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rec⋅om⋅mend: to present as worthy of confidence, acceptance, use, etc.; commend; mention favorably

Hopefully, you'll find new stories here to tickle your fancy. Continually updated! =)

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Latest Update: May 5, 2014
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Because OMFG I can contain it no longer :D :D :D :D



Kids Inc
Well, amusingly enough, something good has come out of the (as-of-yet unresolved) troll issue - I found a few fellow fanwriters for Kids Inc, and all it took was a wee bit of encouragement to get them to share their stories! HOORAY! As soon as I read them, I'll probably be heading over here to rec them. But OMFG someone else is writing for this fandom *SQUEE*

Fanfic talk has gotten so big that Dawne created a sub-forum for it on her board. Its public (and a little lulzy) if you want to take a peek... :)

Hilarious icons (including the one on this post) have been posted here. [ profile] ozqueen has started using caps from the TV show, so if you enjoyed that - don't miss this! =)

There is also amazing fanfic coming out of [ profile] babysitters100, being posted so fast I can't keep up with it. If, as I suspect, I'll post a record-breaking third rec post this month (sometime around Saturday - keep your eyes peeled), it will definitely have some BSC fic on it. Woohoo!

Just as an FYI, both BSC and She-Ra are covered by the [ profile] fandom_of_one newsletter. I was shocked when I read it last week and found these new-old fandoms on it, so if you're a fan and you're looking for fic/icons, it might be worth it to put this comm on your watch list :)

The only fandom disappointing me at the moment is GH, though its no fault of my fellow fans - just the show being dumb, as usual *sigh* However, it has been amusing to watch the casting wankery from afar, so I guess even its been entertaining of late?

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Another [ profile] fandom_stocking gift, this time for [ profile] zangetsugirl =)

Her request:

She-Ra: Anything. Seriously, I just want to know that someone else is writing this. Or if you're an icon maker, I've been looking for a good Castaspella icon where she isn't wearing that ridiculous flower wreath and coming up empty.

Who can resist such a challenge? :P

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Another tiny bundle of recommendations, as I clear out more of my TBR list...

Title: How Will I Know?
Fandom: Kids Inc
Author: [ profile] whyteroze28
Universe: Canon divergence (Season 5)
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: K+
Warning: None
Pairing: Ryan/Stacy
Word Length: 5,698 (4 chapters)
Author's Summary: This story takes place in August 2000, and in this AU, the band dissolved after Ryan left, so there wasn't anything after Season 5. Ryan and Stacy meet again at a KI reunion.

Why I'm recommending this piece: *flails* AUGH SOMEONE ELSE IS WRITING KI FIC BESIDES ME, AND FOR THIS PAIRING! :D :D :D LOL, okay, let me calm down a little bit...this is actually a really adorable fic set 15 years after Season 5 (1988), in which three incarnations of Kids Inc reunite at the P*lace. It's lovely not only for the Ryan/Stacy storyline underlying the whole thing, but also for all the canon references, the love for Mickey, and the careers WhyteRoze28 assigned to everyone. They all really fit, you know? I'm a little jealous that I didn't come up with the idea first, LOL. It's awesome to see someone else's take on the characters, as well as the ship, because its feels like I'm flying solo 99% of the time.


Also, yesterday [ profile] zangetsugirl posted four new ficlets for her She-Ra claim at [ profile] fanfic100, which of course need to be shared with the world because they are just that frickin' awesome:

Because lady superheroes kick so much ass :D )
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Considering how all over the place my muse has been of late, perhaps its no surprise my reading has also been varied. Lots of old-school fandoms represented this time around, because I am still firmly parked on the nostalgia bandwagon.

She-ra awaits you... )