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Lost in Translation | 3: Kitchen Goddess

Collection Title: Lost in Translation
Fandom: General Hospital
Universe: Canon
Genre: Drama/Friendship/Romance
Rating: T (for now)
Summary: A collection of oneshots and drabbles exploring the ever-evolving relationship between Maxie Jones and Dr. Matt Hunter: the happy moments, the sad moments, the sarcastic moments.

Chapter Title: Kitchen Goddess
Universe: Canon
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Rating: T
Word Count: 858
Summary: Maxie Jones is not exactly a kitchen goddess.

Links: LJ | | DW | AO3

This was a completely unexpected little ficlet. I didn't even know I was going to write it until I sat down and checked LiveJournal this morning, and saw the amnesty post at [ profile] gh_unwrapped. I've been feeling so down lately that a prompt was exactly what I needed, to force myself into writing something, anything - and here we are.

I haven't watched General Hospital in almost a year, and it probably shows. With the latest news that the head writer has been axed (finally!) and the show might be on the 2012 chopping block to make room for another gab-fest (ugh!), it's pretty much become make it or break it time for the fandom. I've not been too heavily invested in GH, because after a HUGE summer teaser last year, this pairing - Matt/Maxie - was severely underplayed on screen. Boo! Maxie is an amazing, multivariate character, and it's a damn shame she's shoved off into the background (and that an actress as talented as Kirsten Storms isn't allowed to shine).

This pairing is a "couple," but more or less none of their courtship has been portrayed on screen, so even fans of the pairing feel shortchanged. I don't have high hopes for the new head writer, since he was the one who started the Spinelli/Maxie pairing back in '08, but we'll see. Now that I live in the land of now DVR and no SoapNet, it's hard to catch the episodes anyway, but I'll definitely make an effort when the new head writer's work starts playing.

This story, though it came from nowhere in order to be finished and posted today, actually started as a germ of an idea I had a couple of months ago. It was intended for the same community - [ profile] gh_unwrapped, a GH-centric fic challenge community - but I didn't make it in time to post before the challenge changed. So I was really pleased to see that this week was an amnesty week, and all of the former challenges were up for grabs. I've been feeling really stressed out and low in RL for the last few months, and even poking at my fic ideas wasn't producing much...but I decided to give myself a kick in the ass and write for a prompt and see what happened. After all, final products don't always have to be shared :)

This is set sometime between July and December 2010, between Matt and Maxie's first rendezvous in the supply closet at the hospital, and their Christmas scenes =)

It's been awhile since I've watched the show, and I usually like to do at least a cursory pass of canon so I can hear the characters' voices in my head again...and like I said, I wasn't feeling particularly witty or bright, but I think this turned out okay :) Maxie's diction can be hard to pin down sometimes, and I feel like I really have to be on the top of my game if I'm going to write extensive dialogue for her. But I felt like something light and comforting, and that's not too hard, when every action is meaningful. I tried to balance the light teasing with the heavy anticipation, and weave in a couple of character traits as well. This is the third story I've written in present tense, too, and I'm beginning to find a comfort level there, though it'll probably never become my default.

I miss this fandom, and these characters. I might try to put another little ficlet together for the amnesty week, but I'm not holding my breath. Right now, 800 words feels like a huge accomplishment, like I'm chipping away at this stress-induced writer's block in the most frustrating way possible. I guess the only thing left is to keep chipping, and if someone out there enjoys the fruits of that labor? All the better =)