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[+] After two years of nothingness, I dropped my Ouran claim at [ profile] un_love_you, converted the collection to a completed oneshot, and called it a day. I feel strangely sad about this, even though it's *literally* been two years since I touched the thing.

[+] I've divided my 'Master Fic List' into IY and non-IY work. I'm contemplating restructuring it completely before it becomes too unwieldy, but will save this for a creatively-dead day, instead of just a socially-dead one :P

[+] Thanks to [ profile] paynesgrey, I scored an invite code to Dreamwidth. If anybody is over there and wants to friend me, feel free: [personal profile] luxken27.

Right now I'm using it as an archive for my completed, non-IY work, sort of like a companion to [ profile] luxken27_fics. All of the work posted there will also be posted to, if that's your preferred medium.

[+] My ventures outside of IY have led me to small, smaller, and smallest fandoms o.O so I've spent the better part of the weekend trying to figure out how this works. It looks like if I want fic for some of these, I'm going to be signing up for [ profile] yuletide come holiday season. Anybody have any tips?
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Do you ever feel like you have fifty million ideas bouncing around your brain, so much that you can't make real progress on any one thing because the little voices in your head can't decide which one to work on?

Yeah, that's totally the reason for this post: I (or rather, the muses) need priorities, dammit.

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Dare I say it...I'm going "multi"-fandom?! *gasp*

PROMPT TABLE: [ profile] un_love_you
CLAIM: Ouran High School Host Club ~ Kyouya/Haruhi

01.You were right about me. 02.I was wrong about you. 03.This cancels out the hurt.
04.I need to want you. 05.You can be like me. 06.I want to need you.
07.Prove it. 08.I'm cruel. 09.Always wondered what this'd be like.
10.I'm broken. 11.Thought I needed this. 12.I'm drunk.
13.I want to hurt you. 14.I'm awake and you're breathing. 15.This is my desperation in action.
16.I want to break you. 17.Wish I didn't love you. 18.I pity you.
19.This isn't about you at all. 20.I hate you, you bitch. 21.You'll do.
22.I hate myself. 23.You remind me of me. 24.I want you to hate me.
25.You remind me of someone. 26.I can be like you. 27.I want you to want me.
28.Author's Choice. 29.Author's Choice. 30.Author's Choice.

[Tags: ouran high school host club; ouran high school host club:kyouya/fuji]

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Author's Note: I'd really appreciate feedback for these stories. The plan (as of right now) is to have a series of interconnected oneshots and/or drabbles. My claim is specifically Kyouya/Haruhi, but there will be lots of appearances by the other Host Club members, especially Tono Tamaki!

Collection Title: In the Shadow of the King
Universe: Canon
Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance
Rating: T

Summary: Kyouya lurks in the shadows, but controls all aspects of the game - or so he thinks. As he subtly directs the fortunes of Tamaki & Haruhi, he finds himself falling into the web of his own making.

[ profile] un_love_you Prompt Table here. Prompt for this piece is: #27 (Author’s Choice): “I want you to want me.”

Title: Tease
Rating: T (something of a sour lime)
Word Count: 1195
Pairing: Kyouya/Haruhi

Summary: Everything is a game to him, but even he can’t foresee all of the consequences.

Tease )