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Dear [community profile] hetswap Author...

Hello! Thank you for offering to write a fic for me! =) I am a hopeless romantic, and all of my major ships are het, so this exchange is like a dream come true, LOL. I like to think I'm easy to please, but I'll let you be the judge of that. Keep reading for my general likes/dislikes, and some prompt ideas to get your muse rolling...

AO3 name: [ profile] LuxKen27

Fic Likes:
  • Friendship/found family fic
  • Canon characterizations, please - I want to be able to recognize the characters, not just their names
  • Preferred setting: Canon - it can be pre-canon, canon era, or post-canon; AR is okay but please no AU (where AU = fic where the characters are plucked up from their universe and thrown into a completely different one - steampunk, vampire hunters, dystopian futures, etc)
  • Domestic fluff/established relationship fluff
  • Confessions of love/grand romantic gestures
  • Holiday/birthday stories
  • Romance of any variety: enduring love, unrequited crushes, flirtatious/fighty UST, hurt/comfort
  • Angst is fine as long as there's some sort of resolution; for explicitly shippy fic, I'd like a happily ever after, please
  • I have a big thing for couples that break up and reunite (happily)
  • I much prefer strong emotional connections over pure physical attraction as the glue that holds a couple together
  • Humor is a plus
  • Smut is welcome, but not necessary
  • I enjoy little displays of affection - hand holding, arms around shoulders/waists, tangling hands through hair, sitting close in public, etc
  • Experimental fics welcome. I'm into the "original" versions of fairy tales (via the Brothers Grimm & Hans Christian Anderson) and how these stories can morph and change and find new dimensions. If you want to do a fairy tale retelling with any of my pairings, be my guest!

  • Fic Dislikes:
  • Unresolved angst
  • Major/unnecessary character death
  • Extreme (beyond canon) violence or gore
  • Anything that ends really depressingly
  • Genderbending
  • Issue!fic
  • Political fic
  • OC kid-centric fic

  • Fandom-specific:
    These prompts are just suggestions - please consider or discard as you wish. If a pairing calls out to you in any particular way, please feel free to follow your muse. These are my favorite pairings so I'm bound to enjoy pretty much anything written about them!

    Baby-sitters Club
    Pairing: Janine Kishi/Charlie Thomas - My alt!canon OTP, I just can't get enough of them. They are the epitome of "opposites attract" - this ship started out as a fandom joke, which should tell you all you need to know about their canon interaction :) I see these two getting together after high school, and Charlie as the driving force in the relationship - not that Janine is passive so much as hesitant, perhaps. For these two I'd love to see just about anything - pre-canon/early canon shippy friendship fic (being friends as kids), missing scene interactions from Kristy's/Claudia's/Mary Anne's Book[s], hurt/comfort set during or shortly after Mimi's death (for Janine) or Louie's death (for Charlie). I love the idea of them leaning on each other for emotional support, at any point in their lives. How would their families react to them getting married?

    I've written character guides for both Janine and Charlie, if you'd find that helpful at all (for my prompts or other pairings these two may be involved in).

    Pairing: Stacey McGill/Sam Thomas - My canon!OTP. I shipped them from the moment they met in Kristy's Great Idea, and absolutely adored the short amount of time they dated during the mid-canon ♥ Stacey was a fool for letting him go to pursue her crush on her math teacher (definitely one of my least favorite books). I see these two as drifting in and out of each other's orbit through high school and maybe beyond - dating on and off with varying degrees of seriousness. I'd love to see anything set at Shadow Lake (canon or post-canon) - bonus points for using the winter Super Mystery storyline/setting. I'm also intrigued by the idea of Stacey comforting Sam over something - breakup, dealing with Patrick (maybe after the Thomas kids return from his wedding in FF #1?), failing a math course, etc. I'm totally up for flirtatious antics, too - either indulging their common nerdery over anything math-related, or Kristy's reactions to her brother dating one of her friends (that scene in Kristy's Great Idea where she's mystified over their attraction still cracks me up to this day).

    Pairing: Sharon Porter/Richard Spier - I'd love to see something set during their high school years, especially the summer before Sharon is shipped off to California for school. Do they consider themselves especially serious high school sweethearts? Do they plot to run away together? How do Richard's parents react to his dating a daughter of the prominent, rich Porter family? Are they more realistic - do they break up before they're torn apart? If you prefer to explore their relationship in canon, I'm totally on board for that, too - we don't really have much insight into their dates, or how they make decisions about moving towards a second marriage. A take on re-establishing a relationship would be refreshing and interesting. Anything goes, really.

    Pairing: Mary Anne Spier/Pete Black - So in #45 Mary Anne Misses Logan, Pete and Mary Anne get along surprisingly well during a group project. If Mary Anne hadn't been so busy mooning over Logan (and getting jealous about his supposed relationship with Cokie), would she have given Pete a second glance? How about in high school or college or beyond, when she finally gets Logan out of her system? I'd also love to see shippy childhood friendship fic. There is nothing out there for this pairing, so I'm totally open to seeing your take on them!

    Pairing: Maggie Blume/Tyler Randall - This pairing, from the California Diaries spinoff series, fascinates me because of how steeped it is in celebrity culture. Maggie loathes it, Tyler is surrounded by it - how does it affect them? Can they make it work as adults? Do they seek comfort in each other in private, away from the glare of the spotlight? Or do they show their affection in public, hangers-on be damned?

    Pairing: Alma Baker/Richard Spier - For Mary Anne's parents, I'd love to see anything - their dating relationship, slice of life early into their marriage, learning about Alma's pregnancy (or her cancer diagnosis), etc. On a lighter note - meeting Richard's or Alma's parents for the first time (a Thanksgiving to remember, mayhap?), scenes from their wedding or honeymoon, etc. Richard is portrayed as fairly shy and retiring, and we know precious little about Alma, so there's plenty to dig into and explore.

    Sweet Valley High
    Pairing: Elizabeth Wakefield/Todd Wilkins - I especially enjoy reading about these two in the Twins series, when they are still fairly innocent and cute together. Crushfic, maybe, or shippy friendship fic would totally hit the spot.

    Pairing: Lila Fowler/Ken Matthews - An intriguing pairing that was totally ruined by Confidential/The Sweet Life, so this must be rectified :) How/why did Ken become Lila's steady date between boyfriends in high school? Could they realistically date as adults (or are they FWB instead, continuing to hook up between relationships?)? Does one pine for the other, secretly harboring an unrequited love?

    Pairing: Lila Fowler/Bruce Patman - My OTP for this universe, really. I adore their relationship in University, and am currently exploring their pre-SVH canon relationship that's alluded to in the very first books of the series. I'd welcome anybody's take on these two, who do the whole "I hate you with a passion that is as addicting as it is maddening" so well! I also love the idea of the rich dating the rich and being on a completely different planet from the rest of the Sweet Valley residents, and maybe bonding over their poor little rich kid problems :)

    Pairing: Tricia Martin/Steven Wakefield - So beautiful, so tragic, these two. I'd love to see how they met and the early points of their relationship, since we know how it ended. Did they dance around each other for awhile? Was it love at first sight? Did anyone ever come between them? How did they celebrate their holidays/birthdays? Who started the rumor that Steven was dating Trisha's trashy sister Betsy? Did she ever try to come between them, for whatever reason? Did Steven originally shy away from his attraction to Trisha because of Betsy's terrible reputation - and fall in love in spite of himself?

    Pairing: Enid Rollins/George Warren - These two are so intriguing, especially their pre-canon relationship, which lead them both into juvenile detention. Was it a case of like attracting like (two troubled kids bonding over their messed up lives), or did one of them lead the other down the proverbial garden path? Did they carry on in secret, even after George was shipped off to military school? Did they ever *really* break up? It seems George was carrying a torch, at least. Was she the focal point for him getting his shit together and turning his life around? How does he react to her new set of friends at SVH? Or, you could head in the opposite directions - what happens after George and Robin break up in SVH #74? Or during University, when Enid starts drinking again?

    Monarch of the Glen
    Honestly, if you write MotG fic, I will love you forever, no matter what ♥

    Pairing: Archie MacDonald/Lexie McTavish - I love the dynamic between these two, right from the start, so any kind of flirty/courtship/UST fic would totally hit the spot! I've also had a secret desire to see pre-canon fic with these two, with Lexie visiting Glenbogle as part of a school excursion, maybe, and either spotting or running into Archie by coincidence. Did that have anything to do with her seeking out Glenbogle when she set off on her own? How would that have colored her perception of meeting Archie again, so many years later?

    Pairing: Molly MacDonald/Hector MacDonald - A wonderful ship, these two are perfectly paired as far as personalities and temperaments go. Something that's always intrigued me is the mysterious reasons why Molly left Glenbogle shortly after arriving, following her marriage to Hector. What drove her away? What brought her back?

    Jonathan Creek
    Pairing: Maddy Magellan/Jonathan Creek - The best part of this pairing is the very clever banter they trade while working on their cases. I love Maddy's hustle and Jonathan's lateral way of thinking ~ and at the same time, the UST is dialed way back. Even the episodes that deal with the potential romance between them aren't raw and angsty. For these two, I'd love something on the light and fluffy side, either canon-set or post-canon. Does Maddy come back and stake her claim? Can she and Jonathan make it work without killing each other first? Will she ever surprise Jonathan by figuring out his tricks?

    Nancy Drew
    Pairing: Nancy Drew/Ned Nickerson - My favorite canons for Nancy Drew are the classic Mystery Stories and the Nancy Drew Files universe. I'd love to see any combination of these two characters, in either of those canons - working together; Ned worrying over Nancy but trying valiantly not to show it; Nancy saving Ned after he tags along on one of her cases and gets into trouble; Nancy attempting to fit in with Ned's college scene and feeling insecure about it; the two of them getting away from it all and indulging in their passion for one another. Really, just about anything works for me with these two.

    Pairing: Rapunzel/Eugene - These two! ♥ Oh, man, there are so many possibilities: missing scenes/adventures during their quest to see the floating lanterns; what happens between Eugene waking up and Rapunzel being presented to her parents for the first time; adjusting to life in the kingdom; comforting each other as they figure out how to navigate their relationship under the watchful eye of the courtiers (does Eugene still have the urge to flee when the going gets tough?). Antics with Maximus would be especially welcomed!