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Paring:  Inuyasha/Kagome
Rating: Y ( / M (
Song inspiration: "Inside the Fire" (C) 2008 Disturbed / "You Could Be Happy" (C) 2006 Snow Patrol
Based upon: Manga Chapters 552-558, Naraku's Death [alternate ending]

Wow.  This piece took on a life of its own!  I don't think it could have been farther from my original idea if I tried, LOL.

Two weeks ago, when I was looking up squishy videos to my favorite songs/shows/anime to post here, I ran across this video for "You Could Be Happy" by Snow Patrol.  It's definitely one of the best AMVs I've ever seen, with a perfect match to the song and the storyline of the show.  Ah, love!  I like watching it whenever I'm working on my Inuyasha/Instant Star crossover, it's lovely inspiration.

Anyway, at some point I also ran over Disturbed's new single, "Inside the Fire", and holy shit!  I started getting ideas right off the bat!  The song deals with the singer's thoughts when he finds his girlfriend's dead body in their apartment, and his crazy-yet-rather-understandable desire to follow her in death.

Hm, sound familiar?

It was a great theme for an alternate ending to the manga.  After all, Kagome went to hell when she was sucked into the meidou, and...yeah.  It was pretty hellish, what with the hallucinations and threats of eternal loneliness, but did we ever really get the feeling that she'd be there forever?  That she wouldn't be (happily) reunited with Inuyasha at some point?

The ending rubs me the wrong way in a few respects, one of which is the fact that Kagome gave up her life in the modern world to live in the feudal era with Inuyasha.  This is all well and good for the romantics among us, but the realists have to wonder...why?  She set herself back five hundred years in rights?  Gave up her education?  Gave up more or less all hope of ever leading an independent life?


So this is my dark version of the end, where the exact opposite happens:  Inuyasha gives up his soul to save Kagome, and allow her to live on in the modern era.

Boy was it hard to fight the desire to give them a happy ending!  I'm a hopeless sap at heart, but I really wanted to test myself.  I experimented with the depth of darkness in the storyline, with the style of writing, with the presentation of the text (lots of whitespace), with the flow of the words.  I think I was successful; I leave it to the readers to tell me one way or the other.

The piece was very carefully constructed.  I probably haven't labored so hard on such a short piece, checking every word for flow, meaning, was pretty intense.  I'm especially proud of how the first chapter turned out, because my first pass at writing it was absolutely horrible.  I tossed it aside for a few days until I hit upon the idea of freestyling it.  Then I had doubts about my ability to even do that, considering my style has been my style for most of my life.

The second chapter was very slow in coming, both in ideas and writing.  I knew I wanted to set up the lyrics as scene breaks, but I wasn't sure which lines to use and which ones to disregard.  Not until I was actually writing the scene did I end up using the last few lines of the song as dialog.  I originally wanted to come up with a small, separate scene for each line and have them loosely threaded together by the meaning of the lyrics.

Sometimes I set the bar too high, even for myself, LOL :P

The ideas came in a flood, and I actually disregarded two or three scenes (and lines of lyrics) that I originally wanted to use, no matter how it turned out.  I'm pretty satisfied with it, though.  I like the ambiguous endings I can give in these set pieces, which aren't always achievable in my epics or multi-chapters.

This was originally supposed to be completely from Inuyasha's point of view:  the first chapter as what actually happens (giving his life for hers), and the second as a reflection of the choice, as he watches Kagome's life move on before they can be reunited.

It is my hope that readers 1) understand the meaning of the piece even though it is not spelled out for them, and 2) finding it interesting enough on the first pass to want to reread it and find everything I did with deliberation to the text.

That might be a lot to ask of fanfic readers, though :)