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Love Song

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Pairing:  Inuyasha/Kagome
Rating:  K+/A (All Audiences)
Song inspiration:  "Love Song" (C) 1989 Robert Smith (The Cure); (C) 2004 311
Based upon:  Manga Chapter 310, Irritated Heart

This was the first oneshot I ever wrote; it has been subsequently rewritten based on some of the feedback I received from the original piece.  I was reading the chapters of the manga that corresponded with the end of the anime when I came across this arc.  Kagome has just healed Kikyo of Naraku's poisoned miasma.  It's something most of us would have a hard time doing; resurrecting the long-lost love of our current romantic interest.  Especially when said romantic interest is mooning after her and angsting about whether or not she's still alive. 

Of course, in the manga, when Inuyasha finds Kagome after she heals Kikyo, he doesn't run off after Kikyo.  He's recently come to realize how much strain it puts on his relationship with Kagome when he chases after the ethereal Kikyo.  Their love triangle, already intense, goes up a notch following this arc.

Considering Inuyasha's past behavior, it's more likely that he would've gone after Kikyo to at least assure himself that she was still alive, rather than sticking by Kagome, so that's just the alternative version I wrote.  The original piece was very short, told in a series of connected flashbacks as Inuyasha is given the cold shoulder by his friends and a completely brush-off by Kagome.  He wants to apologize to her, but only after actually meeting with Kikyo does he realize the depth of his feelings for Kagome.  It's pure emotion.

The ending was important to me; it is intentionally ambiguous.  How you interpret the final words influences the way you read the entire piece.  The chorus of the song was a great explanation for Inuyasha's unspoken feelings, and I really like the cover by 311.  The whole song is full of emotion, and is great background music for the angsty parts of the manga, as well as a helluva lot of the fanfic :)

The rewrite gives the piece a bit more depth, by fleshing out the relationships and histories of the characters a bit more (and a little bit more touching in the final scene).  I still feel that its complete, however, and not a starting point for a longer fic.  It's a moment in time that stands on its own pretty well.