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Pairing:  Kagura/Sesshoumaru
Rating:  T
Song inspiration:  "For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her" (C) 1966 Paul Simon
Based upon:  Manga Chapters 371-374, Kagura's Heart

This is probably my favorite oneshot.  I was first inspired by the song, a simple, short, but absolutely beautiful piece by Simon & Garfunkel.  I wanted to write something for the fandom based on the song, so I went looking through the manga for inspiration. 

One of the plots most discussed is Kagura's death.  Kagura was an interesting, complex character -- first an incarnation of Naraku, pretty soon she desires nothing more than her freedom from the ultimate villian.  She is the wind sorceress, and is very powerful in her own right.  As the story moves along, she begins plotting to free herself from Naraku for good.  She is a grudging ally of Inuyasha's group, and falls hopelessly in love with Sesshoumaru, even after he refuses to help her cause.  Some people will contend that Kagura is the only canon pairing for Sesshoumaru, even though they didn't have much of a romantic relationship.  I'm not one of those people; to me, the affection was pretty one-sided.  I just don't think Sesshoumaru could ever allow himself to fall in love with a demon that was once one and the same as Naraku, his sworn enemy.

Nevertheless, I was completely drawn into the artwork for these chapters in Kagura's death arc.  It's some of Ms. Takahashi's finest work for the manga, in my opinion.  Even though it was tragic Kagura had to die, it was drawn with a find hand.  She was finally as free as the wind...

Kagura and Sesshoumaru shared some pretty meaningful looks during Chapter 374, and of course he eventually breaks his mighty Tokijn while avenging her death, so maybe there was something there.  What isn't in doubt was Kagura's feelings, as is evidenced by her final thoughts while in humanoid form.  I asked myself, what did she want most of all, after her freedom?  For Sesshoumaru to express some feelings of love back to her...and thus was born the oneshot, my most-reviewed to date.

The complete lyrics to the song:

What a dream I had
Pressed in organdy
Clothed in crinoline
Of smoky burgundy
Softer than the rain

I wandered empty streets down
Past the shop displays
I heard cathedral bells
Drifting down the alleyways
As I walked on

And when you ran to me
Your cheeks flushed with the night
We walked on frosted fields
Of juniper and lamplight
I held your hand

And when I awoke
And felt you warm and near
I kissed your honey hair
With my grateful tears
Oh I love you, girl
Oh I love you