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Inuyasha | Fleeting 26: Clarity (Interlude)

Title: Fleeting
Universe: Alternate
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rating: M
Warning(s): Language, innuendo, non-explicit sexual situations
Summary: All he ever wanted was a considerate roommate…but she turned out to be so much more. When they’re unwillingly thrown into a world of cutthroat business intrigue and family secrets, she quickly becomes the most important person in his life – if only he can find a way to truly trust her, body and soul. AU; Serial.

Author’s Note: This serial was written using prompts from [ profile] un_love_you [table here]. Further author’s notes (and other assorted goodies!) can be found in the mega-meta resource thread.

Links: | | AO3 | DW | LJ

This is definitely one of my favorite chapters of the entire story ♥ Be sure to check out the mega-meta resource thread for the ridiculous amount of author's notes which accompany this chapter :P