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Way overdue recommendations, Part 1

SO YEAH - I never meant to let my recs lists lapse as horribly as they have. I've been reading more than I've been writing these days, and here are some of my new favorite fics :D

TITLE - The Daria Continuum
AUTHOR - Diane Long
FANDOM - Daria
UNIVERSE - Canon/Post-canon
GENRE - Drama, Romance
WORD COUNT - 92,093
PAIRING - Trent Lane/Daria Morgendorffer
SUMMARY - Daria and Trent discover that getting together was the easy part. Staying together, however, will be the real challenge.
WHY I'M RECOMMENDING THIS PIECE - This is hands down my very favorite Daria fanfic - I read it way back in the day (I'm talking 2006), and it's stuck with me ever since. It's a beautifully told story full of ups and downs - we ride the waves of friendship, romance, betrayal, and revenge through Daria's later HS years, college, and beyond. The author transforms Trent from unmotivated slacker to driven, creative force in a realistic way, and writes his romance with Daria beautifully, and authentically. Daria is not an easy person to love (neither, at times, is Trent), but there's something between them that keeps pulling them back together. It's lush and full of delicious tension, carefully balanced with some truly hilarious moments, and great takes on various fandom cliches. I love it, and have reread it often in the ensuing years ♥

TITLE - Howard (2004)
AUTHOR - The Angst Guy
FANDOM - Daria
GENRE - Friendship, Comedy
WORD COUNT - 2,860
SUMMARY - Daria Morgendorffer hears the story about Howard the duck (not that Howard the Duck) in this third-season tale that explains why Trent Lane will not go into a bookstore. A little shipperiness and angst included.
WHY I'M RECOMMENDING THIS PIECE - In the Season 2 episode "Pierce Me," Trent tells Daria (rather cryptically) that he can't “set foot in a bookstore” but refuses to say why. The Angst Guy takes up the challenge of providing an explanation, and it is hilarious and endearing, all at once. Suffice to say it has something to do with a duck named Howard and a '68 Chevy...

TITLE - The Last Days of Solitude (1999)
AUTHOR - Jon Kilner
FANDOM - Daria
UNIVERSE - Early canon
GENRE - Drama, Friendship
WORD COUNT - 12,865
SUMMARY - Jane is alone and depressed until a new kid comes to Lawndale. See life from Jane's perspective as she encounters the new girl in town: Daria Morgendorffer.
WHY I'M RECOMMENDING THIS PIECE - And now for something a little different. This fic is rich and dark - an interesting portrait of Jane Lane, and how her life is changed when she meets Daria. We have little insights into her relationship with her brother, Trent; how she deals with school; and why she's taken the self-esteem class six times before Episode 1. The sibling relationship portrayed here is amazing - I love the way Mr. Kilner writes the characters, the subtleties that bring out their canon personalities and give credence to why and how they look out for each other amidst the "benign neglect that has served them so well," as Jane quips in Season 3. It's a great, alternate look at the pilot episode from Jane's point of view, and well worth the read for any Jane fans out there.

TITLE - Reunited and It Feels So Good (2009)
AUTHOR - Person
FANDOM - Daria
UNIVERSE - Post-canon
GENRE - Friendship/Romance
WORD COUNT - 3,528
PAIRING - Trent Lane/Daria Morgendorffer; Jesse Moreno/Jane Lane
SUMMARY - Sometimes ten years can change a lot of things. And sometimes it just brings them spiraling back around again.
WHY I'M RECOMMENDING THIS PIECE - He punched at the buttons for a minute before finally dropping it back on the desk. "There," he told her. "That's my private number, right at the top of your contacts. Let's stay in touch this time, huh Daria?"

She stared down at he phone's display, at the number labeled 'aaaTrent' to push it above 'Aaronson, Greg', and slowly nodded. "You're right. Let's do that."

This is basically a pitch-perfect post-canon OTP fic ♥ The author does a nice job future!casting the supporting cast as well as giving the members of Mystik Spiral an interesting (and unconventional) twist of fate. Jesse/Jane is the established side pairing, one that throws me right back to Season 1 and all the shippy goodness.

TITLE - Country Wisdom (2013)
AUTHOR - Kristen Bealer
FANDOM - Daria
UNIVERSE - Pre-canon
GENRE - General
WORD COUNT - 1,389
SUMMARY - What really happened during Daria's original stay at Camp Grizzly? A fanfic based on comments and flashbacks from "Camp Fear."
WHY I'M RECOMMENDING THIS PIECE - A clever little fic based on the Season 5 episode "Camp Fear," recalling one of Daria's less fond memories of summer camp, and an encounter that made it all bearable.

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