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Inherent meta: the story behind the story

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Welcome! You have reached the center of my fanfic writing universe.

Inuyasha (© 1996-2008 Rumiko Takahashi/Shogakukan/Viz Media)
Kids Incorporated (© 1984-1993 Thomas Lynch/Gary Biller/MGM Television/20th Century Fox Home Entertainment/Disney Channel)
The Baby-sitters Club (© 1986-2000/2010 Ann M. Martin/Scholastic Corporation)
Sweet Valley High (© 1983-2003/2011 Francine Pascal/Bantam Books/Random House)

I tend to write across the wide spectrum - universe, length, pairing, rating, genre - though my work inevitably revolves around my favorite characters and their assorted pairings.
Author's Notes
So what are "author's notes"? Well...have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of your favorite fic? I did, so I decided to take the opportunity to document those little details - background info, inspirations, and all the inherent meta: the story behind the story.
Current Works in Progress

TITLE - Fleeting (2008 - present)
FANDOM - Inuyasha
UNIVERSE - Alternate (modern era Japan)
GENRE - Angst/Drama/Romance
PAIRING - Sesshoumaru/Kagome
SUMMARY - All he ever wanted was a considerate roommate…but she turned out to be so much more. When they’re unwillingly thrown into a world of cutthroat business intrigue and family secrets, she quickly becomes the most important person in his life – if only he can find a way to truly trust her, body and soul. AU; Serial.

TITLE - Stacy in Bloom (2010 - present)
FANDOM - Kids Incorporated
UNIVERSE - Canon (Season 5 - 1988)
GENRE - Friendship/Romance
PAIRING - Ryan/Stacy
SUMMARY - With her sister and best friend halfway around the world, who else is there for Stacy to turn to…but Ryan? When the consequences of their actions become clear, the two must decide if pursuing each other is worth breaking up the band.

TITLE - The Best Friends You'll Ever Have (2010 - present)
FANDOM - Baby-sitters Club
UNIVERSE - Various
GENRE - Various
RATING - Various
PAIRING - Various
SUMMARY - A collection of drabbles & oneshots, written for prompts from [community profile] babysitters100. Theme, pairing, rating, universe listed for each piece.

TITLE - Sweet Valley Sophomores (2013 - present)
FANDOM - Sweet Valley High
UNIVERSE - Various
GENRE - Various
RATING - Various
PAIRING - Various
SUMMARY - A collection of oneshots chronicling the year before the start of the classic Sweet Valley High series.

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