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Lost in Translation | 2: Dueling Baby-sitters

Collection Title: Lost in Translation
Fandom: General Hospital
Universe: Canon
Genre: Drama/Friendship/Romance
Rating: T (for now)
Summary: A collection of oneshots and drabbles exploring the ever-evolving relationship between Maxie Jones and Dr. Matt Hunter: the happy moments, the sad moments, the sarcastic moments.

Chapter Title: Dueling Baby-sitters
Universe: Canon
Genre: Comedy, Friendship
Rating: T
Word Count: 1556
Summary: When Matt and Maxie are both asked to baby-sit for little Emma, it becomes a fight to the finish to see who will ultimately keep the job.

Links: LJ | | DW | AO3

Woohoo! =) I've been on a bit of a GH glom of late, mainlining my favorite characters' backstories in order to generate some fic ideas, and this was the first one to see the light of day. I needed some fluff and silliness, so here we are - I apologize in advance for my lame sense of humor :P

I've been watching a lot of clips of Maxie Jones' storylines of late, because (1) I *adore* Kirsten Storms, and (2) I know there's a great deal of her history that I'm missing. I checked out of GH the first time around with the whole Text Message Killer storyline (SOOOOOOO freaking lame OMFG), and though I got back into it when she started dating Spinelli, that's still a pretty large chunk of time I'm missing. Since I wanted to write more for GH, I decided to start here and see what I came up with.

And here we are :) I'm up to mid-2007 in the storyline, just after the Metro Court crisis, and can I just say, GH did sweeps week stories so well? '09's February sweeps, with the hospital burning down, was shot beautifully - I was on the edge of my seat. The Metro Court crisis was similarly well done...anyway. That's why I keep coming back to this show, even when they do lame shit like what's going on now.

Anyway, I had a couple of oneshot ideas, besides the one that's buried in my notebook (which is why I started rewatching Maxie's scenes to begin with, to get a better sense of her history with Lucky), and this one was just kinda too cute to resist. A lot of the others I've sketched out are really angsty, but I've been in a shit mood all week and I needed something to lighten my day today, so I turned to this instead, and had a lot of fun writing it.

The inspiration scene is one I've already linked to before, but here it is again:

You can't beat that chemistry with a stick, LOL, and the Scorpio-Drake family is the one thing Matt and Maxie have in common, and is an easy excuse to bring them together, especially when they still hate each other :P I can very easily picture Patrick and Robin each asking their relative to baby-sit during their big night out for their anniversary and not cross-checking with the other, so voila, here we are. I can also picture Maxie using her feminine wiles to one-up Matt in the end, which is exactly what she does here. Maxie always gets her way, LOL!

I've also discovered on this Maxie storyline-rewatching-process that I'm a pretty big fan of Robin & Patrick ~ or, at least, early Robin and Patrick, not the lame shit going on right now *eyeroll* Someone who story alerted my collection at also had this on their favorites list, and boy oh boy did it cheer up my rotten day &hearts I've definitely bookmarked it for a future rec post, but figured if there were any other Scrubs fans out there, they might like to see it now.

So, yeah. There might be some Scrubs fic in my future, depending on how much I stray off the path here. I have a couple more M&M ideas, too, so hopefully this will be a productive little dip into this fandom!

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Oh! I'm loving these hon. M&M are so adorable and you write them so well. And I loves me some Scrubs! I hope they get back to being cute and happy together soon, the angst is killing me.