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Baby-sitters Club | Oneshot: Hanging by a Moment

Title: Hanging by a Moment
Fandom: Baby-sitters Club
Universe: Mid-canon (Super Special #8 Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake)
Genre: Romance
Rating: T
Warning: None
Word Count: 968
Summary: Stacey and Sam share an intense moment after the dance at Shadow Lake.

Links: | LJ | DW | AO3

This is my other gift!fic for the Halloween "trick-or-treat" meme, written for fellow Sam/Stacey fan [ profile] lucida. Romance, ahoy! :D

I'll admit it, I was a little stumped as to what I could give [ profile] lucida for the meme, as we haven't known each other as long as some of the other people on my f-list. I basically know her from BSC fandom, so chances were very good that's where I was headed, LOL. She's a *huge* fan of the Pikes, so that was my initial thought; after noticing that others were giving her Pike-related goodies, I decided I'd go in another direction. It was through the perusal of her journal that I remembered she was a fellow Sam Thomas/Stacey McGill shipper ~ and considering the two were very fresh on my mind after writing the oneshot for [ profile] gloriafan, I ran with it.

My thoughts almost immediately turn to the super special that started it all, #8 Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake. Kristy's stepfather Watson has the chance to inherit a lakeside cabin, but isn't sure if he wants the responsibility of upkeep from afar. His family convinces him to take a vacation, and somehow wrangle invites for some of their friends (including the entire BSC, of course). The book is a little bit on the boring side as far as baby-sitting adventures go, but the subplots are great ~ the unsolved mystery of Shadow Lake, Claud's determination to enter the little speedboat that belongs to the cabin's caretaker in the big boat parade, Mal's war against the insects, and Jessi's oh-so-angsty boy dilemma.

And, of course, the Sam/Stacey subplot :) Basically, he's being a pest, trying to get (and keep) Stacey's attention by any means possible. And, since he's a goofy 15-year-old boy, that basically means annoying the hell out of her with exaggerated compliments, wolf-whistles, and shooting Cheerios onto her toast at breakfast. It's kind of adorable, especially if you know what a huge crush Stacey had on him in the first couple of books.

Anyway, Sam finally drops the silly facade and confesses his crush to Stacey, who's initial reaction is confusion. She wonders if she can take him seriously, considering his well-earned reputation for elaborate pranks. He's surprised when she admits her own crush from the year before, and a little disappointed that his antics thus far haven't impressed her. (There's also a great scene between Sam and Charlie with the passing down of older brother wisdom.)

At the end of the two weeks, there's a village-wide dance at the main lodge, with everyone in attendance. Stacey isn't sure what she'll do if Sam tries to approach her, so she works out a signal with Claudia so that her best friend can come rescue her if he starts acting weird.

Instead, something else happens:

I turned around to look for her – and found myself facing Sam.

“Hi, Stacey,” he said. “Would you like to dance?” Sam’s voice was barely louder than a whisper .He was frowning slightly.

“Okay,” I replied.

And at that second, the band ended a fast song and began a slow one. Sam opened his arms to me. Wordless-ly, I fell into them and Sam guided me around the room. Once, I glimpsed Claudia. She raised her eyebrows at me and I smiled dreamily at her.

The next thing I knew, she had broken away from some guy I didn’t know and was pushing her way toward me. What on earth – and then I realized. I had blinked my eyes.

Claudia was coming to rescue me. I shook my head (just slightly). I stared at her, eyes wide open. Finally, I waved to her over Sam’s shoulder. Claud skipped to a stop. Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened. Then she blushed.

“SORRY!” she mouthed to me.

“THAT’S OKAY,” I mouthed back.

Claud turned away.

I felt Sam’s arms tighten around me. I laid my head on his shoulder. I closed my eyes (to be on the safe side). And we drifted through the rest of the evening together. Has Sam liked me this way all along? I wondered. Have I liked him? Even without conversation, I knew the answer to both questions. Yes.

The next time we see either one of them, Stacey has drifted back to her friends after the dance, and the girls are discussing what happened. This is told from Kristy's POV:

Here is something very gross: Stacey and Sam did not stop dancing until after the band had left. This means that for awhile the two of them were just dancing around the ballroom – alone – without music. (Oh, please. How could anyone get romantic with my brother?)

You should have heard Stacey after we returned from the dance. Well, actually, you should have seen her, since she wasn’t saying anything... friends and I tiptoed onto the porch. We slumped into the wicker chairs and began whispering.


“Stace?” I said. (No answer.) “Yo, Stacey!”

“What?” She’d been staring up at the roof of the porch. Now she shifted her gaze to me, with a look that said she might or might not be aware of her surroundings. “Yeah?”

“Did you, um, have fun tonight?”

“Oh, yes.” Stacey’s voice was barely more than a whisper.

Gag, gag, gag, I thought, but I couldn’t resist digging up just a little more information. “So, what exactly do you see in my brother?”


“In Sam! What do you see in Sam?”

“Oh, he’s gorgeous, Kristy. I don’t know why it took me so long to notice. I mean, when I kind of liked him last year I thought he was cute and everything, but he’s beyond cute. He truly is gorgeous. Maybe during the last year he blossomed. Like a flower.

I coughed, covering up a giggle, but the rest of my friends were gazing solemnly at Stacey. (Later, Mary Anne said to me, “I recognize true love when I see it.”)

(Let me just make a note here ~ Ann wrote this book herself, just as she'd written the first handful of books in the series. Obviously, she shipped these two together as well, which is awesome, LOL!! :D)

And another little piece from later in this chapter, still from Kristy's POV:

“Don’t spray that in here!” shrieked Dawn. “Not while we’re eating!”

“And don’t do that in here, either,” I said to Stacey and Sam. They were sitting side by side, holding hands. They were also eating breakfast. (Note that Sam, who is right-handed, was eating left-handed, since his right hand was laced through Stacey’s left hand. They could not even let go long enough to eat.)

All of this is the basis for my little oneshot here ~ its basically a missing scene, filling in the gap between what happened at the dance and the day after. These two grew awfully close, awfully quickly; to go from running away whenever he attempted to approach to holding hands at breakfast (and sharing the car ride home)? Suspicious...

Basically, I think this is where they shared their first kiss - after the dance, in their final, truly private moment together at Shadow Lake. And that's what this fic is about =)

I really adore these two, and I hope that came out in the piece - I like both of them as characters, first and foremost, but I also like their dynamic. There's a mention at the end of Sam's narrative chapter (when he tells Stacey how he feels about her) that the two can't seem to get it together when their romantic feelings are mutual, and that's something I've played with in my other Sam/Stacey stories - they each have this deep regard for one another, but only fleetingly are they in the right place at the right time. Shadow Lake was one of those "right" times, and this relationship is carried on through the next Super Special (a rare feat - usually vacation romances end when the vacation does, LOL).

I went for a really intense mood, with all the dreamy, hazy romance that's built into a late-summer-season dance, and those feelings suddenly becoming sharp and clear to Stacey as she danced in his arms. It's a rare thing for Sam to be completely serious, but I think he would be, if he understood that's what she wanted of him, at least when it came to trying to win her heart.

Stacey's relative silence and head-in-the-clouds dreaminess during the post-dance gossip session tells me that Something happened between them, and why not a first kiss? It's fairly clear from the early books how much Stacey wanted her actual first kiss to come from Sam, so I can't imagine that it would've been anything less than spectacular anyway ~ and that's the way I wrote it.

The atmosphere, for me, was set after listening to this gorgeous acoustic rendition of "Hanging by a Moment" from a decade ago. It's slow and sensual and the lyrics really pop over stripped-down instrumentals. It pretty much became their theme song in my head, which is why I named the fic after the song.

*sigh* I love these two. It was really nice to revisit the beginning of their relationship ♥