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Jonathan Creek | Oneshot: Gordon Hill, S.E. 6

Title: Gordon Hill, S.E. 6
Author: [personal profile] luxken27
Fandom: Jonathan Creek
Universe: Canon (Series 2)
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Rating: T
Summary: Jonathan and Maddy share a close moment in the midst of her own personal tragedy. A missing scene from Series 2, Episode 3, “The Scented Room.”

Link(s): | DW | AO3

This is actually the first gift!fic I wrote for [ profile] fandom_stocking this year, for [ profile] brunhilde_1013.

I've always been a huge fan of Jonathan Creek, ever since I first saw it on BBC America about ten years ago(!). I like mysteries, in general, and witty, clever British shows, in general, so this being basically the lovechild of the two? I was smitten from the first episode, LOL.

This show also saved me a little during grad school. After wrestling with homework I didn't understand for at least two hours, I'd pop in a disc and watch a few episodes and not feel as stupid as dumb ol' minimalist syntax wanted me to feel. All in all, this show has been there for me a lot over the years :P

I've always wanted to give fannish writing for this canon a shot, but (1) I suck a writing mystery stories, and (2) I suck at writing quirky characters. They just intimidate me, because I absolutely hate getting characterization wrong (or reading bad characterization, ugh and ugh). But, as I was perusing the stockings this year, I saw that someone had requested this, and I thought - why not? I was in the midst of getting my life together for a major move anyway, so what better time to start trying out new fandoms, LOL? :P

Here was her prompt:

Jonathan Creek: Jonathan/Maddy. Or anything. Because fic for this show is SO hard to find.


Fic Likes: Basically, if it's in-character and plausible I will love it. I also like fluff - especially in angsty fandoms.

Well, she's certainly right - fic for this show is *impossible* to find (I think I've found one other story, written for Yuletide about five years ago), so even more reason to give someone an unexpected surprise gift =) Trying to write fluff for this (can be angsty) show would be a challenge, but again - all bets were off.

I actually had a fairly good idea of where I wanted my story to fit into the canon universe, and all it took was simply rewatching that episode to have things click into place. Its a 'missing scene' sort of story, for something we see only in flashbacks and with little narration. Since I enjoy the Jonathan/Maddy dynamic on a platonic and romantic level, it wasn't difficult to blur the line in this, one of the most important moments of their friendship.

Maddy Megellan is basically a hustler. She's an investigative journalist who noses around locked-room mysteries and seemingly impossible murders, which is how she got mixed up with Jonathan Creek, a magician's assistant, in the first place. He just thinks on an entirely different level, which makes him quirky and a little eccentric (he lives in a windmill, okay?) but interesting. In fact, for the first series and a half, we learn far more about Jonathan than we do about Maddy, simply because watching their friendship unfold means digging a bit deeper into the weirder character's background.

But, in series two, we finally learned some history for Maddy - and it was pretty tragic, indeed. What Jonathan jealously believes is a lover coming down for a visit when he snoops in Maddy's agenda is actually the old house she grew up in, and she's returning to the scene to confront her past in the midst of one of their crime-solving sprees. There is an incredibly touching moment in the episode that Maddy recalls near the end, and that's the scene I expanded upon with this fic.

My recipient really enjoyed this, which certainly made the insecurity and doubt while writing it worth it ♥ And a world with more Jonathan Creek fic is definitely a better one all around, LOL!