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A Most Favorable Arrangment

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Pairing: Sesshoumaru/Kagome
Rating: X (explicit sex)
Inspiration: “Do You Remember” © 2009 Jay Sean, Sean Paul, J-Remy, Bobby Bass, Jared Cotter, Frankie Storm, & J Perkins [Jay Sean feat. Sean Paul & Lil' Jon]

Exhibit A in the argument, "Grief does strange things to people."

I challenged myself to write a somewhat realistic and wholly dispassionate scene between Sesshoumaru & Kagome if the timeline had carried on, and Kagome had been unable to return to the past. After all, "dispassionate" is Sesshoumaru's middle name, no? It was an...interesting experience, to say the least.

My Sess muse has largely been in hiding of late, because RL has been very stressful and depressing and he doesn't like that, so much. But the glimmer of an idea came to me, and somehow, it seemed to fit him best - a bit of hurt/comfort shrouded in a thin veneer of cold, cruel logic. I've missed this colder, more demonic side of Sesshoumaru, and I thought it would provide interesting fodder, trying to write this scene from his perspective, considering all of the other sexy-tiemz stuff has been from Kagome's, instead.

I'm not completely happy with this, but it's the best version to be had after picking at this for nigh on three solid days. I'm pleased with a couple of things - the distance I created between the characters, even in the midst of such an intimate act; the way I was able to have Sesshoumaru coolly assess the entirety of the situation, like he sees the trap for what it is, even as he walks into it (for his own, mysterious reasons); and even the sorts of emotions Kagome displays, fraught with anguish and guilt for seeking comfort (and eventually maybe even more) in the arms of her one true love's brother.

Anytime I write with Sesshoumaru, my vocabulary and sentence structure automatically shifts up a gear - I use a lot of concise words in a lot of long sentences. This is probably why not a lot of self-proclaimed Sess/Kag fans read my work - it's not easy to digest...but then, neither is Sesshoumaru, when taken in the entirety of his canon characterization. I can fully see him viewing sex as a tradeoff, allowing himself to be used if he can find some advantage in the meanwhile. Even though he has no allusions here of Kagome loving him or even wanting him, he is content to indulge her, because he gets something out of it as well, even if he's not willing to admit it. What does he want - sex, companionship, someone he can mold to his own personal standards? Even I'm not entirely sure - when he's being aloof, it extends even to me.

I'm most satisfied with how I was able to create (at least the illusion of) distance. Kagome is never explicitly named in this piece, nor is she considered much more than an ordinary human woman. There is little special about her, to Sesshoumaru's eyes - he merely notes how much she has changed since returning from the Feudal Era, and how far she has yet to go. He cares not for her past, her present, or her future - only how he will (or won't) fit into it. I was surprised to hear from someone I showed a snippet of this fic to that she sympathized with him, so it will be interesting to see what - if any - reader response there is.

What I feel is the weakest aspect of this piece is probably the depiction of the sex act itself. I chose a position that's supposedly very common in Russia, for the very fact that it can be committed quickly, in any setting. Which I found interesting when I first read that impression (from this book, for the interested) because spoons is one of the most comforting, intimate sexual positions there is. I had to rewrite this portion of the piece a few times, trying to take out any language that would make it feel like dub-con or even non-con. *shrug* I don't know if I succeeded, but I'm satisfied with what's left.

I walk away from this piece feeling rather depressed, which was, indeed, the point of the exercise...but it's never easy to feel sad when you have something brand new to post up. However, I think it's an accurate depiction of the distance I'm trying to put between myself and my grief over sitting vigil, and for that, I can only be satisfied.

BTW, the content doesn't really match its inspiration song for lyrics or's just what was playing on my mental radio while I was composing/editing this piece, because I find Seal Paul inexplicably therapeutic. LOL, go figure on that one o.O

Perhaps now that this has shifted some of the grief out of my head, I can work on what I actually intended to write this week - the next installment of Fragments. Hmm...

BTW, this will eventually be posted to, when they recover from their fail. Done.

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ff was in fail mode today? Didn't have anything to post, so I haven't been mucking with it the last three or four days...

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Once, when it was doing something like that, I went into a doc I already had in the documents section, deleted all it's contents, pasted the new doc in using the word function, and then corrected the little bit of formatting, and saved that. I have something I'm probably going to post later tonight; if it won't accept the upload, then I'll try that.

I do upload all my files as .rtf files though. I don't know if that would make any difference to what you are doing.

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If I get through with my piece and get it up successfully, I'll drop you a pm.

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I always find that Sesshomaru tends to up my vocab, too. I tend to avoid having him curse---as if it's beneath him, but alas it's perhaps not entirely "canon" considering some of the unfiltered non-Viz versions of the manga I've stumbled across from time to time. Contractions tend to disappear from my speech and writing when I'm tackling a Sesshomaru POV. Oddly, all the swearing, contractions, slang, and otherwise floods right back when I deal with Inuyasha, so go figure. I think it's a bit off-putting to the "younger" set of fandom when they read Sesshomaru presented as he is in canon and not as fandom perceives him. His speech is a bit more formal, his reasoning is ambiguous and mysterious, and his actions contradict quite often the things coming out of his mouth. I've been re-reading the manga series as of late (albeit the Viz version) and I've enjoyed reading between the lines on his relationships to the other characters---thus far to Inuyasha and Naraku. Everyone has this notion that he wants Inuyasha dead. He doesn't, not if you know how to read the subtext. I think his biggest issue with Inuyasha isn't his blood, isn't the fact that his father slept with a mortal woman and had a child with her, or that he's crass and uncouth, it's the fact that he has to EARN the rights to that blood. Sesshomaru is trying to test him at every turn, see if he's worthy of it, and in a way, is trying to teach him the skills and understandings that will allow Inuyasha to earn that place. The whole sword thing and the constant put downs are a cover. As for Naraku, he was bamboozled and yet he wasn't in that first encounter. He knew that Naraku was shady and that it was most likely a trap---he just didn't know what kind. He wanted to find out and if it meant teaching his brother about Tetsusaiga's secret---albeit the hard way---then so be it. Too many people want to make him this unfeeling bastard. As for your story, I look forward to your take on Sesshomaru's views on sex and intimacy. He's deeply emotional under the emotionless facade, but I don't think he even knows how to handle it most of the time.

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I'm not necessarily "involved" enough in Sess/Rin fandom to know where I sit within it or how my view of Sesshomaru meshes with theirs. I frankly don't care. I enjoy playing with his character and seeing what happens. I LOVE to rattle his cage. I think that's when he's his most interesting, when we get a slight peek at the cards held to his chest. I think most of fandom, Sess/Kag, Sess/Rin, or otherwise just doesn't get it when people delve into his character the way you and I do. It's much MUCh easier to type him as the Ice Prince and have him behave as a two dimensional being than to get into the muck that can be exploring his full dimensions.

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You and your sharp sticks...of course, I poke him every now and then myself....he's going to be showing up in a couple of stories in the near future for sure...

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Yeah, and I have a nasty sharp stick in my epic for Sesshomaru. He knows it's coming---and while in the actual story it's gonna knock him right off his feet and take him by surprise---he HATES it. I think it's fun to make him squirm. Why the rest of fandom likes to leave him at the very surface I'll never understand.

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I think they find it much easier to turn Sesshomaru into a plot device. He's there to advance some plot---usually either to get Inuyasha and Kagome together or apart or something to that effect, or to push Inuyasha to the next level of strength. I hate PlotDevice!Sesshomaru. I want the real deal!

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I hate the unfeeling bastard stereotype myself...I see the year of the Jewel Quest as an important one for Sessh's growth even as it was for InuYasha's. There's certainly a difference between his public face and his inner self, but when you look at his actions, especially from the time he learns that InuYasha needs Tessaiga onward, one should be able to see a whole lot going on underneath the mask.

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That's just it. I blame the anime for a lot of the misconceptions on Sesshomaru's character. It simplified him so drastically---especially the US version. And so, everyone turns him into the Ice Prince and leaves it at that. To actually find someone who presents him as something more is rare---in any branch of fandom. And you're right, once he learns why Inuyasha NEEDS his sword, he pretty much abandons attacking his brother over it. He jabs and pushes Inuyasha's buttons about Tetsusaiga for his amusement, but it's never as serious as it was when the story first began. Most fandom people are just too damn lazy to read in-between the lines. I LIVE for it.

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When FFN screws up (and it's *always* something to do with the uploading portion), take one of the docs you have in the queue and "edit" it - i.e. replace the text you had with your new story. Works just as well! ;)

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I really enjoyed this story. It is interesting what Kagome and Sesshoumaru have become and why they are together even only for one night a month.I think what we have here is a codependentcy. The two of them are getting what they need from a sexual relationship.

The Sesshoumaru we met at the beginning was a very interesting villain. He could be cruel and vicious without blinking an eyebrow. When he stood in front of Tessaiga you would have thought he was in love. One minute he is ready to kill IY, the next he is ready to let him depending on what IY has just done.He smiles, he smirks. He is willing to kill Kagome merely because she took the sword from the stone and he did not. He is actually pleased that IY can give him a fight before he dies. He changes into the stupid dog form because he is daring IY and Tessaiga to prove that a hanyou can handle the sword. IY does not want the sword. He is angry that Sesshoumaru used the nowoman to pretend to be his mother. Kagome is mad because he kills the nowoman. He ignores his brother until he thinks he might know where the sword is . He pulls IY's eye out to get the jewel. Jaken had orders to kill IY as soon as they knew where the jewel. RT says that she likes complex characters. Sess is about as complex a character as you can get.