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Kids Incorporated: The Mega-Meta Resource Post

Everything you ever wanted to know about my favorite kids show of all time =)

DISCLAIMER: The Kids Incorporated concept, storyline, and characters are © 1984 -1993 Thomas Lynch/Gary Biller/MGM Television/20th Century Fox Home Entertainment/Disney Channel. Any resemblance to any person currently living or deceased is unintended (i.e., I am writing about the characters, not the actors who portray them). No money is being made from the creation of this material. No copyright infringement is intended.

Websites & ~ Obligatory ~ The best KI fansite on the web, with a complete song index and downloads
Kids Inc Forever! ~ A comprehensive fansite and home of the crazy shipper essay, among other things

Even though the show ran until 1993, quite frankly, I only care about the 80s incarnations of the group. Any fic I write will most likely revolve around the Season 3 (1986), Season 4 (1987), or Season 5 (1988) cast of characters:

Cast member: 1983 (Pilot) – 1984
Male lead: 1983 (Pilot) – 1984
Best known as: creator of the band; original lead guitarist

Cast member: 1983 (Pilot) – 1986
Female lead: 1983 (Pilot) – 1986
Best known as: vocalist

Cast member: 1983 (Pilot) – 1987
Female lead: 1987
Best known as: vocalist

Cast member: 1983 (Pilot) – 1989
Female lead: 1988 – 1989
Best known as: vocalist; longest running cast member

Cast member: 1984 – 1987
Best known as: vocalist

Cast member: 1985 – 1988
Male lead: 1985 – 1988
Best known as: lead guitarist

Cast member: 1987 – 1988
Best known as: vocalist

Cast member: 1987 – 1989
Male lead: 1989
Best known as: drummer

Cast member: 1988 – 1992
Male lead: 1991 – 1992
Best known as: vocalist

Cast member: 1988 – 1989
Best known as: vocalist

Cast member: 1984 – 1988
Best known as: loveable soda jerk and resident adult


Pilot: The Beginning (1983)
*Released in 1984 with new scenes featuring the Kid

Season 1 (1984) YouTube Playlist - Episodes /// YouTube Playlist - Songs
1x01: Leader of the Pack
1x02: The Painter
1x03: The Angels
1x04: The Bully
1x05: The Joker
1x06: The Basket Case
1x07: The Ghost of the P*lace
1x08: New Image
1x09: Go For the Gold
1x10: Robot Bop
1x11: Space Case
1x12: The Leprechaun
1x13: X Marks the Spot
1x14: Funny Money
1x15: School's for Fools
1x16: No Jockos
1x17: Superbike
1x18: She's So Shy
1x19: The Camp-Out Blues
1x20: Historical P*lace
1x21: Dance Palace
1x22: Her or Me
1x23: NASA Space Week
1x24: Basketball Blues
1x25: Siedah Garret
1x26: Civic Day Parade

Season 2 (1985) YouTube Playlist - Episodes /// YouTube Playlist - Songs
2x01: New Kid in Town
2x02: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Kid
2x03: The Wallflower
2x04: I Love You, Suzanne
2x05: The Big Lie
2x06: Stranger in a Strange P*lace
2x07: A Pain in the Neck
2x08: The Abominable Show-Man
2x09: One Glass Slipper (Part 2 Part 3)
2x10: The Mask Mauler
2x11: Peer Pressure
2x12: Student Government Day
2x13: Riley's Rival
2x14: No Rhyme or Reason
2x15: The Phantom of the P*lace
2x16: Grandma Won't You Dance With Me?
2x17: Identical Problems
2x18: Rock of Ages
2x19: The Great Comeback
2x20: Classical Case
2x21: Ryan Ryan, P.I.
2x22: A Lad and His Lamp
2x23: Material Girl
2x24: Runaway Stacy
2x25: Sock Hop
2x26: Decade of Hits

Special: Chartbusters

Season 3 (1986) YouTube Playlist - Episodes /// YouTube Playlist - Songs
3x01: O Lucky Me
3x02: All In a Night's Work
3x03: Crush On You
3x04: Help Wanted: Help!
3x05: World Traveler
3x06: Riley Gets Stung
3x07: All's Well That Ends Well
3x08: Boy Wonder
3x09: The Gift
3x10: Rockin' Saddles
3x11: Peter Pam
3x12: With a Twinkle In His Eye
3x13: Stacy and the Clown

Special: Rock in the New Year

Season 4 (1987) YouTube Playlist - Episodes /// YouTube Playlist - Songs
4x01: A Kid's Line
4x02: Modern Music
4x03: Video Madness
4x04: Front Page News
4x05: Trouble's Cooking
4x06: The Boy Who Cried Gorilla
4x07: You've Got the Wrong Date
4x08: Russian 101
4x09: When Movies Were Movies
4x10: Now Appearing
4x11: Win a Date with Renee
4x12: Connie in Wonderland
4x13: What's In A Name

Season 5 (1988) YouTube Playlist - Episodes /// YouTube Playlist - Songs
5x01: The Pick-Ups
5x02: A Kid's Court
5x03: The Kids' New Clothes
5x04: The Talent Search
5x05: You Don't Say
5x06: Kahuna Kids
5x07: Richie for President
5x08: The Guitarist
5x09: When The Clock Strikes Twelve
5x10: The Frog Prince
5x11: The Open Book
5x12: Richie in Love
5x13: Constellation Connie

Season 6 (1989) YouTube Playlist - Episodes /// YouTube Playlist - Songs
6x01: Sweet Dreams
6x02: The Storybook House
6x03: The Hero
6x04: Career Jeers
6x05: Never Too Old
6x06: Pollution Problems
6x07: Roughing It
6x08: The Cover Up
6x09: Play It Again, Kids Inc
6x10: Magic Toy Shoppe
6x11: Clique, Clique
6x12: The Further Adventures of Cosmo Boy
6x13: Stop the Presses
6x14: Elementary, My Dear Kids
6x15: Karate Kids

Seasons 7/8/9 (1991-93) YouTube Playlist - Episodes /// YouTube Playlist - Songs

"Cast of Thousands" special episodes (1986-1989)
*for the first four years that the show was on Disney, one episode per season featured cameos by the producers, their families, and a "cast of thousands," usually revolving around a storyline or sequence that was very outlandish/fantastic/elaborate and reminiscent of the freedom and spirit of Seasons 1 and 2

Season 3: Stacy and the Clown
Season 4: When Movies Were Movies
Season 5: Kahuna Kids
Season 6: Magic Toy Shoppe<-- this was also the 100th episode of the series

Guide to Fandom
AO3’s Kids Incorporated tag

Fan creations:
Enduring, an OTP manifesto for the Ryan/Stacy pairing
• “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” – a Ryan-centric vid, by Jermbuf14
• “Phantom of the Opera” – a Ryan/Gloria fanvid, by Jermbuf14
• “As the World Falls” – a Ryan/Stacy tribute, by Jermbuf14
• “Games People Play Remixed” – featuring scenes from “One Glass Slipper,” by [ profile] danigeeky
• “Self Control” – featuring scenes of the Kids' “troubling times,” by [ profile] danigeeky
• “Wild Boys” – featuring the KI dudes by [ profile] danigeeky
• “That's Dancing” – a tribute to the KI dancers by [ profile] danigeeky
• “Tribute to Ryan” – a Ryan (character) tribute, by [ profile] danigeeky
• “Land of Confusion” – a general KI fanvid by [ profile] danigeeky

[community profile] kidsincdaily / [ profile] kidsincdaily / [ profile] kidsincdaily – the daily picture and video community for KI; updated daily
KidsIncorporated (YouTube) – also run by the team at Aris’s website, featuring high quality episode and song clips
Kids Incorporated Fans (YouTube) – song clips and episodes of varying quality; also hosts live streams
Pinkthing11 (YouTube) – song clips and episodes of varying quality
Kornel Korvats (YouTube) – '80s episodes of varying quality
April Brooke (YouTube) – '90s episodes of varying quality
kimmyantu2 (YouTube) – song clips of varying quality

Updated: September 10, 2017 - Seasons 1-9 episode and song playlists updated; Guide to Fandom updated

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