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Baby-sitters Club | The Complete Guide to Charlie Thomas


Total appearances in series: 58

RS #1 – Charlie is sixteen years old and a junior at SHS. He is a varsity football player. He is responsible for David Michael one afternoon a week, along with Kristy and Sam. Friends include the Hansons. Goes on a date with a girl named Carole. Likes Watson, his mother’s boyfriend, and congratulates them on getting engaged. Proclaims that 35 is “practically over the hill” when Karen guesses he’s that old.

RS #2 – Shares a bedroom with Sam.

RS #3 – Charlie’s day to watch David Michael is Monday, and he takes him to watch the cheerleaders practice at the high school. Brings David Michael to Jamie Newton’s big brother party, and helped put out the food. He sticks around and answers the phone when Mr. Newton calls with news about the baby, but gets away from the crowd when they rush to the phone.

RS #5 – The BSC agrees to hire Charlie to drive Kristy across town for their meetings after the Thomas family moves to Watson’s neighborhood.

RS #6 – Charlie has turned seventeen, and has his driver’s license. He will have his own room at Watson’s after sharing with Sam in the Thomas’s old house. He asks to have wine during a meal with his parents, but is told, “when you reach drinking age, you may drink.” He sulks, but deals with this answer. Charlie agrees to give his mother away at the wedding. He and Sam won’t have to change schools after the move, because there’s only one high school in the city. Kristy considers Charlie a voice of reason, especially after he assures her that the wedding and the move will all work out. Charlie waxes the floor when the kids pitch in to clean the Thomas house. He and Sam have kept themselves away from the Thomas house during the BSC’s playgroup. Charlie is left in charge during the Brewers’ honeymoon, and insists on silly house rules for their last days in their old house, much to his siblings’ delight.

RS #7 – Charlie agrees to drive Kristy across town for the BSC meetings, at a rate of $1 per meeting (50c each way). He also has a summer job.

RS #8 – Charlie and Sam decide to visit their old neighborhood, and take the Brewers’ station wagon. He’s at the Ackermans’ when Kristy calls and asks him to come home so that they could take Louie to the vet (David Michael tags along).

RS #10 – Charlie drops Kristy off at the BSC meeting because he wants to go shopping. She has to wait on Fridays for Charlie to get out of football practice before he can take her to the BSC meetings.

RS #11 – Charlie has commandeered the station wagon as his main set of wheels. Charlie takes Louie to the vet, with Kristy and David Michael tagging along out of concern for their beloved pet. Charlie and Kristy immediately understand what’s wrong with their dog, and Charlie offers to distract David Michael when they get back home so that Kristy can spend some time alone with Louie. When the Thomases decide to put Louie on a special injection schedule twice a day, Charlie takes part of the schedule: on Mondays and Wednesdays, he takes Louie to the vet between school and Kristy’s BSC meeting. By Friday of the first week, the vet tells Charlie that the injections aren’t working, which upsets him. Charlie has little time for Karen’s Morbidda Destiny fantasies. When Watson tells the kids that the vet wants to put Louie down, they all begin to cry, Charlie and Sam included. They agree to watch Karen and Andrew the next day instead of accompanying everyone to the vet’s; Kristy speculates it’s because they don’t want to be caught crying in public. Charlie and Sam say goodbye to Louie privately before the others take him to the vet. Charlie and Sam make a cross with ‘Rest in Peace’ in script across it for Louie’s funeral service. Charlie digs the grave, and the family buries Louie’s dishes and leash under the cross. Charlie baby-sits for Karen and Andrew one afternoon when the rest of the BSC is there, playing Canonball with the kids.

RS #16 – Charlie takes Sam and Kristy to the SHS vs Mercer basketball game. Kristy reveals that her mother was 20 years old when she had Charlie.

RS #17 – Charlie agrees to drive the BSC members to the cemetery to visit Old Hickory’s grave, but keeps his comments about their plans to himself (although not his laughter). Charlie stays away from the grave itself, but directs Logan there when he shows up after being called by Cokie and Grace.

RS #20 – Charlie teases Kristy by calling the BSC her “little friends.” He tells his younger siblings that they should bulk up for their Krushers practice, not realizing that they’d take him seriously. Kristy calls him the ‘human Hoover’ and tells the kids that he’ll eat anything they leave behind. Charlie and Sam run the refreshment stand at the first Krushers game.

RS #21 – Charlie takes the BSC to Washington Mall on a Saturday.

RS #22 – Charlie has taken to bossing his siblings around even more than usual; Kristy says it’s because he “thinks he’s the big shot of the world” because he’ll be in college next year. Kristy later realizes that he’s stressed out and worried about going to college, and is redirecting his anxiety by bossing his siblings around.

RS #24 – Kristy is impressed that Charlie has remembered to pick her up from the BSC meetings on time, always afraid that he’d get tied up with some other after-school activity. Charlie invented the Cannonball game that he plays with Andrew. Charlie and Sam are all for their mother having another baby. Charlie helps Kristy catch Boo-Boo after the cat brings a mole into the house. Charlie and Sam don’t hang around the house much on Saturdays. Charlie and Sam go to the school to help with a fundraising car wash for the football team, at which they clean up the station wagon. Charlie is excited about the adoption of his youngest sister, Emily Michelle Thomas Brewer, and can’t wait to teach her how to play baseball. Charlie and Kristy follow their parents up to Emily’s room after they bring her home, and watch them put her down from the doorway.

RS #26 – Charlie and Sam attend Mimi’s funeral with their mother.

RS #30 – Charlie buys a charm from the SHS store for Mary Anne to give to Dawn’s mother as an engagement gift. Charlie gets permission to buy a (used) car, so he and Sam and their friend Patrick go to pick it out. Charlie chooses an old gray car with a scratch and two dents in the passenger’s side and rusting fenders. He claims that the car runs like a dream and that he can fix it up with “some paint and wax.” Charlie invites all of his available siblings (everyone except for Kristy and David Michael) for a ride in his new car so that they can take Patrick home. When David Michael returns home and realizes that he missed out on the ride, he is very upset, and puts up a “NO PARKING” sign right where Charlie can’t miss it. He doesn’t miss it, and takes the hint, taking David Michael out for a ride just by themselves.

RS #31 – Charlie takes the BSC back to the Spiers’ house after the wedding in his new-old car. He spends a lot of time picking up and dropping off his sister and her friends at their various houses. He also agrees to do the Pikes’ grocery shopping for them after Mr. Pike hurts his hand and the rest of the Pikes get sick. He brings the groceries back and stays to help Kristy and Jessi cook dinner, and is paid handsomely for his efforts.

RS #32 – Charlie and Sam are embarrassed to be seen in Nannie’s Pink Clinker. Charlie has a pair of sunglasses hanging from the review mirror and a yellow sign that says “Baby-sitter on Board” on the back window of his car. He agrees to take Kristy to the Felders’ right after school for the length of her job baby-sitting for Susan. He attends a party with Sam, for which they beg for food to take because they’re broke.

RS #33 – Charlie and Sam attend a play at SHS on a Friday night. He takes Emily Michelle to the Kishi residence for a tutoring session with Claudia.

RS #35 – Charlie picks up Stacey after she visits with Mr. Hennessey. He tells her about talking with the workmen at the house that was demolished about some of the weird things they saw and heard when visiting the site.

RS #37 – Charlie introduces his new friend Travis to the BSC after one of their epic slumber parties at Kristy’s house. Charlie had to wait until he was seventeen before he could get his driver’s license, as is custom in Connecticut.

RS #38 – Kristy describes her eldest brother as very good-natured. He gives her permission to walk home with Bart while he carts the other kids and the Krushers’ equipment home one afternoon. Kristy pays Charlie for driving her to BSC meetings on Mondays. He and Sam man the refreshment table at a Krushers-Bashers game. Charlie helps Watson pick up the club and their dates from the Halloween Hop at 10:30 pm for a slumber party.

RS #39 – Charlie drives Mallory across town when she takes a regular job with the Delaneys, who live in Watson’s neighborhood.

RS #41 – Charlie’s car officially earns the nickname “Junk Bucket.”

RS #42 – Charlie drives the BSC (except Mary Anne) to Stamford for one of Jessi’s recital rehearsals. He’s embarrassed by how hyper/goofy the girls are while transporting them, but keeps his cool on the drive out. He helps the girls sneak into the theater and then goes to run errands for his parents during the rehearsal itself. Charlie also drives his younger siblings to the pet show at Dawn’s and Mary Anne’s house. Charlie agrees to drive the BSC to Stamford for Jessi’s recital proper.

RS #45 – Charlie loves anything having to do with baseball. Charlie attends the BSC’s graduation from the infant care class. He cheers loudly for Kristy when she learns that she made a perfect score on the test. He agrees to pull the BSC’s float in the baby parade, for a generous fee. He is horrified when he sees the float, and grabs an old fishing hat from the trunk as a disguise. Unfortunately, his friends see through it, and tease him mercilessly for pulling such an ugly float in the parade. He leaves immediately after the parade, agreeing to return and pick up his siblings only when it’s over. He takes the float to the dump after it’s over and takes great pleasure in watching it get compacted. He tells Kristy that he’ll get over the teasing by his classmates, only if she promises not to make him pull another float for the BSC again.

RS #51 – Charlie drops his siblings off at Dawn’s and Mary Anne’s house for the kids’ Valentine Masquerade party. Stacey notes that his car is still pretty junky, even though he’s painted it at least four times, keeps changing the hubcaps, and hangs different stuff from the rearview mirror.

RS #53 – Charlie takes Kristy, Claudia, and Mary Anne to SMS early to help her put up her campaign posters for class president. He also takes the club downtown to pig out and celebrate Mallory’s win as sixth grade class secretary.

RS #61 – Charlie is driving Kristy and Sam somewhere before a date, and he leans on the horn when Sam stops to talk to Stacey, who’s baby-sitting for the brood that night. Mrs. Brewer tells Stacey that Charlie likes to be punctual, to which Stacey wonders if anybody could be more punctual than Kristy.

RS #62 – Charlie changes the oil for the Junk Bucket himself, with the solemn help of Andrew. He helps his family search their neighborhood for Lou McNally when she goes missing. He attends Lou’s going-away party when she’s finally adopted out to her aunt and uncle.

RS #63 – Charlie has a date on Friday night.

RS #67 – Charlie and Kristy plan to run the three-legged race at the Run for Your Money family competition.

RS #69 – Charlie takes the BSC and their charges to Cost Club to buy supplies for the party they’re throwing at Stoneybrook Manor, and then helps drive the crew to the Manor and set up.

RS #74 – Charlie warns Kristy about possible initiation/hazing tasks when she joins the school softball team. He takes Kristy to fellow new player Bea’s house, not knowing that he’s actually driving her to a hazing ritual, and advises her to stick with her fellow new players to help assimilate into the team. He and Sam get into an argument about the advantages of buying/breaking in new equipment at the beginning of a playing season one evening at dinner. Charlie agrees to look at Kristy’s cleats to see if she needs new ones.

RS #76 – The BSC pays Charlie on a monthly basis now.

RS #81 – Charlie helps Watson get his car out of a snowbank after an overnight blizzard. He’s in the car, revving the engine, while Watson pushes. Sam and Kristy eventually come out and help them get it unstuck, and Charlie teases Watson about going into work on a Saturday. Charlie agrees to make popcorn for the football game he’s planning to watch with Watson that afternoon, after he drives his younger siblings to Lisa’s for their weekly exchange. He terms the Thomas-Brewer household a lunatic asylum. Charlie plays intramural sports at school in the winter. He’s at an intramural basketball game with Sam when Watson has his heart attack. He wants to go to the hospital right away, but Kristy convinces him to wait until Nannie returns with news, which he reluctantly does. Charlie takes Dawn and Mary Anne home the next morning so they can get ready for school. He drives his siblings to the hospital to see Watson after school that day. Charlie and Sam pack lunches for the kids while Watson’s in the hospital and volunteer to drive Watson’s paperwork to his office. Charlie’s senior class trip is a day-long trip on a Thursday. He selects “dull” music for Watson’s welcome-home party. He brings Watson home from the hospital in Watson’s little red sports car, but has to promise his mother that he’ll drive way under the speed limit, which he does. He installs an intercom system for Watson to use during his recovery period at home. Charlie is in charge of piling faxes on Watson’s desk, and tells the others that it’s getting out of control. Charlie helps pack up Nannie’s U-Haul when she decides to move out, and goes over with her to unpack at her new place. Charlie’s car stalls out one morning, so he has to ride in the van to school with all of his siblings. He forgets to pick David Michael up from play practice one evening because of the chaos at the house, and runs off without a coat when he realizes. He and Sam help Nannie move back home, and get a bit silly about it, announcing every item they take out of the U-Haul van. Charlie drives the entire family to SES to watch David Michael’s play.

RS #84 – Charlie attends a school meeting with Kristy and Watson, sitting on the “pro”-Spirit Month side of the auditorium.

RS #85 – Charlie agrees to drive Claudia to the radio station the day after she learns that she’ll have a radio show. Claudia describes Charlie’s car thusly: “It is air-conditioned by two holes in the floor. You have to open the right front window with a monkey wrench. The rear floor is carpeted with crushed soda cans.

Kristy opened the back door, picked up an old T-shirt from the floor, and wiped off the seat. “Enter,” she said.” Charlie does not like oldies music, and suggests Claudia put a comedy routine on her show, mentioning that he’s memorized a Robin Williams routine.

RS #88 – Charlie offers to drive the BSC members and a bunch of sitting charges downtown to buy $1 gifts in the Brewers’ van. He takes them to the Pembroke Party store. He then helps the BSC and their charges take the Christmas stuff to the Hobarts’ and set it up.

RS #89 – Charlie helps Sam, Kristy, and Nannie run Emily Michelle down for a diaper change. He catches her and tickles her to distract her. He joins the rest of the neighborhood in watching as the Stevensons arrive and move in. When the twins stay at the Brewers’, he helps Kristy and Sam clean up a room for the allergic-to-everything Abby. He drives Kristy and the twins to a BSC meeting 15 minutes early so the girls can become acquainted with the club.

RS #90 – Charlie and Sam agree to help out at the neighborhood carnival by selling tickets for the rides. They also build the BSC booth out of spare scraps of lumber. Charlie is the one who tells his mother about Mrs. Stevenson’s train derailment; she rushes away from the carnival to take them to the station for news.

RS #91 – Charlie drives the BSC back to the Brewer mansion after a Friday BSC meeting, and picks up pizza along the way. He, Sam, and David Michael snag pieces before heading off to the family room. Charlie agrees to go to the demonstration with a supportive button for Claudia’s Thanksgiving play. He helps out by watching the kids during the prep for the communal Thanksgiving party, along with Sam, Janine, and Anna. He hides a paper turkey that Sam made in the Pike triplets’ room, and then starts on the cranberry sauce.

RS #93 – Charlie’s car is now painted green.

RS #96 – Kristy spies Charlie making out with his girlfriend Sarah in his car in a parking lot beyond the tennis courts. She realizes that Charlie brought Sarah home, but remembers that her mother doesn’t allow her brothers to bring girlfriends home if no adults are there. Kristy realizes that he’s skirted the rule by taking Sarah out instead, and thinks she can use this as future blackmail material. Kristy describes their relationship as “boyfriend-girlfriend, kissy-face-make-me-puke.” When Charlie and Sam demand to know what happened after Kristy is grounded, she tells Charlie that she knows about him bringing Sarah around without their parents being present, and threatens to tell their mother, which shuts him up very quickly. Kristy accidentally picks up the phone when Sarah calls Charlie. The two attend the Wreckers Record demonstration, and their lovey-doveyness in the front row freaks Kristy out. They are sprayed with bugs when Andrew demonstrates his World’s Most Realistic Sneeze.

RS #100 – After learning about the club’s breakup, Charlie gives Kristy a week before she’s back in place as BSC president. Kristy begs him to take her to Claudia’s upon learning about her crisis. He grumbles at her for not knocking on his door first, but agrees to take her. When he learns that it’s not for a BSC meeting, and thus he won’t be paid for his services, he grumbles about being treated like slave labor. He plays centerback to Kristy’s quarterback in a pickup game of football in their back yard.

RS #102 – Charlie, Sam, and Kristy give Victoria Kent her “Little Princess” nickname after the Kents have dinner with the Brewers one evening.

RS #103 – Charlie is roped into driving Kristy around to the neighboring towns so that she can hang fliers for the Kwanzaa festival.

RS #104 – Charlie and Kristy chat “a mile a minute” about a big SHS basketball game as he drives Kristy and Abby home from a BSC meeting. He and Sam share the job of plowing out the Brewer mansion driveway when it snows. He takes Kristy and Abby to Claudia’s neighborhood so that they can help clean cars and plow driveways instead. Charlie drives Abby and Anna to the train station so they can meet up with their mother in NYC for her appointment with Dr. Sherman.

RS #107 – Charlie is receiving college brochures in the mail, but is having a hard time with the process of picking a school. When Sam tells him to go to Stoneybrook University so that he can stay at home and drive them everywhere, he demurs. He offers to drive Kristy to the Blade concert when she wins tickets from the radio. He tells his siblings that he’s broken up with Sarah, and he’s obviously depressed about it. Charlie declares that he’s going to clown college, only half-jokingly. He eats frosted grapes (grapes with Cool Whip) with soda as a dessert. When he hears about Kristy’s Krushers clinic during their spring break vacation, he offers to help her with it. He also tells her that he might be able to arrange a visit by Jack Brewster, the Mets all-star third baseman. Kristy is very excited, because Charlie taught her how to play baseball as a kid, and is good at giving advice without making someone feel stupid. Charlie tells Kristy that their father Patrick taught him how to play ball – he was a minor-league player for a while. The Krushers are in awe of Charlie. Kristy describes him as handsome, very athletic, and strong-willed (aka bossy). When a pretty high-school-aged girl shows up with the Hsus, Charlie takes charge and starts trying to impress her. Kristy is immediately irritated by how he completely takes over her clinic, but doesn’t say anything. All of the Krushers begin imitating Charlie’s style of dress. Charlie doesn’t show up on the second day of clinic, so Kristy has to catch a ride with Watson. She loses control of the Krushers without him, and is irritated when she sees the Hsus’ baby-sitter asking about her brother. When Charlie finally does show, it’s with a brand-new look, including cologne – all to impress Angelica, the baby-sitter. Kristy gets more and more irritated with Charlie’s showing off, and she’s grossed out when Angelica offers him a cigarette. Charlie wears so much cologne that it makes Abby sick on the ride home from the BSC meeting. Charlie is playing a computer game in his room when Kristy runs up to invite him to lunch at the Argo. He’s reluctant to go, but agrees when Kristy tells him she’ll pay. Charlie impulsively invites Angelica to join them for lunch, and Kristy has such a cow about it that Charlie tells dis-invites her, and asks her out for the next day. When he sees Sarah at the Argo, he’s incredibly uncomfortable, and he’s upset with Kristy because he thinks Sarah is the one who set the meeting up. He drops her off at home and goes out for a drive by himself. Kristy eventually tells him the truth – that she set it up because she wants them back together – and Charlie refuses to speak to her at Krusher clinic the next day. He tells Angelica about what happened at the Argo, but denies that he’s still interested in Sarah. He admits to calling her to apologize for Kristy’s set-up, but then drapes his arm around Angelica’s shoulders, much to the Krushers’ amusement. He and Angelica go out that night, but he gets in trouble for returning home so late. Nevertheless, he takes her out for breakfast the next morning, and asks her to go to the Blade concert with him. Charlie announces that Jack Brewster is going to come to the softball clinic, which excites the kids, but he then leaves them to their own devices, slipping off to play on the SES swing set with Angelica. When he and Angelica begin walking away, Kristy runs after them and accuses Charlie of being just like their father, abandoning her clinic like Patrick abandoned their family. Charlie refuses to talk to Kristy after that remark, sending messages through Mary Anne at the Krushers clinic the next day. Charlie asks and receives permission to drive Watson’s Oldsmobile to the concert in Stamford. When he picks up Angelica, he walks her to the car and opens the door for her, which Kristy claims he’s never done before. Charlie has such a difficult time driving the Olds that Angelica offers to drive it instead, claiming that she has loads of experience with that type of car. She manages to attract the attention of the cops, and pleads with Charlie to switch seats with her because she doesn’t have a drivers’ license. In the confusion, she crashes the car into the guardrail. Charlie receives a huge fine from the police, and is banned from driving for a month by his parents, and is told to find a different girlfriend. He forgets all about promising to bring Jack Brewster to the clinic, and when the kids confront him about it, he zooms off on his bike without telling anyone where he’s going. Turns out that his connection is his ex-girlfriend Sarah, who saves his bacon when she gets her uncle Jack to come to the practice. Kristy delivers a note from Angelica to Charlie, which he reads out loud to her. She calls him a big kid, which sticks out to him. Charlie was very hurt by Kristy’s taunt about being like Patrick, because part of him believes it’s true. Kristy reminds him of how he held it together when Patrick walked out on them, and he tells her that when he was ten years old, he made their mother teach him how to write a check when the bank called about the mortgage payment. Kristy tells him he’s still that same responsible guy, and how much she admires him for it. He attends the last Krusher clinic with Kristy and Sarah, and slowly starts patching things up with his ex-girlfriend.

RS #110 – Charlie drinks coffee with lots of cream and sugar.

RS #112 – Charlie agrees to drive Kristy and Claudia to Washington Mall to go shopping, and only just manages to contain himself when he gets a look at Kristy’s new, made-up, girly-girl look.

RS #118 – Charlie’s favorite cereal is plain cornflakes.

RS #120 – Charlie agrees to take Victoria Kent on a ‘Stoneybrook Tour’ so she can say goodbye to the town. He also agrees to drive Abby and Kristy around to collect donations.

RS #123 – Charlie drives Kristy, Shannon, the twins, and Greer Carson to Claudia’s house for her big get-to-know-you party, and comes to pick them up when the party is broken up by Claudia’s uncle.

RS #127 – Charlie offers Abby a bit of advice about boys, telling her to go ahead and invite Ross out. He claims that guys liked to be called, too, and that plenty of girls have called him and invited him out. When Abby tells him the truth about what’s going on, he advises her to just cut Ross off completely, giving back his gifts and telling him outright that she won’t change her mind about dating him. He has a difficult time saying goodbye to Scout, the guide dog they’ve been training.

RS #129 – Charlie and Sam join a pickup game of softball in the backyard with Watson and Kristy. He has extra baseball practices at school. When they were younger, he attended a baseball game at Shea Stadium with Sam, Kristy, and Patrick.

RS #131 – After Mary Anne’s house fire, Sam and Charlie pitch in to make sandwiches for the clean-up team. They later join David Michael for Saturday morning cartoons, fixing themselves big bowls of cereal. They give a play-by-play account of a baseball game during dinner one evening.

Total appearances in series: 7

SS #1 – Charlie accompanies his family on a cruise and trip to Disney World. He sits with Sam, Kristy, Dawn, and Claudia on the plane to Florida. He offers his freebies to Karen (along with the others) on the plane. He sits with his parents and Sam at the restaurants on the cruise ship.

SS #4 – Charlie goes with his family down to the marina to help search for Claudia and Dawn. He takes Kristy home after a night of fruitless searching.

SS #6 – Charlie accompanies his family to see Kristy and the rest of the BSC off on the New York trip. He takes Shannon the puppy for a short walk in the parking lot while they wait for the train.

SS #7 – Charlie takes Kristy out so that she can rent some video tapes to watch with Bart. Later, he helps Nannie clear the table at dinner, and admires the storm when it begins snowing. The next morning, Kristy blow dries her hair with Charlie’s blow dryer. Charlie compliments her on her outfit, but she’s not sure if he’s being serious or sarcastic.

SS #8 – Charlie accompanies his family to Watson’s lake house at Shadow Lake. In his own words, he and Sam want to “scope out the chicks at the lake” and concentrate on water sports instead of invite along friends from home. He tries to negotiate packing the cars with his parents, including joking that Karen should be left behind to make room, to little avail. He rides to the lake in the Pink Clinker with Linny and Nicky, who crab at each other the entire way. He helps the adults unpack the cars once they arrive at Shadow Lake. He and Sam hang out pretty exclusively, sleeping late before hitting the Lake for water-skiing or para-sailing. Charlie is shaving already. He thinks the BSC’s idea to enter the Faith Pierson rowboat into the boat parade is silly. After observing Sam’s attempts to get Stacey’s attention, he suggests that he just be straight with her about how he feels about her. He dances with Emily Michelle at the lodge dance at the end of their trip.

SS #9 – Sam goes to Charlie for advice when he and Stacey are cast as Mr. and Mrs. Darling in the school play. Charlie tells him that if he likes Stacey and has fun with her, then he shouldn’t care what others think, and should just show that to everyone else. He drops his siblings off on the night of the performance, and returns with the rest of his family for opening night. He gives Kristy and Karen flowers after the show.

SS #10 – Charlie drops Kristy off at the Pikes’ for her trip to Sea City. He attends a Krushers-Bashers game, and when the Bashers third baseman throws the ball into the stands, he catches it and hides it to allow the Krushers player to score.

Total appearances in series: 13

M #1 – Charlie takes the BSC to the mall in the station wagon, telling them that he doesn’t mind because he was planning to see a movie with his friends (and check out girls). He tells Dawn that her Wildflower Wash shampoo smells more like Accident in the Perfume Factory to him, which cracks the girls up. The mall is packed that day, and when Kristy complains that they have to be “at least two miles away,” from the entrance, Charlie tells her that he only said he’d get them there, and asks if she wants a taxi to the front door. He leaves the group in such a hurry that the BSC suspects he’s off to meet a girl, not his guy friends.

M #4 – Charlie picks up Kristy after one of the day-long searches for Jake Kuhn. He likes to sleep late on the weekends, sometimes until noon on Saturdays. He drives Kristy and Bart to the Halloween Hop at SMS.

M #9 – Charlie drives the Krashers all-star softball team to and from a game in the Brewers’ van. On the way home, it begins to storm, and he misses the turn off at the big fence with vines climbing over it. They drive out into the country, and the bridges are washed away in the storm. Charlie and Kristy approach a caretakers’ cottage beside a big, old, creepy-looking mansion, and Charlie asks the old man who answers the door if they can use the phone. The man denies having a phone, but tells them that they can stay at the big house for the night, to get out of the storm. He and Kristy are skeptical, but feel they have no choice, with the bridges washed out. Charlie carries the blankets the man gives them back to the van, and the man gives him the keys to the house. He helps Bart and Kristy calm the kids by playing along with their slumber-party game. He is impressed by the artwork they see in the front parlor of the mansion, and notices that there’s a gas stove in the kitchen. He also notices that there isn’t an old musty smell that would be expected of an empty house, which gives Kristy pause. He takes charge when the kids start worrying about their families missing them when they realize they haven’t made it back to Stoneybrook, telling them that their parents will figure out that they’re all together with Kristy and Bart, and promises that they’ll be home in the morning before they even realize it. He suggests they eat some of the food the old man had given them, and then explore the rest of the house until bedtime. He tells the kids about the bell system they find in the kitchen. He and Bart re-hang a heavy drape in the parlor after Jackie Rodowsky accidentally knocks it down, and he reminds the kids to be careful. Later, he and Bart take the boys on the team and explore the upstairs, the servants’ quarters, and the attic. Charlie is restless to go out and find help, but Kristy nixes the idea, as the storm hasn’t let up at all. The kids reconvene in the kitchen to eat a bit more of the food, and Kristy suggests the kids from the two teams talk about themselves so they can become better acquainted. Charlie tells her that he remembers holding her when she was a baby. Charlie takes the kids back to the front parlor after they eat, leaving Kristy and Bart alone in the kitchen. Later, they discover a book of newspaper clippings about the former owner of the house and the tragic death of his daughter. The kids are spooked by a sudden loud bang, which Charlie immediately investigates. He returns and tells them that it was only the caretaker checking in on them. Kristy and Bart hand out the blankets, and Charlie volunteers to sleep in one of the chairs when they run out of blankets for themselves. He tells them he doesn’t expect to get too much sleep. He helps the kids fashion pillows out of their sneakers, telling them that’s what they did at camp. Charlie apparently does fall asleep and snores loudly. The next morning, he goes out early and discovers that there are workers fixing the bridges so he’s hopeful to find a phone. The caretaker returns to check on them, and Charlie and Kristy go to meet him at the door. Charlie’s manners from the night before have completely deserted him as he asks urgently about the bridge repair work. When the old man suggests they pack up, Charlie rounds up some of the kids to help him fold blankets. While they wait for word on the bridges, they go outside and pull out their gear for a softball practice session. Charlie shows the kids how to play “pepper,” a drill with three people practicing hitting and catching. When it’s safe to leave, Charlie drives the van out of there and pulls over to ask for directions to Stoneybrook while Kristy phones Watson to give an update. When they get back to the Brewer mansion, they are greeted by the parents of the team. Charlie and Kristy are hugged by their own parents, and Charlie is taken aside for special congratulations by Watson and Sam for keeping everyone safe.

M #10 – Charlie accompanies Kristy on her first baby-sitting job at the Hoyts, per Watson’s instructions. He is struck by Tasha, the oldest daughter, and Kristy has to prod him to get him to leave.

M #14 – Charlie agrees to drive the BSC to the mall in the Brewers’ van so that they can discuss their daycare center idea with mall management. He’s visibly shocked to see Kristy in a skirt, telling her he can’t remember the last time he’d seen her like that. He drops them off and picks them up at the mall. He then drives them back for their painting party, and makes a joke about the contrast of their clothing from “the last time [he’d] seen them.” Charlie drives them to the mall for a third time, and when Kristy tells him about the missing children, he suggests they contact the police. Kristy tells him that they will if they don’t find the kids themselves within a couple of hours. He relents, but also joins their search party. They find the kids, and Charlie treats them to food at Friendly’s while Stacey and Mary Anne call the police to come get them.

M #15 – Charlie spends a lot of time working on his car; according to Kristy, it’s his main hobby. He’s excited about the idea of a movie being filmed in town, and applies for a job on the crew. He lands a position as a gofer for the assistant-assistant stage manager. Kristy pumps him for information after accidents begin happening on set, and he passes along the on-set gossip.

M #18 – Charlie thinks sleigh rides are dorky, so passes when Watson receives one as a holiday gift from a client.

M #19 – Charlie agrees to let Karen ride with them when he takes Kristy to a BSC meeting. They talk nonstop about baseball during the trip, all of them super-excited as both fans and players, and he tells Kristy he’s going home to oil his glove. Charlie agrees to drive the BSC wherever they want during their slumber party stakeout, and drops them off at Squirelot.

M #27 – Charlie tells Kristy and Abby what he knows about the mysterious lighthouse, which isn’t much. When he learns that Steven Hatt is staying with the Kishis, he tells the girls that Steven is well known as a party animal who’s popular with the girls, but that Sam’s friends are not his biggest fans, as he basically charmed all of the girls in their class into going to his party instead of theirs. Kristy thinks Charlie looks like a gargoyle first thing in the morning. He has a tense conversation with Paul Langley and the BSC, and tersely agrees to take Kristy to Paul’s house to check out his brother Adrian’s memorabilia.

M #29 – Charlie joins his family for a formal ceremony when Watson decides to give up his expensive cigars by ruining them with water and burying them in the backyard.

M #34 – Charlie tells Kristy that he went to a Halloween party at the Gable house once, and that the house was pretty creepy. He also told her that Alex Gable had wanted to fix it up and live in it someday, turning it into a museum of sorts, dedicated to Boston Denton Gable.

M #35 – Abby spies a very pretty red-haired girl in the Junk Bucket with Charlie, and wonders momentarily if he has a new girlfriend. She tells Kristy that she’s seen the redhead making faces behind Charlie’s back, “rolling her eyes and stuff,” and suggests that she’s not as into him as he is into her.

M #36 – Charlie takes Kristy and Cary Retlin to a BSC meeting.

Total appearances in series: 2

SM #1 – Charlie drops Kristy and Claudia at the Engles’ house, and has to help Kristy get Claudia’s monstrosity of a suitcase out of the back of the Junk Bucket.

SM #2 – Charlie unloads the ski equipment from the van, and Abby teases him about treating her skis shoddily. He chooses to ride to Shadow Lake in the Brewers’ van, as opposed to the station wagon. He finds an old pair of snowshoes to try out. He stays in the cabin with Kristy, Sam, and the BSC members when his parents take the younger kids into town for supplies. Charlie tells the girls that the blood in the snow is from a bird that was killed by a fox. He and Sam play checkers to pass the time. He declines an invitation to stay at the lodge, opting instead to keep his siblings and the BSC at Watson’s cabin. When they do have to leave in the middle of a blizzard, he takes charge, leading the group from the cabin to the lodge, and gets caught up in the chaos when Woodie Tate tries to throw Stacey into the frozen Shadow Lake.

Total appearances in series: 2

Shannon’s Story – Charlie drives Shannon and Kristy to a BSC meeting, teasing Kristy about being late (“they wouldn’t start without the president, would they?”). He is amazed when he hears about Claudia’s junk food stash.

Logan Bruno, Boy Baby-sitter – Charlie takes Logan and Mary Anne downtown after a BSC meeting, on his way home with Kristy. He teases Mary Anne about her excitement over a candlelight dinner at Renwick’s, which leads to lots of joking and laughter.

Total appearances in series: 2

Claudia’s Book – Claudia receives Charlie’s and Sam’s old train set as a birthday gift when she’s six years old. He had Ms. Jameson for fourth grade at SES. Charlie and Sam play on a baseball team when they are fifteen and thirteen, respectively, and they make the state-wide playoffs. Charlie teases Kristy and Claudia during the car ride to Hammond Beach, but Kristy dishes it right back to him. He pumps the gas when they stop at a service station on the way. Charlie and Sam help Kristy and Claudia inflate the pool floats they’d brought along for the trip. The team goes out for pizza after the first game win, and Charlie is jubilant. He takes care of David Michael between games. David Michael learns how to eat hot dogs in one bite from Charlie and Sam.

Kristy’s Book – Charlie has an SHS varsity jacket. Charlie goes through the pictures Kristy has gathered for her autobiography project, and pulls one out of the pile, reminiscing about a picnic at the river. Charlie taught Sam how to play catch. He earned money as a nine-year-old by clearing snow from neighbors’ driveways. He didn’t like to include Kristy in much of his play as a kid, occasionally being forced to by his parents. He and Sam walked to SES together, by themselves. He hated being seen with Kristy when they were in elementary school, saying that she’d march up to him in the schoolyard and demand to join his activities, and his friends would laugh and tease him. He gets into trouble when Kristy sneaks out of the house and joins him at a soccer game and then for Car Man, protesting that she told him and Sam that she’d had permission from their mother. He and Sam were able to go back and see Car Man the next day with their father, and when they came home, they re-enacted the end of the movie for Kristy, Claudia, and Mary Anne. Charlie was angry at Patrick when he walked out on them, and he had a hard time dealing with Sam’s constant crying. He’s put in charge of Sam and Kristy when their mother goes back to work full-time. He likes pizza with onions, and eats cold Chinese food for breakfast. He isn’t very responsible to begin with, letting Kristy and Sam have run of the house, inviting friends other, etc. This changes after the monumental mess they make trying to clean up Louie after he’s sprayed by a skunk. They use tomato juice, per Ricky Jones’s instructions. He has to clean up the bathroom afterwards. When chores are handed out the next day, Charlie has the most, as he is the oldest: cleaning the kitchen after breakfast on weekdays, scrubbing the bathrooms, doing the laundry, putting out the garbage, and giving David Michael his bath every night. He also cuts and cleans vegetables for dinner, and offers to learn how to simple meals, like meatloaf and potatoes. He congratulates Kristy when she wins a softball scholarship to Camp Topnotch, and helps drill her before she goes. He is on a camping trip with Sam when Patrick suddenly shows up again. When Kristy tells everyone the story about Car Man, Charlie helps Andrew “transform” into the hero by pinning a car to a baseball cap.

Total appearances in series: 4

FF #1 – Charlie shows Andrew how to make a mashed-potato nest with green pea eggs, which becomes Andrew’s favorite side dish. He hangs up on Patrick when his father calls to tell everyone (except David Michael) that he’s getting remarried, and learns from Sam and Kristy that Patrick wants the three of them to attend his wedding in California. He refuses to go, and his anger and bitterness is palpable to the entirety of his family. His mother tells him that if he doesn’t go, Sam and Kristy can’t go, either, so he eventually relents for his siblings’ sakes. Kristy remembers that when he was a kid, he gave his siblings haircuts to save money, and that he was always reluctant to accept gifts because of his acute knowledge of their financial situation. After they arrive in California, Charlie drives Sam and Kristy to Patrick’s house in Sausalito. He has a noticeably cooler reunion with his father than either of his siblings, though he is quite polite to their future stepmother, Zoey. He has no outward reaction when his father tells them that he’s now a chef, instead of the sportswriter they remember. When Patrick asks him to be his best man (along with Sam), he flatly refuses and walks away from the dinner table. He declines to join Patrick and Sam when they go tux-shopping. He reads instead; he enjoys reading, especially biographies and essay collections about sports. He used to watch baseball games on TV with Patrick with the sound off and the radio on, which he still does on occasion. He absolutely hates the tuxes they chose (yellow-orange with ruffled shirts) and agrees to go back to the Tuxedo Cat shop to pick out different ones, though he spends a lot of time being stony-faced and rolling his eyes at his father’s bratty behavior. When Zoey suggests a picnic at Angel Island as a chance for Patrick to “catch up” with his children, he gives her a funny look. When Patrick calls him “Chuck” and asks about his life, he replies tersely: “No one calls me Chuck, for one thing,” he said. “I’m going to college next year. I was in fifth grade when you walked out. In spite of everything, Mom’s been great, and Watson is going to help pay for my college education.” On the ferry ride back to shore, Charlie tells Kristy that he wants to leave. He wonders what Zoey sees in Patrick, and warns Kristy not to be taken in by their father’s charm. Later that evening, he reluctantly joins Patrick and Sam for a Braves v Giants game on TV while Kristy is sent to help Zoey with her wedding dress. Charlie goes to the airport with Patrick, Sam, and Kristy to pick up Zoey’s family members, and ends up driving Zoey’s father’s ex-wife Mona to her hotel. Kristy tells Charlie about Zoey’s and Patrick’s plan to have children of their own, and he’s incredulous. Sam tells Patrick about Charlie’s baseball prowess, especially at first base, but Charlie refuses to accept Patrick’s compliments on his play. He refuses to participate in any activity that Patrick suggests, including playing catch. He and Patrick have a blow-up fight before the rehearsal dinner as all of their frustrations boil to the surface. Patrick calls him ungrateful, immature, and spoiled, at which point Kristy jumps to her brother’s defense. In the end, Charlie, Kristy, and Sam refuse to go to the rehearsal dinner with their father. After he leaves, Charlie has a heart-to-heart with his siblings. He tells them that Patrick left because he was feeling held back in his big career as a sportswriter – a career, it turns out, that he tossed aside fairly easily as his interests evolved. They reminisce about their childhood, their father, and their changing feelings about him and his place in their lives, but decide that they should go to the dinner for Zoey’s sake. Charlie offers his hand to Patrick when they arrive, and they seem to call a truce with each other. Charlie refuses to be part of the wedding party, but agrees to attend. He even takes pictures with Sam, Kristy, and Patrick before the wedding. Charlie and Kristy sit with Zoey’s mother and grandmother during the ceremony. He offers a toast at the reception: “I just want to say to Patrick and Zoey, best wishes. I hope you have a wonderful life together.” He then dances with Zoey’s mother. When they return to Stoneybrook, Charlie and Sam take David Michael, Andrew, and Emily Michelle to the park.

FF #5 – Charlie and Sam still share chores, like doing the dishes after dinner. Charlie teases Kristy about thinking too hard when he drives her to a BSC meeting: “I can practically hear the gears moving inside that head of yours. Careful, you don’t want to wear out your brain!” He and Sam volunteer to DJ at Kristy’s Christmas party.

FF #8 – Charlie rescues Kristy and Mary Anne when they stay out past curfew, driving them home in the Junk Bucket.

FF #12 – Charlie drives Kristy, Abby, and the potato salad to a Saturday afternoon picnic at Claudia’s, and somehow finagles his way into chief chef of the gas grill, in charge of the hot dogs, veggie burgers, and hamburger buns.

Total appearances in series: 2

Everything Changes – Charlie offers to take both Kristy and Abby to the school to meet the bus for camp, but can only fit Kristy’s trunk in the back of the Junk Bucket. He drops Kristy off and zooms away before the bus even arrives.

Graduation Day – Charlie didn’t get around to applying for colleges until it was almost too late, missing the application deadlines for the top schools. He does, however, get into Boiceville State Junior College, which is 45 minutes away from Stoneybrook. He tells Kristy that he’s going to live in the dorms instead of at home, because living away is half the experience. He plans to apply to UCLA, possibly as a mid-year transfer during his freshman year. He hotly denies his decision having anything to do with the proximity to his father. Kristy remembers that Charlie was holed up in his room for three days when he wrote his letter-to-his-future-self at the end of eighth grade. Charlie’s 8th grade letter to himself is included in the book:

Dear Charlie,

I can’t believe you’ll be almost eighteen years old when you read this letter. How does it feel? I guess that’s a stupid question. How does it feel to be any age? I’m thirteen years old now, and I couldn’t tell you how that feels.

But I can tell you about my life and about some parts of it and I am pretty sure have affected me forever. I’ll start with the basic stuff. I’m getting ready to graduate from SMS. In the fall I’ll be going to SHS. (That’s where you’ll be graduating from at the time you read this,.) Sam is going into seventh grade in the fall, Kristy is going into fifth, and David Michael will still be in preschool.

It’s been about three years since our father left us. Three very tough years. Mom has worked hard to support us. She has tried to do everything for us, and I don’t mean she had bought us a lot of stuff or taken us on trips or anything like that. I just mean she has been a mom and a dad and she has held us all together. I think she is an amazing person.

Mr. Kingbridge told us to write about defining events. Dad’s leaving our family was definitely THE defining event in my life. So much changed after he took off. Mom worked long hours at her new job, which meant she couldn’t be home after school. In the beginning that was the hardest part of all, because David Michael was just a baby. So Mom had to pay for his day care as well as everything else. And Sam and Kristy and I were on our own after school. I was in charge of Sam and Kristy, and it wasn’t easy. But we managed. One think I can say about us Thomases is that we pull together. Except for Dad. He is a jerk, a lazy jerk. But if his running away shows us how great we cam be without him, then maybe it was worth it. I am really proud of myself for having helped so much. I have done things that were not always fun, but I like feeling responsible. In fact, I think Sam and Kristy and I all became more responsible people because of Dad. Or because of non-Dad. And, of course, because of Mom. She showed us how to be responsible.

I hope I am never as irresponsible as our father was. I take care of things, I finish things, I try to be on time, I keep promises, I try not to let people down, I work hard. Being responsible isn’t easy, but I know how important it is. Being irresponsible is very easy, and it’s cruel to the people you love. Anyone can run away. But not just anyone can stick around to take care of things, especially to take care of his family. If I have a family of my own one day, I will not abandon it. (By the way, I’m not saying people shouldn’t get divorced, especially after they try to work things out. But I am saying they shouldn’t run off without a word.) Just so you know, as I write this, we haven’t heard from our father in almost a year. We don’t even know exactly where he is.

What will my life be like in four years? Well, I guess I’ll be going off to college, if we can afford it. Mom and I will probably have to look into scholarships. I wish I could go somewhere really great like Harvard or Princeton, but those schools cost an arm and a leg. And I don’t want someone else in the family to have to sacrifice something in order for me to go to college. Like, I don’t want my going to college to mean that we can’t afford to send Sam to college.

Here are I few things I wish for the future:

*That maybe Mom will be dating someone nice. She needs another important grown-up in her life.
*That Kristy will stop taking herself so seriously.
*That we won’t have to pinch every single penny. Maybe I’ll have a great job and can help Mom out. At least until I have to leave for college.

I don’t know. I guess that’s it. Have fun reading this letter again in four years.



Charlie drops David Michael off at the house on the last day of school, leaving him in Kristy’s care, and runs over to his friend Hank’s house for a game of baseball. When Kristy decides she wants to surprise her mother with a nice dinner before the family sits out to watch the meteor shower, she asks Charlie to be in charge of the grill. He’s the first one to spot a shooting star during the meteor shower that evening. Charlie helps the rest of his family surprise Kristy on her birthday with a special breakfast, and mans the grill during her party that evening. He gives her a new softball as a gift. He tells the family that his most memorable birthday was when they were in Florida on the day and went to a spring training game.

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