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Because OMFG I can contain it no longer :D :D :D :D



Kids Inc
Well, amusingly enough, something good has come out of the (as-of-yet unresolved) troll issue - I found a few fellow fanwriters for Kids Inc, and all it took was a wee bit of encouragement to get them to share their stories! HOORAY! As soon as I read them, I'll probably be heading over here to rec them. But OMFG someone else is writing for this fandom *SQUEE*

Fanfic talk has gotten so big that Dawne created a sub-forum for it on her board. Its public (and a little lulzy) if you want to take a peek... :)

Hilarious icons (including the one on this post) have been posted here. [ profile] ozqueen has started using caps from the TV show, so if you enjoyed that - don't miss this! =)

There is also amazing fanfic coming out of [ profile] babysitters100, being posted so fast I can't keep up with it. If, as I suspect, I'll post a record-breaking third rec post this month (sometime around Saturday - keep your eyes peeled), it will definitely have some BSC fic on it. Woohoo!

Just as an FYI, both BSC and She-Ra are covered by the [ profile] fandom_of_one newsletter. I was shocked when I read it last week and found these new-old fandoms on it, so if you're a fan and you're looking for fic/icons, it might be worth it to put this comm on your watch list :)

The only fandom disappointing me at the moment is GH, though its no fault of my fellow fans - just the show being dumb, as usual *sigh* However, it has been amusing to watch the casting wankery from afar, so I guess even its been entertaining of late?

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It's been too long since I did this.

Recommendations: General Hospital fanfic )

Recommendations: BSC fanfic )

As always, you can check out my full recommendations list which is static at the top of my journal here. ETA: Wow, its actually gotten too big for one post! Here's part two.

As for the updates on my stories...well, I'm still rather in the middle of moving, so the muse has deserted me ~ at least for my ongoing projects. I've been feeling some very heavy and exciting things for the possible sequel to Stacy in Bloom, which is fun :) Its set in the future, so I'm puzzling over what sorts of jobs and problems I want to give the squeaky-clean Kids to bring them more in line with reality beyond the fantasy of the show :P

I'm also still working on my Charlie/Janine fic for the BSC fandom. It's about half finished, and I want to wait to post it until its done, just in case I have to go back and revise (since its the first long story I'm writing for said fandom).

As for my IY works ~ Fragments is one chapter away from completion, and *crosses fingers* will be done soon. Next on my list is picking up Fleeting again, since I know how that story ends as well, and its just a matter of finding the time to write it. After a year of being dormant, it seems Sesshoumaru is ready to wake up and speak to me again, LOL.

The first 'new' stories I'll probably post will be my [ profile] fandom_stocking gifts. I'm looking forward to the reveal, because I stepped away from my established fandoms in a sorta big way for it. Those will be revealed at the end of the week, so stay tuned!
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Collection Title: Lost in Translation
Fandom: General Hospital
Universe: Canon
Genre: Drama/Friendship/Romance
Rating: T (for now)
Summary: A collection of oneshots and drabbles exploring the ever-evolving relationship between Maxie Jones and Dr. Matt Hunter: the happy moments, the sad moments, the sarcastic moments.

Chapter Title: Lost and Insecure
Genre: Introspection
Rating: T
Word Count: 1768
Summary: During Robin’s intervention for post-partum depression, Matt learns of an intriguing piece of Maxie’s past – one that brings them closer together, even as it drives them further apart.
Links: | DW | Together Again

Soooo yes ~ I gave into temptation and started yet another fic collection. This one focuses on the Matt/Maxie pairing, which has, for the most part, not played out on camera. Until this year, in fact, these two only had scenes together once in a blue moon. And we all know what that means, yes? There's plenty of room for fannish exploration :D

#1: Lost and Insecure - Notes & nibbles )

I'm not sure how often this collection will be updated; there's another idea that I'm playing around with, but it will require more research, in the form of clip-watching :D so I can get a firmer grip on the characters. I am rather pleased that I've managed to write a short work instead of a long, sprawling, epic length fic, and look forward to meeting the challenge again, hopefully soon, LOL.

Enjoy! =)
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Title: Reinvent Me
Fandom: Days of Our Lives/General Hospital
Universe: Canon crossover
Genre: Angst/Romance
Rating: T
Summary: Because sometimes even destiny requires do-overs. A classic Shelle/M&M remix.

Link: | DW

Inspiration:Better Days” © 2006 John Rzeznik [Goo Goo Dolls]

This piece is several experiments rolled into one: it's in the style of [ profile] 5_times, it's written completely in present tense, and it's a total remix of scenes that -actually- occurred in canon. Think of it as the textual equivalent of a fanvid, aheh. It was a different sort of challenge to meet, but definitely a fun one.

Points of interest... )