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Perfect Kiss

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Pairing: Inuyasha/Kagome
Rating: T
Inspiration: [profile] inuyashaxkagome "Missing Moments" Celebration Fic & Art Contest
Based upon: Manga chapters 555-558, Darkness

It's funny how things work out sometimes.  This is the first piece I've written specifically as a contest entry, so it was a different approach than I normally take.  (Notice - no song inspiration?)  I'm not generally good at looking at prompts and coming up with a story (usually the ideas come to me instead), so this was an interesting challenge.  I've wanted to get more involved in the LJ communities here, and since most of them are contests...well, we all have to start somewhere!

This piece also inspired Coda, so much so that I'm inclined to call them companions.  This story is so sweet your teeth may rot, which drove me to find a darker alternative as well.  Fluff has its place, just like angst, and sometimes they play well off each other.

I don't think this story will conform to others' ideas about Inuyasha and Kagome's fabled first kiss.  I've seen commentary in other places about how there's no way it could've happened where I placed it.  I would argue otherwise.  I think it's perfectly normal to expect some sort of emotional outburst at that moment, and I think the original art also conveyed a new sense of closeness between the pair.  Inuyasha all but declared his love for Kagome in the moments leading up to this, so why not?  I don't think it would've been some big romantic event, more a combination of relief and joy and catharsis.

Of course, I had to insert a kiss at the point where we can all agree there probably was one.  I hoped to juxtapose this moment with their "first kiss" moment, and show that even though it wasn't their actual first kiss, it was the first for every other meaning of the word.  One they would both remember, a signal to the start of their life together.

So, we'll see how well this one does in the contest!  Depending on how school goes, I may be writing more of these as time goes on :)