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Pairing:  Kagome/Inuyasha
Rating:  T
Song inspiration:  "Fix You" (C) 2005 Chris Martin (Coldplay)
Based upon:  Manga Chapters 463-465, Light

Sometimes inspiration hits you when you least expect it.  Not only do I like to write with music in the background, I enjoy reading and doing other general internet browsing with it.  I had my MP3 player on shuffle as I read some of the later chapters of the manga, and something about the angst of Kikyo had captured my attention.  I searched for, and subsequently read, her final death arc.

The artwork is absolutely top-notch in this arc.  It has emotions not usually associated with the Inuyasha universe, and shows some of the character growth over the course of the series.  Words can't really express what reading this arc did to me; when I get to this page, it never fails to punch me in the gut.  Kikyo's ultimate wish is finally granted AND she gets a final goodbye with Inuyasha.  The fact that our title character never cries also makes this all the more poignant. 

I was listening to Coldplay's X & Y album, and the lyrics to the song "Fix You" struck me.  I had the idea to work the lryics into the dialogue of the fic somehow.  Before I really got in deep with fanfiction, whenever I heard the term "songfic" this is what I thought of, actually incorporating the lyrics and/or meaning of the song into the work.  That's as far from the truth as can be possible, of course, but I felt up to the challenge.  I'm not sure how well I came out.

I fiddled with the words, trying to find places in the actual storyline where they fit.  Of course, a piece from Kagome's point of view fit perfectly.  She's saddened by Kikyo's death, and will ultimately be the one to help Inuyasha pick up the pieces and move on.  After all, she and Kikyo shared a soul, as well as a growing love for him.

The result was a bit awkward, but I like to think the emotion of the manga, as well as the song, help the reader with the flow.  I still love listening to this song when I'm reading this volume of the series, and I think of the lyrics at the bridge as particularly powerful.  I can totally picture Kagome making such a vow.

Kikyo's death fundamentally changes Inuyasha as well; he is freed from his promise to die with her.  He still feels like a failure, but there is some closure for him.  It's closure for the main love triangle as well, though Inuyasha's and Kagome's romance hasn't progressed as quickly as some of us fans wish :)

This piece also moved my angst level to new depths.  I'm not quite as afraid to write of character deaths after exploring the emotions here (even though the death was written into the inspiration chapters of the manga).  I don't know if I could do as much justice in written form as Ms. Takahashi does here with her art, but now I'm no so afraid to try. 

All of these one shots are ultimately experiments and places to try out new things away from my epic fic.