn’t care to hear about their grand adventure at the other party. She freaks when Sunny crawls into her bed after being sick all over the lawn. She’s momentarily mollified when the others tell her that they appreciate her covering for them, but freaks out again when Sunny admits to losing her wallet at the other party, suddenly convinced that the police will find it and tell everyone – including her mother – what really happened that night. She freaks out again when she realizes that Sunny was so sick because she was drunk.

Jill’s mother and sister wake the girls up at 8 am on Sunday, including the hungover Sunny. They all go downstairs and suffer through an obnoxiously large and *long* breakfast with Jill’s family, all of them still angry about the night before.

Jill and Dawn meet at The Bear Necessities later that afternoon, but Dawn senses Jill isn’t really in a shopping mood, so they go to Starburst’s for drinks (tea for Dawn, lemonade for Jill). Dawn apologizes for the night before. Jill tells her that she was worried that they could’ve been killed. Jill also wants to know if something else is wrong, because Dawn has seemed preoccupied the last few days, so Dawn tells her about Carol’s pregnancy:
Suddenly I remembered one of the many reasons Jill and I had become such good friends. Because Jill is sensitive. She could practically read my mind. It was uncanny, but I liked it.

“Well…” I began.

“You can tell me,” said Jill.

“All right, but it’s a huge secret. You cannot tell a soul, and I mean not one single solitary soul. Because I promised Carol I would not tell anyone this secret.”

“Okay.” Jill was still solemn as a cat.

“Carol,” I said, “is pregnant.”

Jill’s eyes widened. Her mouth opened. Then she grinned.

“But,” I hurried on, “somehow it’s not a good thing.” I tried to describe Carols’ reaction, how she hadn’t told Dad and seemed all nervous – and frankly not very pregnant.

Jill frowned again. “Wow. That is strange,” she said.

“I don’t like the way Carol is handling things,” I went on. “Not telling Dad, making me keep it a secret. Anyway, remember – Carol told me this in confidence.”

“Well, your secret is safe with me.” Jill pretended to zip her lips together, then to lock them and throw away the key. Very third grade but somehow confidence inspiring. When we left Starburst’s I felt closer to Jill than I’d felt in a long time. I still thought that I was outgrowing her, but I wanted to be her friend anyway.

The girls meet for lunch on Monday and are anxious about the party. Dawn begs everyone to hang out that afternoon, but only Jill is able to. She wants to bake cookies, which Dawn agrees to do. They discover Carol is home when the girls arrive that afternoon, but she leaves them to it and goes into the other room to work. Jill begins to wonder out loud what it’s like to be grounded, because she’s never been grounded before and she’s certain that will be her punishment if her mother finds out what happened during the sleepover. When Carol walks into the room carrying a fax machine, Jill runs over to her, babbling about how she shouldn’t be carrying such a heavy piece of equipment while she’s pregnant. When Carol realizes that Dawn has shared the baby secret, she’s furious, and Dawn is, in turn, furious with Jill for speaking without thinking “like an adult” first. She tells her that she never should’ve trusted her with such an important secret and calls Jill a baby. Jill bursts into tears, but simply calls her mother to come pick her up.

Jill is hanging around the auditorium before the big assembly, a couple of feet away from Maggie and Amalia, looking like she wants to sit with Maggie. When she sees Sunny and Dawn, however, she scurries off, knowing that she is not wanted.

After the assembly, Jill eats lunch with some of her other friends, including Peg, instead of with Dawn, Maggie, and Amalia. She does, however, confront Dawn at her locker one afternoon. She apologizes for their fight, but after learning that Dawn, Sunny, and Ducky had gotten off lightly for their part of the party, she gets upset again, telling Dawn that she didn’t think it was very fair for people who weren’t at the party to be punished alongside those who were. Dawn blows up at her, telling her that life isn’t always fair, but she should learn how to deal with it, and to basically grow up. That’s when Dawn knows it’s the end of her friendship with Jill:
When I looked at Jill’s face I knew that our friendship was over. Something had changed. Jill had changed. I had changed. Whatever. Our lives had veered off in different directions, and we simply were no longer friends.

“I have to go,” I said to Jill.

“Yeah. Me too.”

And that was that. I walked away. I knew Jill was standing where I’d left her. “I’m sorry,” I called over my shoulder. And I was sorry. Just not sorry enough to work things out with her.

DAWN, DIARY II – Jill stops Dawn one day in the hall, and they proceed to have an awkward conversation:
There stood Jill.

“Uh, hi,” I said.

“Hi,” said Jill. She was wearing a pink sweatshirt with a big picture of the head of a boxer dog on it. It read, “I ♥ my boxer.” Inwardly I groaned. Sunny and I had given it to Jill for her eleventh birthday.

I sighed. Maybe I was acting childish by being so critical about how someone dresses.

“How are you doing?” Jill asked.

“Okay,” I said.

I couldn’t believe Jill was talking to me. We’d barely spoken to each other in months.

“The math exam was hard,” Jill commented.

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“How’s Carol? I mean with the baby and everything. Isn’t it time for it to be born?”

Maybe that was it. Jill wanted to know about Carol’s pregnancy. Jill loves babies. I told her that Carol was due any day.

“That is so great,” she gushed. “You must be so excited.”

“It is pretty exciting.”

There is no way Jill would understand that I was not thrilled about the baby. Still, I found that I didn’t feel angry at Jill anymore. I actually felt a little sorry for her. She thinks I don’t hang out with her anymore because of the Carol-is-pregnant incident, when it is about so much more than that. I felt a little guilty about how I’d been treating her lately. I guess that’s why I found myself inviting her out for a soda.

“Sure,” said Jill with a giggle.

We walked out of school together.

“So…how’s Carol feeling about everything? She must be big,” said Jill.

I told her that Carol was bedridden. Next, Jill said she’d heard about the fire. “No wonder
you’re angry at Sunny,” she continued. “I wouldn’t talk to her either.”

I told her it was more complicated than that but didn’t try to explain.

Jill said, “I know what you mean. Sunny’s acting so wild and hangs out with all those older guys. Do those guys go to her house?” Jill’s eyes were sparkling.

I told her I didn’t spy on Sunny and changed the subject by asking about Jill’s dogs—Spike, Shakespeare, and Smee. Unfortunately, none of them are as cute as the boxer on Jill’s shirt. But she loves them and can talk about them endlessly. Which she did.

While we had sodas I told Jill some of the names Carol and my dad were considering for the baby. I also told her they didn’t want to find out the sex.

“I think that’s cute,” Jill gushed. “I wouldn’t want to know either.” So like Jill. But I didn’t mind that much. I guess that shows how desperate I am for a friend.

When Jill learns that Carol has given birth, she goes out of her way to congratulate Dawn on becoming a big sister again, and gives her a little stuffed dog to give to the baby. Dawn finds the gesture sweet, and lets Jill walk to school with her that morning, and accepts the hug she offers when they part ways.

Dawn later reminisces about the first time she, Maggie, and Jill were allowed to go out for pizza together, feeling so grown-up because they went by themselves without any adults. They ordered an extra-large pizza with double cheese.

SUNNY, DIARY III – Sunny and Dawn try to squeeze onto a lawn chair together, which brings back the memory of trying to fit four people – them, plus Maggie and Jill – into the same chair when they were younger. They’d even calculated their combined weights and still couldn’t figure out why it had collapsed under them.

Sunny nearly bites Jill’s head off when she asks Sunny if she misses her mother. Dawn agrees that it was a thoughtless question when Sunny tells her about it later.

MAGGIE, DIARY III – Jill is ecstatic when she learns that Tyler Kendall is going to be in Mr. Blume’s latest film:
Why does everyone make such a big deal out of movie stars? Dawn, Sunny, Amalia, and I were having lunch together when Jill and a couple of her new friends came over to our table.

“Tyler Kendall!” Jill shrieked. “He’s going to be in your dad’s movie? You could meet him? Maggie! He’s only, like the cutest guy in America!”

I explained about hairdressers, makeup, and touched-up photographs. “Besides, looks aren’t everything. Especially if that’s all you have,” I concluded.

Sunny nudged my arm and grinned. “Come on, Mags,” she teased. “Admit it. You’d love to be in the same room with Tyler Kendall and Felicia Hope. It’s only normal.”

I was glad to see Sunny smiling, but I wasn’t crazy about what she was saying. My friends just don’t believe how shallow movie stars can be.

“Felicia Hope is going to be in it too,” gushed Jill.

“You’ll probably meet them, Maggie,” Dawn said. “I mean, you could if you wanted it.”

I told her that I’ve already met Felicia Hope.

“You did?” exclaimed Jill. “That’s so awesome. If I could meet Tyler Kendall I would die of happiness.”

Jill pulled out a copy of Stars and Hearts magazine. Tyler Kendall was on the cover.

“Black hair and green eyes,” sighed Jill. “And look at his smile. He’s so perfect.”

I told her you don’t know what’s real and what’s fake with actors. That he probably wears green contacts, has caps on all his teeth, and dyes his hair.

“That’s an awful thing to say,” spoke up one of Jill’s friends. “How could you say that about Tyler?”

I love how they’re on a first-name basis.

“Felicia is so beautiful,” said the other girl with Jill. “He must be in love with her. I’m so jealous.”

“She’s totally fake,” I said. “Including some of her body parts. And she definitely had a nose job.”

“That’s so not true,” said Jill. “It’s a rumor.”

Amalia covered her mouth to stifle a laugh.

Jill and her friends begged me to ask Tyler to autograph their magazines.

I refused.

But Jill didn’t give up. She left the magazine rolled up in my locker handle. A note was posted in the corner. “Please, Maggie. Just this once. I’ll never ask you for a favor again. Love, Jill.”

Hot-pink letters across the bottom of the magazine cover announced: TYLER KENDALL: EVERY GIRL’S DREAM BOY!

Not mine.

Maggie makes the others swear they won’t tell Jill when they learn of the party Mr. Blume is throwing for the film’s cast.

Jill is the one who brings the article about her date with Tyler to her attention, gushing about it in front of Sunny and Dawn. She also mentions that the gossip columnist Lana Brett mentioned them in her column. The others are all excited and awestruck, oblivious to Maggie’s growing upset about being caught in the publicity storm.

Maggie invites Jill to be an extra on Love Conquers All, and introduces her to Tyler. Jill has a stupid smile on her face, but she manages to control herself and doesn’t ask him for an autograph. She does trail him and Maggie for a bit when the others leave them alone, but fades away after a few minutes. She eventually becomes so bored as an extra that she even stops staring at Tyler.

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