Mar. 17th, 2011

luxken27: (GH - Maxie fierce)
Collection Title: Lost in Translation
Fandom: General Hospital
Universe: Canon
Genre: Drama/Friendship/Romance
Rating: T (for now)
Summary: A collection of oneshots and drabbles exploring the ever-evolving relationship between Maxie Jones and Dr. Matt Hunter: the happy moments, the sad moments, the sarcastic moments.

Chapter Title: Dueling Baby-sitters
Universe: Canon
Genre: Comedy, Friendship
Rating: T
Word Count: 1556
Summary: When Matt and Maxie are both asked to baby-sit for little Emma, it becomes a fight to the finish to see who will ultimately keep the job.

Links: LJ | | DW | AO3

Woohoo! =) I've been on a bit of a GH glom of late, mainlining my favorite characters' backstories in order to generate some fic ideas, and this was the first one to see the light of day. I needed some fluff and silliness, so here we are - I apologize in advance for my lame sense of humor :P

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