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Well, fuck.

Considering the spate of musician deaths in the last couple of years, it was only a matter of time before it claimed one I considered my own.

I was a late comer to the Linkin Park bandwagon; it wasn't until "Faint" from their 2003 album Meteora that I sat up and paid attention. I still remember my reaction to hearing that song for the first time, because hearing it now, fourteen years later, I have the same reaction.

IDK. It just got into my blood.

I've often said that music is the lifeblood of my creativity, and never has that been so apt as to when it came to LP. Their songs are all over my stories; hell, in my Daria universe, Mystik Spiral basically takes LP's career path. Both of my Daria stories feature LP songs; all of the fic I've written for that series (quite a bit of it unpublished) was originally named after one of their songs.

Early LP was the perfect fit for Inuyasha's anger and frustration with the world, and I had, once upon a time, planned to do a collection of stories based off of songs from Meteora. As the band's sound evolved, so did their ability to spark my inspiration. The last album I purchased was 2010's A Thousand Suns, the making of which more or less served to cement my 1000% crush on Mike Shinoda.

Learning that Chester is gone still doesn't feel real. I didn't believe it until I saw Mike's statement on Twitter, and I was absolutely crushed, especially for him. In all of their making of clips, you can see that they had a pretty special bond as the creative forces of the group. Chester was the soul of the band, and now that he's gone...

IDK. I don't know what they're going to do, how they're going to react, what's going to happen to their seventeen years of bandom togetherness. How can LP exist without their charismatic frontman? I found them late, but they have meant the world to me, even if I'm perpetually 5 years behind the times. I would listen to Chester sing the damned phone book - his talent was that phenomenal.

He was so young. SO young. I hope that he didn't take his own life, or that if he did, it was accidental, like Scott Weiland's sudden overdose. I have no expectation that this will bear out, but I just can't stand the thought of someone like him, who was so warm and positive and just really fucking amazing, in that sort of anguish and pain. He had a really difficult childhood, one that haunted him for the better part of his life, but he'd turned the corner over the last couple of years. The cycle was supposed to end with him, not end him.

My heart goes out to his family and his bandmates and to my fellow fans, a lot of whom relied on LP's music to bring them out of their own dark places. It was nice to be on social media when the news broke, to see the outpouring of grief and love alongside the slack-jawed astonishment. It helped, knowing I wasn't the only one whose day came to a sudden, abrupt halt, who sat there numb and fighting back tears. I read the responses to Mike's tweet confirming the death and almost came to tears again.

I hope Chester is at peace now. There will never be another one like him.
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"Don't go pulling a Philip Kiriakis on me, all right?"

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I so immensely dislike the Jan’s baby storyline that defines Shelle’s senior year of high school – especially since the plot and relationship angst are quite similar to those at the heart of my IY fandom opus, Fleeting. They share similar characteristics: the girl’s sexual insecurity, the guy’s seemingly-noble secret-keeping, and the betrayal and angst that occur when they start to push each other.

So why is one so near and dear to my heart, while the other makes my heart hurt?

Meta: What good is a romance without a basis of trust? )
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It can be summed up in this gifset:

But why say it with pictures when you can say it with 5,000 words instead? :D

Far from the maddening crowd? Not quite... )

Give me Justine’s outright bitchiness any damn day of the week. At least then you know what you’re dealing with.
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In my never-ending quest to understand the characters I play with, I decided that I would use one of my Summer Mini Challenge prompts to complete a writing exercise - and, as the rules of the challenge state, post it publicly.

I wanted to explore this scene from the Monarch of the Glen canon. I wanted to do this from Archie's POV, because I just couldn't wrap my head around what he said when he rejected Lexie's advances:

Not, "I love Katrina," or indeed any mention of the word love at all...yet that's what he means. And given that when he *does* eventually confess his love to Lexie he says, "I love you, Lexie. I think I always have," I suddenly found an emotional knot that I was determined to untwist.

Here is my effort:

Is admiration the same thing as love? )

I wrote this for the prompt "bubble" in my 2015 Summer Mini Challenge table. In addition to using the scene itself, I also drew on the heaviness of this song for inspiration. It captures the sort of disbelief and perhaps hopeless hope that I think he felt when confronted with Lexie's feelings.

Though this scence was a straight-up rejection on the surface, it simultaneously deepens the pair's relationship, because Archie finally realizes just what Lexie does mean to him. I wanted it to be there, but for him to be blind to it. He calls her his "very, very best friend" - which in my book is a much stronger foundation for a romantic relationship than something rooted in passion.

Of course, the fact that he kissed Lexie more times than pretty much all of his love interests put together also probably says something about (unconscious) his feelings for her, LOL.
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For anybody who has EVER posted their fic on AO3, you need to read this. They scraped 4 of my stories - and not even the finished ones!

How to do a DMCA request to get them removed is here.
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Yoinked from Tumblr (thanks [ profile] starzki!):

✍ Finally, an ask-meme for writers! ✍ Tell me which questions you'd like me to answer.

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This seems especially relevant, given my upcoming fandom anniversary...hmm...
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News broke yesterday that respected tennis writer Neil Harman had plagiarized large swathes of at least three of the ten commemorative Wimbledon annuals that he had been commissioned to write between 2004-2013. Harman, the senior tennis correspondent for The Times (in London), has enjoyed an illustrious sportswriting career, including 40 years of covering professional tennis. Harman issued an apology and resigned from the International Tennis Writers Association, of which he co-founded and served as president.

The All England Club became aware of his plagiarism earlier this year and dismissed him from his job compiling its annual yearbook. However, this was not made public until yesterday, when fellow tennis writer Ben Rothenberg published (what turned out to be) the first in a series of articles on the subject at

Let me just say, from the start, that I abhor plagiarism. As a victim of plagiarism myself (albeit under slightly different and possibly sillier circumstances), I know how much it hurts to have your work lifted, changed, and published without credit. Its the sort of anger you can't understand until its happened to you. So, while I appreciate Rothenberg breaking this shocking news to the tennis world, I do not believe he has handled it in the best way.

However, gloating about being right sometimes means shooting yourself in the foot )

Update: The Times has suspended Harman indefinitely as it conducts its own investigation, and he deleted his Twitter account.

And there's only one person still talking about it in the tennis Twittersphere. Dude, just shut up already - you're only digging yourself into a deeper hole.
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I requested memorial status for [personal profile] psyco_chick32's journal, and the request has been granted.

Thank you, Dreamwidth team. This was her preferred platform, which is why I didn't bother with the LJ overlords. She imported the contents of her LJ here, so we'll always have a record of her time with us in fandom, and in friendship.
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I guess today is tiny fandom celebration day, because more meta about finding joy in fandoms of one or two has been posted. It's kinda cool to know there are so many of us, even if we aren't all into the same canon material!