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Count Me In | Series Index

The master index for my 'Count Me In' series. As I'm writing it in a very non-linear fashion, if you'd like to enjoy the story in order, here's the place to do it.

Summary: Exactly what it says on the tin: a post-canon BSC headcanon in which Charlie Thomas and Janine Kishi discover each other, become great friends, and fall in love. The namesake of this series is the 1966 song by Gary Lewis & The Playboys, because I thought it rather fitting to this particular pairing:

If you need someone to count on when you’re down
And all your other friends you’ve lost, count me found
Just be sure you count on me, and when the counting’s through
Count me madly in love with you…


Last update: January 1, 2017 | Series In Progress

Chance Encounter: When Charlie Thomas escapes the chaos of his family on New Year’s Eve, restlessness drives him in search of old friends – but the one he finds is the last one he ever expected to see.

Double Date: Charlie + Janine + Sam + Stacey = a heaping helping of awkwardness, with a delicate side order of surprising confession.

A Question of Regret: Sometimes simple questions don't have simple answers.

Confession & Plea: After a year of intermittent dating, Charlie and Janine find themselves at a crossroads.

Cavorting with the Enemy: Charlie nodded, and grinned, and was unable to stop himself from laughing at her astonished expression. “What’s the matter, Janine?” he joked. “Can’t handle a bit of friendly competition?”