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Stacy in Bloom | 25: Who Found Who

Title: Stacy in Bloom
Fandom: Kids Incorporated
Universe: Canon (Season 5 – 1988)
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Rating: T
Summary: With her sister and best friend halfway around the world, who else is there for Stacy to turn to…but Ryan? When the consequences of their actions become clear, the two must decide if pursuing each other is worth breaking up the band.
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No, your eyes are NOT deceiving you - I have (finally) updated this story! It's only been five years, but who's counting? :P

(Like my new banner? ♥ The upside of taking such a long hiatus, when your original inspiration song is re-uploaded to YouTube in high def, LOL.)

Moving on to the good stuff: Chapter notes & references...

[+] It was time for the fighting to end. This chapter was all about repairing friendships: Renee and Ryan, and Renee and Stacy. Renee is going back to the UK after the new year, and she can't leave all this angst behind. I wanted to write the two "big talks" in different ways - more confrontational for Renee v Ryan at the P*lace, yet something a little softer when the sisters made up. I didn't intend for Ryan to have as large a part in the reconciliation as he did, but it makes sense - he's the oldest, wisest, and most mature of them all, and he basically guides everyone through these situations, as is true to his character on the show. Contrast that with his difficulties in dealing with Brian over the course of this story, and it makes for interesting reading.

[+] For the longest time, I had a hard time trying to choose the title song for this chapter. No joke, the five-year break really helped with this, as well as titling the all-important next chapter, which covers the NYE concert :D Anyway, it was after watching to a couple of random S5 clips that it finally hit me - these lyrics were *perfect* when it came to summarizing the stalemate that Renee was facing.

The clip is the final song from the first episode of Season 5:

[+] Canon references: We see Riley's portable countertop TV during episode 2x10, "The Masked Mauler"

The ugly multicolor tuxedos can be seen halfway through this clip. I have never liked these, but thought it would be fun to give them an interesting history. Season 5 was the last time these costumes were used on the show.

Renee's date with Brian Robbins was the big reveal of episode 4x11, "Win a Date with Renee"

ETA: Tumblr collage of canon references, because why not? :D

[+] Everything is not always quite what it seems :) The plans for the big NYE concert are outlined here in vague detail - two ten-song sets, plans for the "big reveal" of the Ryan/Stacy relationship - but let's just say the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry... ;)

I am really, really pleased to be working on this story again ♥ It has never been far from my heart or my mind. This is my happy place and it's always a pleasure to spend some quality time here ♥ ♥ ♥
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I admit, I was shocked when I saw the email update for this come through. Some serious congratulations are in order, I think!