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Hello! Thank you for offering to write a fic for me! =) I am a hopeless romantic, and all of my major ships are het, so this exchange is like a dream come true, LOL. I like to think I'm easy to please, but I'll let you be the judge of that. Keep reading for my general likes/dislikes, and some prompt ideas to get your muse rolling...

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Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to put something in my fandom stocking. I never know what to expect, but I am never disappointed. I feel like I win every single year, LOL - even the year that I was seriously ill and had to flake on everybody I wanted to treat, I totally won :D

This year I received a little bit of everything: BSC fics, IY fics (I miss you, IY fandom!!), a Tangled fic, lots of pictures of castles and kitty cats, and even a greeting from a heretofore unknown fellow KI fan! Unfortunately, my output was not as varied - I only finished 4 BSC fics, which will at some point feature at [community profile] babysitters100. This little fic-writing spree inspired more BSC fic, as well as a character guide for Charlie Thomas, so I was definitely busy during my little week and a half of vacation :P

Quite a few of you on my f-list treated me, and I tried to do the same. There was at least one fic that I did not have time to write before reality set in, but it will be coming at some point this year. If you had a fandom stocking, I hope you enjoy your gifts as much as I love mine!!
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SO YEAH - I never meant to let my recs lists lapse as horribly as they have. I've been reading more than I've been writing these days, and here are some of my new favorite fics :D

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My permanent rec lists are here ~ Baby-sitters Club | Inuyasha | Multifandom/Miscellaneous
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Title: Homecoming
Fandom: Tangled
Universe: Canon
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: T
Warnings: Language, innuendo
Word Count: 2,943
Summary: Canon/missing scene. She was a princess, and he was a common thief. She was his new dream, yes, but that’s all that she could be…right? Rapunzel’s homecoming is the hardest decision Eugene’s ever had to make.

Links: DW | | AO3

Written for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo prompt "back."

I love it when a story comes on so overwhelmingly strong that I have to sit down and write it. It's a rush of pure euphoria that is all too often a rarity (for me, at least) these days.

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I was surprised but pleased that I was able to knock out another prompt from my [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo table, and I feel comfortable enough with this universe that I might attempt to write more. I haven't read extensively in Tangled fandom, so chances are that I'm reinventing the wheel and/or treading extremely familiar ground, but for once, I kinda don't care :P

I have two other prompts planned out (one SVH, one Daria), so hopefully it won't be another six weeks before I'm posting fic again! *fingers crossed*