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Author's Notes: Year in Review

Well, today marks my fandom anniversary, as close as I can tell. I’m not exactly sure when I first dipped my toes into the fanfic/fanart world; I watched the Inuyasha anime and read the manga up-to-date sometime during the summer of 2007, and then started looking for fanart, which lead to fanfic, which lead to Christmas ’07 as a Tales from the House of the Moon timesink, which lead to even more reading of ‘major fandom works.’ But I *do* know that on March 11, 2008 I signed up for an account at Media Miner and posted the first three chapters of Every Heart, with no small amount of trepidation.

The rest, as they say, is history…

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Story Stats:
Total words written (as accounted for in MS Word): 42,409 [39,328 published]

Total words by fandom:
Daria: 4,596 [1,515 published]
Inuyasha: 23,474
Kids Incorporated: 9,335
Sweet Valley: 4,644

Total stories written (started, WIP, completed): 6
• Total number of drabbles (100-500 words): 0
• Total number of oneshots (501+ words): 3
• Total number of completed multichapter fics: 1
• Total number of WIP multichapter fics: 1
• Total number of completed series: 0
• Total number of WIP series: 1
• Total number of unpublished fics: 1

Total number of fiction archives used: 6 [stats below]
Media Miner
Archive of our Own
(+ Dreamwidth, LiveJournal)

Most reviewed stories [title (FANDOM, pairing), # of reviews, compiled across all archives]
Fleeting (IY, Sesshoumaru/Kagome): 456
Collected Works (IY, various): 202
Fragments (IY, Miroku/Sango): 140
The Best Friends You’ll Ever Have (BSC, various): 127
Allegiance (IY, Sesshoumaru/Kagome): 114

Challenges started/ongoing: 3 ([ profile] un_love_you prompt table, [community profile] babysitters100 prompt table, [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo prompt table)

Challenges completed: 0

• Longest completed fic = Every Heart (73,171 words)
• Longest WIP fic = Fleeting (107,765 words)

2013 Goals ~ How did I do?
Here’s the list of goals I made at the end of last year’s post, as goals I wanted to accomplish this year…so: did I succeed, fail, or go off in a completely different direction?

Finish Fleeting.
Well, I got close - I'm only two chapters from the end now. Working on this fic comprised the majority of my output, though, so I guess that counts for something.
Finish lucida’s giftfic.
Didn't even make a dent on this :-/
Continue working on my SessMom collection.
I have ideas, I have ideas...! Just nothing to show for it. Yet.
Have another successful Summer Mini Challenge.
This definitely happened - it was an amazing turnout, with one person completing all five tables for the first time ever!

But what are your thoughts on yaoi?
This last year epitomized "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

I knew that working on this post would be depressing this year, and that pitiful word count is proof enough. Frankly, I'm surprised I managed even that much, considering how absolutely crazy RL has been. This was the first time that having goals didn't help me - though I'm not sure anything could.

In the last year, I've had four different jobs. That's more or less the #1 reason I dropped off the face of the earth. As an introvert, it is difficult for me to deal with change, especially so much change in the space of twelve months. One of those jobs was filled with ridiculous amounts of drama, and one came to a ugly, screeching halt; unfortunately, I had those two jobs at the same time, and spent most of the summer trying to get out of them. After yet more drama, I managed to escape into a comfortable (and sane) job, where I've been for the last six months. I have a second gig these days, too, which means I'm working 50 hours a week. Add to that sleeping and exercising, and I'm left with approximately 2 hours to myself on any given weekday.

I suppose, given these circumstances, 2013 wasn't such a bad year from a fandom standpoint.

My major project this year was trying to finish Fleeting, my IY fandom opus. I got off to a decent start last March, posting Betrayal (the first new installment in over three years) and Clarity (Interlude). I also did a ton of research to bolster my SessMom headcanon, even if I never had the chance to explore it, beyond my writing notebook.

In April, I picked up my 100 Things Challenge, posting two entries back to back. I rounded out the month with yet another Fleeting chapter, Culmination.

Then, RL drama ramped up, and I quieted way the hell down.

I didn't pop up again until June, posting three more songs for the 100 Things Challenge in a bid to get myself back up on the writing horse. I was in desperate need of distraction - not only from RL, but from the painful reminder of a dear friend's death. Mercifully, my third annual Summer Mini Challenge started at the end of that month.

I had the best of intentions. I picked out a table, as I've done every year. I plotted out some fics based on the prompts. I cheered on my fellow participants (of which there was a record-breaking number this year). I posted Proclamation, another chapter for Fleeting. I even won an award for Fleeting, placing 3rd for Best AU/AR Fiction at the Feudal Association.

And then I went off the grid. I wrote nothing. Zip, zero, nada. My creativity deserted me, and that depressed me for a long time. Even with the glut of work that the Mini Challenge produced (thus, fulfilling its purpose), I couldn't bring myself to read it all.

The summer was bad, you guys. As evidenced by my lack of posting in all of August and most of September.

I managed to right the ship a bit in October, picking up some of my Mini Challenge ideas and tinkering with them again. I posted the first two fics in my new Sweet Valley Sophomores collection: Under My Umbrella and Games People Play. In keeping with the childhood nostalgia theme, I also started a side blog on Tumblr, [ profile] bsc-chronologically. That was my major link to BSC fandom all year, and it was a comforting one ♥

In November, I celebrated my five-year anniversary of Fleeting by posting the chapter prolly everyone was looking forward to ~ Passion. It was nice to finally get that one off my chest - its a scene I'd been living with since 2009, when the original passionate scene came to me (in nearly a dead sleep) while I was still in grad school in the Netherlands. It was a bit bittersweet to work on; its been very difficult for me to let go of my time in Europe, and this story is very closely entwined with those feelings. Its one reason why its been so hard to 'let it go' - and paradoxically, one reason why I'm ready to finish it. The story means a lot to me, and it represents an experience I want to share.

I had every intention of doing [community profile] fandom_stocking again this year. I even signed up for a stocking. And then, because 2013 was a total bitch, I came down with some serious illness. There was some really bad "crud" going around here; most of the people I know (family, friends, coworkers) had some form of it. And, lucky me, I got a really nasty case. I was sick for most of the month, losing my voice at one point, and having to do the merry-go-round of meds to finally clear it up. I was absolutely miserable, and there's nothing worse than having to work in such a state. I was basically unconscious whenever I was at home.

December did have a bright spot - besides the amazing gifts I received from [community profile] fandom_stocking (for which I still feel unworthy), KI fandom had a bit of a resurgence with a new Ryan/Stacy writer hitting the scene. There's nothing I love more than finding new people to squee about my OTP with. It was a nice little wave of giddiness - and 2014 dawned and full of promise =)

I was inspired to write my first KI piece in over a year - Miss Independent, and its accompanying cut scene Stay the Night. It was the first time I'd written so many words in a *long* time, which heartened me. Maybe I haven't lost it completely? =)

I first heard of [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo from the BSC contingent on my list - [personal profile] ozqueen, [personal profile] lucida, [personal profile] isabelquinn, [personal profile] mkrobinson. I lurked around for a bit and decided to ask for a card - anything to kick my creative ass into gear. This coincided with a sudden, intense rewatch of Daria and a nostalgic look back into a fandom I tiptoed around way back in the day. After a couple of false starts (and a lot of world-building head-canon), I managed to pull something decent together: Left Unsaid.

Even though I was largely absent from fandom this year, I wasn't - it was never far from my mind =) Whether it be doing the Best of the Golden Era polls for [community profile] kidsincdaily, lurking around Tumblr, or obsessively rewatching my "comfort food" shows (Golden Girls, Murder She Wrote, Daria), I was on the periphery, and sometimes elbow deep in research for ideas that have yet to come to fruition :P I don't know how much I was missed (if at all), but believe me - I definitely missed you guys.

(In mind-blowing news, I was tickled pink to see that Fleeting has over 100K views on I can't quite believe it. Not even in five years did I expect to have that many hits on a story. That far surpasses any of my other work ever, on *any* archive - yet another reason why I call it my fandom opus ♥ )

Personal favorite stories (listed in chronological order)
Fleeting: Clarity (Interlude) (March 25, 2013)

Goals for the next 12 months:
Finish Fleeting. I *really* don't have an excuse now - there's only one chapter (and the epilogue) to go. I'm close enough that I can taste it!
Finish my [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo card. I need this challenge, but I also need it to go well. Luckily, I have until July to work on this.
Start writing BSC fic again. I miss this fandom a lot, and I miss this series a lot. It's also sort of become my personal goal to put more (good) Jessi Ramsey fic out in the world.
Actually write for the Summer Mini Challenge. It's sorta sad when the hostess can't even complete her own challenge, no? I wanna join you guys in the winners' circle!
Up my recommendations game. Another sadly neglected part of my blog are the recommendations posts. I've read some good stuff lately, and its a damn shame that its been almost two years since I've updated my rec lists. I want to do this at least once in the next twelve months, and preferably more than that.
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[personal profile] isabelquinn 2014-03-15 10:14 pm (UTC)(link)
We definitely missed you!! <3 ugh, what a horrible year :( here's hoping 2014 is an improvement.

And you really don't need to feel unworthy of your fandom stocking gifts <3 theyre gifts! A lot of people are in similar situations, i signed up in 2012 and wrote nothing because work. (And because the other thing i signed up for was an exchange with a designated recip, so any fic energy i could muster needed to go to that.)