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By Request | No Ordinary Woman

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Pairing: Miroku/Sango
Rating: T
Based upon: the 2010 [ profile] fandom_stocking holiday giftfic exchange

My final stocking stuffer this year was a short, introspective slice of Mir/San, written for [ profile] tigerkat24.

The recipient's specifications were as follows:

'Ships (slash, het, and femslash): InuYasha: Sango/Miroku, pretty much just them.

Fic Likes: I am very, very heavily into family-fic, particularly made-families like in BSG and the team in Leverage, but also real families like Castle and his daughter or Lightman and his daughter. I also love old-married-couple ships (Aral/Cordelia, Adama/Roslin, etc.) and sweet, happy stories with happy endings. Angst with a happy ending is good too. Happy endings, though, I love. I generally prefer gen and low-rated shippy fics.

Fic Dislikes: Sad endings, couples who don't communicate.

So, basically, I took this as wanting a little established-relationship fic with a happy ending, LOL :) Considering the pairing, I think angst is pretty much implied, even if you go post-canon, simply because of the transitions Sango would've made to have made from her former occupation into her new one.

And, that's basically where I went with this: it's a fairly straightforward piece, with Sango having some rather...unusual stress relief rituals, LOL. I decided to write it from Miroku's point of view to give it a spin of originality (since I'm sure I'm not the first person to write a variation on this theme), and because I'm still not all that confident I can write his POV well, so all the practice I can get will help :)

I wrote this piece as a bit of warmup/final push into finishing Fragments, but obviously, that hasn't quite come to fruition yet :P

The recipient of this stocking has yet to acknowledge her gifts, which is also a bit of a bummer :-/ but oh, well. The reveal's been on for almost two weeks, and I see no point in holding back the story from others who might appreciate it.