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Kids Inc | Oneshot: Secret Admirer

Title: Secret Admirer
Fandom: Kids Incorporated
Universe: Canon (Season 5)
Genre: Comedy/ Romance
Rating: K+
Word Count: 1,315
Summary: Devyn and Connie hatch a plot to bring romance into Ryan’s and Stacy’s lives – only to see their scheme backfire in a most unexpected way.

Inspiration: This was written for [ profile] gloriafan as a fill during his het comment ficathon, for the prompt “Devyn and Connie try to get Ryan and Stacy together…hilarity ensues.”

Links: | LJ | DW | AO3

Huzzah and much rejoicing, for the three-month dry spell has been broken! :D

When [ profile] gloriafan originally mentioned his comment ficathon to me, I wasn't completely sure I'd be able to participate in it. I've been staring at my WIPs in vain for the last couple of weeks, trying to find the motivation to work on one of them - so the last thing I wanted was to take on yet another project. (The chances of me participating in [ profile] smallfandombang and/or [ profile] yuletide grow smaller by the moment :-/) I was so far into writer's block world that I couldn't even come up with a prompt to leave on said ficathon, and that made me feel really bad. So I gave it a couple of days, scrounging around for a prompt that wasn't already tucked away in my writing notebook. (Doing the OTP manifesto gave me bunnies out the yin-yang, LOL, but it's been hard to get back into the habit of writing.) Finally, I hit upon an idea for a prompt, and set about pursuing what was already there to see if anything sparked my imagination for a fill.

This prompt was the very first one left on the meme, by [ profile] gloriafan himself. I'm a sucker for this pairing (and this season!) so I copied down the prompt and thought about it for a few days, trying to figure out how I could actually write something that would fulfill the criteria. He wanted scheming matchmakers Devyn and Connie meddling in Ryan's and Stacy's lives (which could potentially be do-able), but then he tacked on "hilarity ensues" which stopped me in my tracks.

Damn. I am not a hilarious person, and wacky hijinks are about as far from my comfort zone as you can get.

Still, the idea persisted, and as I grew more upset that I couldn't channel all the energy I'd used in pumping out the OTP manifesto into continuing work on a half-finished story, a little muse woke up and gave me a suggestion - what if the joke was on the matchmakers instead of the couple? It was a pretty bold idea, one that I'd have to have some confidence in pulling off, but I figured what the hell? The beauty of comment fications is that the stories are supposed to be short, so I wouldn't need to belabor the point. I had the 'big reveal' scene in mind, and was reaching for something to make it longer and more cohesive, but alas. I decided to write what little I did have and go from there.

Writing this little ficlet has certainly shaken off some rust - it was a little hard not to get carried away with the lovey-dovey mushy feelings between Ryan and Stacy, especially considering the next chapter of Stacy in Bloom - the Big Date chapter - was and is at the forefront of my mind. I was a little surprised at how easy it was to slip back into their relationship after a *gulp* six-month hiatus, but it was so much fun =) It was also fun setting up Devyn and Connie for their fall, and letting the loose ends go - how they'd concocted this scheme, what lengths they'd gone to with the notes, etc etc. I tried to write this with an active voice, bringing in hints of the undeveloped backstory along the way to make the piece feel fuller and richer. I think I succeeded, and it was this style that allowed for the "hilarity," or at least what passes for it from my pen :P

This is probably the fluffiest piece I've written in a long time (maybe all year?), but I tried to mitigate some of that ooey-gooey with the righteous indignation Devyn felt when her plot basically blew up in her face, LOL. Connie was little more than a detached observer, until Devyn pointed out the danger they were in, now that Ryan and Stacy had figured out who'd sent the mysterious, typed secret admirer notes to them.

I toyed with the idea of developing this into a full-length piece, delving back to the point where Devyn conjured her scheme and set it into motion (I think there would be more opportunities for teh funneh in the plotting and planting of the notes over the course of a week or two weeks or however long they kept up this charade), but ultimately decided that this little ficlet stood well on its own - and that I didn't want to shelve yet another idea, when my backlog of owed gifts and updates is already so long. So, here it is, for what it's worth :)

Amusingly enough, it was this little 1K-word ficlet that primed the pump, so to speak, and I'm already 3700 words into the Big Date chapter of SiB :D I'm very excited, and hope to have it finished soon!
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Thanks again for writing this for me ~ and yay for SiB!
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I'll put it to rest that I never prompted you back on the Comment Fic Meme on my journal, then...LOL
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Christmas presents! I'm already working on them...expect a good few drabbles and another type of fanwork for yourself!

I'll e-mail the ideas to you ~ I don't want to junk up your comments (: (I also just realized I put my smiley to the left...telltale sign of my being a lefty, huh?)