Oct. 30th, 2008

luxken27: (Kyouya - OHSHC)
Author's Note: I'd really appreciate feedback for these stories. The plan (as of right now) is to have a series of interconnected oneshots and/or drabbles. My claim is specifically Kyouya/Haruhi, but there will be lots of appearances by the other Host Club members, especially Tono Tamaki!

Collection Title: In the Shadow of the King
Universe: Canon
Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance
Rating: T

Summary: Kyouya lurks in the shadows, but controls all aspects of the game - or so he thinks. As he subtly directs the fortunes of Tamaki & Haruhi, he finds himself falling into the web of his own making.

[livejournal.com profile] un_love_you Prompt Table here. Prompt for this piece is: #27 (Author’s Choice): “I want you to want me.”

Title: Tease
Rating: T (something of a sour lime)
Word Count: 1195
Pairing: Kyouya/Haruhi

Summary: Everything is a game to him, but even he can’t foresee all of the consequences.

Tease )