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I've managed to hire myself out as a banner maker, LOL. This ought to prove interesting!

[ profile] doggieearlover recently updated the "Featured Fictions" list over at InuYasha Fanfiction. To my shock and surprise, Memento Mori was added to the list! It proudly sits alongside a couple of my fave stories, Identity Crisis by [ profile] eggplantlady and Love's Smirking Revenge by [ profile] langus_fiction, as well as some Big Time Epics, such as Seven Feudal Fairytales. Talk about vaulted company!

To celebrate this update to the list, [ profile] doggieearlover decided to make "Feature Fiction" banners for all of the fics, and I offered to help her out. We're slowly but surely making our way through the list, and I couldn't stop myself from posting them here as well :)

Take a peek, you know you want to! )

I am also signed up to make banners for [ profile] iy_fanfiction, the LJ comm attached to the website. We'll see how that works out as the mods get the logistics of the comm up and running again, but I'm excited for the chance to brush up on my ol' banner-making skillz.
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What a lovely surprise! :) The IYFG Best of 2008 banners are ready for pickup, and once again [ profile] forthrightly did an outstanding job. If you'd like to see all of the banners, click here. Meanwhile, I shall stand agog at mine:

Again, I send out a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has read, reviewed, recc'ed, nominated, voted, and otherwise generally supported this story. I know I say this every time, but the sentiment still rings true now as much as it did a couple of months ago - I had absolutely no idea it would (or could) ever be this successful. I took a chance on a drabble, and man, what rewards I have reaped! Thank you, one and all - none of this could've happened without you.
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Congratulations to all the winners!

Winners List )

O.O Wow, I'd just like to take a moment and thank everyone who voted for Memento Mori. Given its competition, I was sure it had no chance...and instead it blew every other piece out of the water. Considering the last few weeks I've had, the smile that brought to my face was a very welcome one, indeed. Thank you, for the bottom of my heart - I really appreciate the support this piece has received, from all corners of the fandom :)

Also, many congratulations to the winners on my f-list: [ profile] knittingknots, [ profile] doggieearlover, [ profile] madmiko, [ profile] flametwirler, & [ profile] caitriona695!!

Polling Stats )
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Now comes time for "Best of the Year," when all of the winners from the previous quarters are polled together to determine who wins the year, so to speak. I have one dog in this race - Memento Mori, for Best Oneshot - but considering the very steep competition its up against, I expect it to fail as spectacularly as it did this go around for Best Romance (Inu/Kag).

Best of the Year Polls )

...I never knew I had so many heavy-weights on my f-list! Wow!

Congratulations and good luck to everyone! :) Polling runs from March 1 - March 14.
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Here's the official IYFG 4th Quarter 2008 nominee banner ~ many thanks to [ profile] forthrightly!

Memento Mori, Best Romance - Inuyasha/Kagome
Forbidden Desire, Best Short-Short

If you're a nominee (or a disgraced DQed author), go here to pick up your shinies.
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Voting for the 4th Quarter 2008 awards began yesterday (Feb 15) and lasts through the end of the month. If you're a member, make sure you cast your ballot!!

I want to extend special thanks to [ profile] landofthekwt, [ profile] kmoaton, [ profile] minerva_one and ktshabatie for nominating/seconding my fics this quarter:

Good luck to my fellow nominees, and don't forget to vote!
Please for the love of all that's good, go vote - don't make that wankfest during the last downtime have been in vain!
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Voting at the Destined Awards has ended. Many congrats to all the winners!

Results )

Thanks to everyone who voted for my pieces in contention. Memento Mori came in 3rd Place for "Best Love Story" and 1st Place for "Best Fairy Tale"! I'm also pleased as punch to see the pieces I nominated placed :D

A special congrats to the winners on my f-list: [ profile] selinamac, [ profile] kmoaton, [ profile] langus_fiction, and [ profile] knittingknots! :)
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I'm shocked that my seconds all actually cleared the list. Woohoo! :)

IYFG seconds - you are definitely going to the polls! )

Also, I think this is a record for getting my own stuff seconded - both within the first day! With multiple tries, no less :) You guys seriously rock my socks!!

Now - somebody second the stuff I nominated, LOL! :P

Also - the voting is up at Eternal Destiny until 2/15/08 if you're a member/interested. Dokuga noms are due at the end of the week (1/31/08).
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Heh, this quarter/term of awards nominations is pretty crazy, especially if you are aligned with pairing-centric sites as well as the [ profile] iy_fanguild and [ profile] fa_awards. The Feudal Association term just finished, but it's already time to nominate/second again at the IYFG, Eternal Destiny, and Dokuga. Would it be too much to ask for some variation in the calendar, LOL?

I've been doing my part, though - here's the list of my nominations thus far:

Eternal Destiny: January 2009 term )

Dokuga: 1st Quarter 2009 )

IYFG: 4th Quarter 2008 )

I've also been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of the nominations this term :) Thanks so much to everyone who's given my stuff a bit of consideration! :)

Eternal Destiny
Best Love Story: Memento Mori & Perfect Kiss
Best Fairy Tale: Memento Mori

IYFG (still to be seconded)
Best Romance - Inuyasha/Kagome: Memento Mori
Best Short Short: Forbidden Desire

I'm still amazed at how well Memento Mori has been received - it's so much the little drabble that could, LOL :) I'm really excited to see the nod for Forbidden Desire ~ it's a true drabble (100 words), it was originally penned for a contest prompt, and it's more sensual than my general fare. My collection of contest entries is by far my largest output of work, so for any of it to receive a fandom-wide nod is really, really exciting for me :D (Perfect Kiss was also originally written for a contest.) I approach writing for contests completely differently than writing an 'original' story - in the former, its the challenge of writing for a prompt within certain (sometimes strict) restrictions, whereas in the latter its more a struggle to contain my muses and keep the piece internally consistent in plot and characterization.
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Wow, that was a fast turnaround! :) The awards are unique, made with specially-commissioned fanart. Since they are rather large, I'm putting them behind a cut.

Banners courtesy QuirkySlayer & Lilliane )