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Hopefully, you'll find new stories here to tickle your fancy. Continually updated! =)

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My rec lists are woefully out of date, which means there are lots of great stories under the cut! :D

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My rec lists are woefully out of date, so it's time to rectify that. There are a bunch of recs under the cut, but one very special ficlet gets above-the-fold treatment =)

Title: Love You (2011)
Author: GloriaFan
Fandom: Kids Inc
Universe: Post-canon
Genre: Romance
Rating: K+
Warning: N/A
Pairing: Ryan/Stacy
Word Length: 313
Author's Summary: Saying you love somebody means something, but it means more when you know they love you back. Short bit of giftfic fluff for LuxKen27.

Why I'm recommending this piece: This was a complete and total surprise, and a very much appreciated one. GloriaFan is the other prolific KI fanwriter at the moment, and I've basically over the moon to have stories for that fandom to read that didn't come from my pen. GF messaged me yesterday to alert me to this story, which he put up "just because" =) It's a beautiful little piece of fluff, the sort that pushes all my ooey-gooey romantic buttons for this, my oldest and most enduring OTP ♥

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Since I have no writing mojo of my own, I've been doing a lot of reading of late...and boy, have I found good things =)

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