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It's been a couple of months since I updated my rec lists, but there are so many wonderful things that I want to share/pimp that I'm probably going to have to make more than one post :P This one is to share ALL THE THINGS that were gifted (to me, or to others) during the holiday exchanges ~ [ profile] yuletide & [ profile] fandom_stocking.

First and foremost: FELLOW BSC FANS! If you love to squee about our awesome canon and amazing characters, you would be remiss not to join [ profile] bsc_squee! What could possibly be better than having an entire community devoted to nothing but squee? Nothing, that's what! SO JOIN!!!

[ profile] bsc_squee

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Fic wasn't the only thing I received for [ profile] fandom_stocking ~ I was also graced with an OTP fanmix, California Dreams icons and squee, as well as ultra-cute BSC OTP icons! :D :D :D I'd definitely say I lucked out this year ~ I'm still enjoying my bounty of gifts, as well as those amazing things gifted to others for the holiday season!

My rec lists are static at the top of my journal ~ Inuyasha | Baby-sitters Club | Multifandom/Miscellaneous ~ and you're welcome to look at them any time =)

I have another barrage of recs still to come, because this was hardly the tip of the iceberg, LOL! =)
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Title: Chance Encounter
Fandom: Baby-sitters Club
Universe: Post-canon
Genre: Friendship, Romance
Rating: T
Warning: Language
Word Count: 5,317
Summary: When Charlie Thomas escapes the chaos of his family on New Year’s Eve, restlessness drives him in search of old friends – but the one he finds is the last one he ever expected to see.

Links: | LJ | DW | AO3

This was my [ profile] yuletide assignment this year, written for [ profile] tornyourdress.

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Yuletide recs are to come =) I bookmarked a bunch at AO3, and of course I want to gush about my own awesome gift, but those definitely deserve their own post ♥
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Because I am lame and didn't get anywhere close to sending out Christmas cards this year, I'm taking the easy way out and scanning one for the, Happy Chrismahanakwanzakah!

I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday, whatever version of it that you celebrate (even if it's merely getting through the day, LOL).

I'm going to take this moment to plug [ profile] fandom_stocking. If you've found some holiday spirit, please consider donating some fic, icons, recs, or even just general cheer! =) Stockings won't be revealed until January 6th, 2012, so there's still plenty of time to contribute. With over 1000 fandom tags, I know everyone on my f-list is well represented! :P I'm planning to stuff a couple of socks myself, now that [community profile] yuletide is over, and I can't wait to see what's waiting for me in mine! =)
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Hi! This is my first year requesting a Yuletide story, but I'm excited for the opportunity. I mostly signed up because I saw series I wanted to write for, so I'm more or less open to whatever you'd like to write for me. I do have some ground rules, though:

*Please keep the characters in character. It shouldn't really even bear mention, but since I'm someone who is an absolute stickler for characterization, this is the #1 way to receive less than a completely squeeful response from me.

*Nothing too depressing, please. It's the holidays - I'd much prefer something fluffy and sweet, or at least happy. Angst is welcome, as long as it's resolved in some way.

*No slash, please. I'm not a fan of slash or femmeslash, so please don't go there. I've nothing against it, but for the characters I've selected, it doesn't float my boat.

Here's what I requested...

Fandoms + prompts are under the cut )

You are more than welcome to take a gander around my LJ - I tend to write a lot about stuff I like, and I post all of my own fic and notes on fic here, so you can get an idea of how I write. You can also hit up my rec lists (static at the top of this journal) if you want an idea of what I like.

I look forward to reading your story! :D