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Kids Inc | Oneshot: Goodbye to You

Title: Goodbye to You
Fandom: Kids Incorporated
Universe: Canon divergence (Season 4)
Genre: Angst/Romance
Rating: T
Summary: When Stacy learns that her father’s recent promotion means a move to Vermont for the entire family, she struggles to find a way to say goodbye to her best friends.

Inspiration:Your Eyes” © 2004 Marc Jordan, Chin Injeti, & Fred St Gelais [Alexz Johnson]

Link(s): | DW | AO3

Apparently there's good reason to set aside drafts when they just don't feel right. That's what happened with this story, at least - I started it way back in April, after first dipping my toes into this fandom, but it was hard to write something angsty for what were basically characters from a happy-go-lucky children's show.

So I put it aside...and was happy to have something to come back to this weekend, when I was feeling quite restless and anxious. Rereading the 500 or so words I had, while cycling through the 'torch song' part of my computer's playlist awakened a muse I was never expecting, LOL.

Here's the inspiration song:

It's definitely one of my favorites from the first season of Instant Star, and it stirred beautiful, angsty images in my mind. The rest of the story (getting from point A to point B) began to coalesce, and I found myself rather unexpectedly finishing this piece.

I've had several oneshot ideas floating around for these characters and this fandom, things that aren't related to my burgeoning-on-epic universe building for Stacy in Bloom - and this is one of them. It's a weird sort of divergence from the end of season 4 (1987), only with an unseen year tacked on at the end, mostly to make the ages right :P Just as Renee and the Kid return from their study abroad programs, Stacy's father announces that he's received a promotion at work, one that requires the family move as part of the package deal. This is bad enough on its own, but the idea of moving two weeks before starting high school? Terrifying o.O So, this is a little piece examining how Stacy might have dealt with such a shift in her life, just as things are starting to get interesting.

I readily admit to borrowing an idea from the only *other* current R/S writer out there, [ profile] whyteroze28, because it was really brilliant to use the clips of the songs as a tangible piece of the universe. My reasoning for the clips existing is a tiny bit different, but all credit where it goes for introducing the idea in the first place =) That was definitely the funnest section to write, though as I went through my spreadsheet of songs and performances yes, I am a nerd, I readily admit that, I was surprised by how few lead performances Stacy actually had, especially during the 1987 season - so it's even more of a shock that she did so much heavy lifting during (magical) Season 5 before dropping out of the spotlight for her final year...hmm...

Anyway ~ the songs are embedded in the Dreamwidth version of this fic, but if you read it elsewhere, here are the clips, all quite amazing in their own right :D

“If You Leave”

“Bit by Bit” (1987) | “Bit by Bit” (1985)

Whew! That's a lot of songs, LOL...and not even a seventh of the numbers the kids performed over four years of performances o.O

I really fought myself on the ending, because I didn't want it to be happy (I've been in a real 'give me angst or give me death!' sort of funk), but it kinda sorta ended up that way anyway. In the end, I just couldn't bear to break their hearts :-/ This is probably always going to be a problem for me when it comes to these two.

Right now I'm in the pre-writing/research stages of a new fic for a new-old fandom, so I have no idea when things will be updated again. RL has also been crazy busy, but I'm hoping (if I can contain this bunny) that my testing of the BSC fandom waters will happen before the year is out (along with the end of Fragments). Keep your fingers crossed for me?

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Nice tale of goodbyes. Hard to get too passionate when you know that the relationship may not survive beyond that moment.Left me a little confused since I have been reading the Stacey in Bloom prompts and wasn't sure where this fit.

Liked the Instant Star Video. That girl can sing.