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Dead day updates

[+] After two years of nothingness, I dropped my Ouran claim at [ profile] un_love_you, converted the collection to a completed oneshot, and called it a day. I feel strangely sad about this, even though it's *literally* been two years since I touched the thing.

[+] I've divided my 'Master Fic List' into IY and non-IY work. I'm contemplating restructuring it completely before it becomes too unwieldy, but will save this for a creatively-dead day, instead of just a socially-dead one :P

[+] Thanks to [ profile] paynesgrey, I scored an invite code to Dreamwidth. If anybody is over there and wants to friend me, feel free: [personal profile] luxken27.

Right now I'm using it as an archive for my completed, non-IY work, sort of like a companion to [ profile] luxken27_fics. All of the work posted there will also be posted to, if that's your preferred medium.

[+] My ventures outside of IY have led me to small, smaller, and smallest fandoms o.O so I've spent the better part of the weekend trying to figure out how this works. It looks like if I want fic for some of these, I'm going to be signing up for [ profile] yuletide come holiday season. Anybody have any tips?
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Speaking of smaller fandoms, I want to direct you to [ profile] beforeyouwrite, which is a great pimping community for smaller, unknown fandoms. You might be able to post some of your KI fic there if you wish.

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I don't know how big a fandom the Odyssey has, but I keep writing fics that connect to it...LOL. Now that's got to be one of the oldest fandoms around. LOL!!!
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What's Dreamwidth? Or rather, how is it different/an improvement from LJ? *is confuzzled and curious*

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but basically? It's LJ, only clunkier, from the user end at least :P

LoL. That's what it looked like, but I was just making sure that I didn't miss anything obvious. ;)

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big into SGA fandom

Interesting! I wasn't aware. Sometimes, it actually does surprise me what fandoms generate the most rabidness and wankery. LoL.

I might check it out over at fandom_wank... but I've kinda had enough of the drama for a lifetime. It takes years off my life. :P

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You weren't kidding about Kids,Inc. being a small fandom on ffnet. There are 3 stories listed and two of them are yours. I read your one shot. Very nice reunion fic. Glad they were able to get together after Ryan left for Julliard.

Good luck with Stacey in Bloom.