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Title: Underneath the Starry Sky
Fandom: Kids Incorporated
Universe: Post-canon
Genre: Family, Hurt/Comfort
Rating: K+
Word Count: 700
Summary: Post-canon domestic fluff. Ryan serenades his girls.

Links: | AO3 | DW

Well, this pretty much came out of nowhere, LOL.

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So, here are 700 words of shameless domestic fluff ♥ I can't say anything more for myself, other than I hope that writing short, manageable chunks of fic will help me get back on the wagon, so to speak. I miss writing regularly, especially for my OTPs ♥ ♥ ♥
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Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to put something in my fandom stocking. I never know what to expect, but I am never disappointed. I feel like I win every single year, LOL - even the year that I was seriously ill and had to flake on everybody I wanted to treat, I totally won :D

This year I received a little bit of everything: BSC fics, IY fics (I miss you, IY fandom!!), a Tangled fic, lots of pictures of castles and kitty cats, and even a greeting from a heretofore unknown fellow KI fan! Unfortunately, my output was not as varied - I only finished 4 BSC fics, which will at some point feature at [community profile] babysitters100. This little fic-writing spree inspired more BSC fic, as well as a character guide for Charlie Thomas, so I was definitely busy during my little week and a half of vacation :P

Quite a few of you on my f-list treated me, and I tried to do the same. There was at least one fic that I did not have time to write before reality set in, but it will be coming at some point this year. If you had a fandom stocking, I hope you enjoy your gifts as much as I love mine!!
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Title: Tell It to My Heart
Fandom: Kids Incorporated
Universe: Canon
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating: T
Warnings: Innuendo
Word Count: 7,012
Summary: Season 5. He couldn’t deny it any longer, to himself or to anyone else: he was desperately, achingly, heart-wrenchingly in love with Stacy, and now the only question was…what could he do about it?

Links: DW | | AO3

MAN does it feel good to write for this fandom again! ♥ This is a birthday giftfic for my oldest & dearest KI fandom friend, KeB, and let me tell you internets about how hard it was to keep this thing under wraps for two weeks!!

This fic came out of nowhere, but had definite inspiration - a lot, in fact.

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I really enjoyed writing this, and I think KeB really enjoyed receiving it! Whenever life starts to suck more than usual, I retreat to my happy place, and this show/universe will always be my happy place. It never fails to make me smile, and make me want to work on ALL the KI projects, LOL. I am hoping to jump back into Stacy in Bloom, as well as do an overhaul of the OTP manifesto now that all of the episodes it covers are available. I've discovered new cute moments between these two that simply have to be documented, and have had several sweet people send me other things (mentions of the real-life romance between the actors) that need to be included as well.

I always have my eye on finishing WIPs, of course, and hopefully my Summer Mini Challenge will help on several of these fronts. Frankly, I'm just so happy to be writing again, and I hope I can keep it up!! The SMC is certainly coming at the right time of year for me, for a change :P
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[+] Slowly but surely, I've been going through Stacy in Bloom and giving it a light edit. I am hopeful that I'll be able to update it soon, because its been too long ♥

[+] I also wanted to gauge potential interest in having another Summer Mini Challenge. I'm still working on my [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo card, but could always use a summer time boost. Anybody else game?
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SO YEAH - I never meant to let my recs lists lapse as horribly as they have. I've been reading more than I've been writing these days, and here are some of my new favorite fics :D

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My permanent rec lists are here ~ Baby-sitters Club | Inuyasha | Multifandom/Miscellaneous