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Kids Inc | Miss Independent cut scene - Stay the Night

Title: Miss Independent cut scene - Stay the Night
Fandom: Kids Incorporated
Universe: Post-canon
Genre: Romance
Rating: T
Warnings: Language, innuendo
Word Count: 5,420
Summary: Because I was curious about the night before, too... =)

Links: DW | | AO3

It's pretty bad when your cut scene is longer than the original fic, but I guess that's just the way my muse rolls these days :P Personally, I'm just ecstatic to have two new pieces of fic out in the same month(!), even if this story went in an almost completely opposite direction from what I intended.

So much for my original intentions, eh? The more I thought about it, the more I realized I wanted to explore Stacy's side of this equation - if only because of the challenge I'd set for myself, in describing her actions and reactions in the original fic. It's always fun to write within novel parameters, and I think outlining a character before making them the focus is one of the best ways to push yourself out of the box.

I wanted to find that context that would make the events leading up to "Miss Independent" make sense, without losing the spirit of the original piece. How could I write their conversation in such a way that he would interpret her behavior completely differently from the way she was feeling? He was oblivious to just how badly it had shaken her to see him in such a state, and Ryan is not usually an oblivious sort of character. Given his ongoing and abiding love for her, he'd be quite well attuned with her anyway - so I had to figure out a way to make it all plausible.

And that got the muse to thinking, hehe =)

I'd boxed myself into a couple of other tight spaces - by mentioning specifically what music she was playing; by saying that she was the one who opened the door for him, when a major point of the original piece was that he had his own key to her apartment; by having them lay together for at least part of the evening, with a specific description that drew a visceral memory to his mind the next morning. ("Even now, if he closed his eyes, he could still feel the tension in her shoulders as she lay against him, the stiffness of her frame slowly melting away as she curled her body into his. It had lulled him to sleep, but obviously not her.")

I've been mulling over this scenario for weeks, and it was a random encounter with a song that finally pulled everything into place ~ including giving me an amazing visual to work from ♥

That song was Zedd's "Stay the Night" featuring Hayley Williams:

This is not the first time a Zedd song has fueled my muse - it was "Clarity" that helped me write one of my personal favorite chapters of Fleeting. (I think I need to invest in this dude's music, LOL - its rare for my muse to latch onto a "new" artist like this.)

Watching the video actually helped (for a change), and I became a bit obsessed with this 3-second image at the end:

I have a thing for pictures of couples embracing anyway, but this became my centerpiece, around which I built this entire cut scene. This is how I picture Ryan and Stacy embracing in her kitchen after she bandages his cuts and inspects his bruises. It's such a heady, heavy moment, the turning point of the scene, really - and what ultimately propels her to act as she does in the original fic.

To get to that moment, I had to delve a bit deeper into Stacy's ~persona~, and how much it differed from her true self. She's still the same person she always was, but she's built this shell around herself, one that very few people ever get to peek behind. It can be somewhat lonely, but she's more or less content with where she is. ("Only recently had she learned how to say no, and how to enforce her boundaries, even when pushed.") And its because of this relative stasis that her reaction to Ryan's beating is so visceral. It's a stark reminder of how deep and primal her love for him is that she loses almost all sense of their boundaries completely, that her blood boils for vengeance - and yet, she still manages to keep her cool, at least in front of him.

She fights her feelings, but ultimately gives in to them. I think, as an adult, Stacy still has very turbulent emotions, and though she's managed to rein them in, they can still get the best of her sometimes. When it hits her like a ton of bricks what she truly wants from this situation, she stubbornly pursues it. She's always loved him, but here's a dose of reality that the romantic desire is still there, too, burbling just beneath the surface - maybe its the reason she's never truly been able to let him go, even though she ran halfway across the globe to break away from him.

The one thing I didn't want to do was reduce her down to this notion that she can't survive without a man. She is still the quintessential Miss Independent - and, indeed, goes after what she wants. She has her own life, which she isn't willing to give up just to be his girlfriend again - and he understands that, which is what makes them work: they respect each other.

Ironically (or not), the hardest part was trying to find an appropriate Kent song to spin in the background of the scene. I ultimately chose my favorite album by them, 2002's Vapen & Ammunition, and one of the more melancholy songs, "Hur jag fick dic att älska mig":

Here's a translation of the lyrics:

The cold became my friend
My excuse to hide again
In the music and Ziggy became my brother
When you found me I was sitting helpless at a table
I who had just fallen to a puzzling world
You became my rescue so inconceivably great

That you want to be mine
That you want to be mine
That you want to be mine
That you want to be mine

You were never afraid
Of those who called me "A harm already done"
You are the music and Ziggy he understood
That I who was always speechless, needed words
I who hesitated, I who never could believe
That I have something so inconceivably great

That you want to be mine
That you want to be mine
That you want to be mine
That you want to be mine

A miracle that you see me
that you still see me
A miracle that you see me
As someone who can give you something
That makes you to want to be mine

That you want to be mine
That you want to be mine
That you want to be mine
That you want to be mine
That you want to be mine
That you want to be mine