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This is going to sound incredibly pathetic, but ever since I noticed a fairly big milestone creeping up for my very first published fic, I've been watching it like a hawk, hoping to catch that magical moment. Today, on a whim, I clicked over to Media Miner and *gasp* actually caught it!

I *never* get that lucky. Ever )

There are still a few sekrit goals I hope to accomplish with the fics still currently in progress, but for now, I shall enjoy this little moment for what it's worth :)
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And now, time for a metawriting entry!

Apparently a quirk of LJ is that if you post-date an entry it won't show up on friends' lists. Huh. So, if you missed it (and you care), here are the author's notes for my oneshot Dilemma. This piece, originally a contest entry, is a companion to Four Seasons.

Next week I get a merciful break from studies, so here's my agenda regarding my ongoing fics:

Current fic agenda )
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Hm, so...[ profile] dokuga_contest is looking pretty darn tempting! It's a contest community for the Sess/Kag pairing, which I have expressed much interest in attempting. There are a variety of challenges to meet, and even the participation tokens are absolutely beautiful! :) I've sketched out a few ideas, but I'm not completely convinced I could pull this pairing off. I guess the only way to find out is to try, right?

Also on my fanfiction plate:
*the epilogue of Every Heart (remember when it was updated weekly? *sigh* yeah, me too)
*the sequel to Memento Mori (an 'interlude' is almost ready to go)
*Chapter 5 of Nihon Idol (I'm glad this is a back-burner story, but its been lingering far too long without an update...)

Time is my own worst enemy!
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This is quite the exciting chapter to post -- finally, we have reached the end of the story!  Wow!  I can hardly believe I'm here...

read on, you crazy dreamers! )
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Holy...shnikeys!  Yes, it's finally here!  I'm probably more relieved than you are...seriously.

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First of all - the all-important banner! :)

Thanks again to everyone who nominated/seconded/voted for me!  Voting ends on August 30, so don't forget to cast your votes if you're a member!
...meanwhile, in story status land... )
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Thank you, my wonderful readers, for giving such wonderful recognition to my work!

(Both pieces have been put through for the final voting in the IYFG Awards)

You guys are teh absolute awesomesauce :)
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Holy shit...I can't believe it's been almost three weeks since my last update to this story!  I hate not being able to work on my writing when I want to :-/  Well, the latest chapter is here, so here are my excessive thoughts on the matter :)