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Pairing: Sesshoumaru/Kagome
Rating: M for adult themes
Inspired by: [ profile] dokuga_contest's Oneshot #2 | Mixed Up
Based upon: Four Seasons universe

Is it wrong to admit when you're intrigued by your own writing? I certainly hope not; I'm not trying to be egotastic or self-absorbed...sometimes things slip out that you don't understand but don't have a chance to elaborate on.

When I came across this prompt, the first thing that crossed my mind was a little piece of storyline from Four Seasons:

Good friend. The spring after that awful trip to the clinic, she’d forgiven Inuyasha for his actions (or, more appropriately, the lack thereof) and resumed their relationship. Sesshoumaru remembered it well, because Inuyasha’s health had been poor, and the rekindled romance seemed to give him something to live for.

When I wrote that, I had no real idea what happened, only that Kagome's relationship with Inuyasha was more complicated than it would appear on the surface. But, after great consideration, I decided to see where this idea took me.

And, thus, a bit of 'bonus material' was born.

This piece tells the tale of that fateful decision, when Kagome forgave Inuyasha in spite of everything Sesshoumaru did for her (that Inuyasha probably should have). It's from Kagome's point of view, in order to understand the confusion she has over her feelings for the two very different brothers.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm capturing the right level of emotional maturity for these essentially teenaged characters. I'm of the opinion that such difficult life events force people to "grow up" quickly, in some respect, just to be able to deal with the consequences of their actions.

I am quite nervous about posting this. I consider Four Seasons complete in its own right, and don't wish to spoil any feelings the original piece has engendered in my readers. I am generally incredibly hesitant to revisit stories I've already told...but I guess sometimes you can't help but follow a muse :)

ETA: I have decided the best way to share this piece is to post it separately as a companion. It will be buried in my oneshot collection, but isn't really a "sequel" to Four Seasons, so it shouldn't be added to the end. That way, readers have a choice: one, the other, both, or none :)

Musical inspirations for this piece include the following:

"Four Seasons" ~ Namie Amuro (Movie 3's ending theme)
Before These Crowded Streets ~ Dave Matthews Band
"Best Imitation of Myself" ~ Ben Folds Five
"Teardrops on My Guitar" ~ Taylor Swift
"Thrown Away" ~ Papa Roach

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::gentle prod:: While I realize you're not actually posting your entry here, members are not supposed to 'pimp' their drabbles and oneshots outside of the community until after the contest closes and the winners are announced.

Feel free to screen or delete this comment... no one needs to know I'm scolding you. Why not make this intriguing post 'private' for now and re-post it next Monday?

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I did enjoy Dilemma. It was nice background material for Four Seasons. I had forgotten the paragraph you mentioned. I guess I was under the impression that neither brother had seen her for eight years after the abortion. It does explain what Inuyasha said on his death bed about her making him what he was today. It does explain some of Sesshoumaru's bitterness toward Kagome if she took Inuyasha back

Just a side note on the current state of US abortion law. Many states require parental permission for the abortion of a minor. The US Supreme Court has not struck these laws down so long as if the parents refuse a judicial bypass of parental permission is available for the minor