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By Request: Midnight Masquerade | Mirosanta 2009

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Pairing: Miroku/Sango
Rating: T
Inspiration: Love - Valentine's Day 2001 © various artists [mix CD]
Based upon: the MiroSanta 2009 holiday giftfic exchange

I picked up an extra assignment for the Mirosanta exchange, and this one definitely put me a bit closer to my comfort zone...and then I just wrenched the idea even closer to home, indulging in one of my favorite historical romance fiction tropes :P

[ profile] audiodrops made the following request:

Genre(s) I Prefer to Read: Romance and fluff, especially, but pretty much anything but total angst/darkfic is fine by me. I really, really like pregnancy fic. ;;;
Please Don't Include: Non-happy endings!
Max Rating: Anything is fine. ;)
Any Prompts: Knight. Dance. "Excuse me!". Dinner. (Optional, of course!)

...and that just put me smack in mind of a masquerade ball. Dinner? Dance? Knight? LOL, thank goodness this is a person who doesn't mind a bit of an alternate universe scenario! :P

The only problem, of course, was the fact that masquerade balls are predominantly a European tradition, and there's really no Japanese equivalent. So, what to do...what to do...oh, I know, let's just make this one of those eccentric high society quirks! Hehe. I can't imagine high society is really all that different across cultures, at least not when it comes to their interest in "the different" or "the exotic". So I just turned the notion on its head a bit :)

Basically the story is pretty straightforward; Sango goes quite reluctantly to this dance, feeling quite uncomfortable in the frilly and formal setting, but finds something of a kindred spirit with a mysterious person dressed as a knight. The evening has a few twists and turns, leading straight up to a searing New Year's Eve kiss, and voila, a happy ending minus my trademark copious amounts of angst.

I have to say, it was fun playing a bit with these ideas. Some of these prompts lended themselves to bits of humor - I mean, 'knight'? How could I resist a corny "knight in shining armor" crack? Hehe. The idea of Miroku hamming it up as a gallant knight in search of a damsel in distress also tickled me, so I ran with it. Its not often I'm brave enough to hurl my unorthodox sense of humor at the masses, so if anyone finds this painfully unfunny - I apologize.

I wanted to write this in a very light tone, as sort of a way to help displace some of Sango's discomfort at being in a world she doesn't really belong to, and not really knowing anyone in it. Hence, my use of the 'humor' genre tag. The Sango muse in my head is very dry and wry in humor, one who - contrary to popular belief - doesn't revel in angst so much as actively tries to avoid it. So, she doesn't really dwell on her feelings here, beyond annoyance; that's a safer emotion, and she feels more confident expounding upon, than, say, insecurity or jealousy or desire.

I had a couple of references for the dress I pictured her as wearing - here (from this website) and here, which is a bit more modern take on it. This period in history is the one I just adore when it comes to romance novel settings. In fact, if you've ever read a historical romance novel, this setup should sound completely familiar to you (although my dialogue might be a bit lacking by comparison), as it seems all anyone ever did back in the day in merry ol' England was go to parties and try to snag a husband :P

The real challenge with this piece (besides the deadline, which I sorely missed) was trying to capture Miroku's spirit. He's easily the character I relate to the least on a personal level, so its hard for me to write the way he behaves - flirty, confident, with a tinge of lechery and conman - with any sort of confidence. I much prefer looking at what makes the characters act the way they do instead of detailing those behaviors, so it was definitely a bit more to wrap my head around than I'm used to. But, hopefully [ profile] audiodrops enjoys it and finds it in the least bit believable - she wrote a damn good Mirosanta herself, so there were certainly standards to live up to!

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I really love how you used the prompts. I have a thing for masquerades, too, so it's just perfect! \o/

I love the pictures, by the way! A very helpful addition to your author's notes.

You already know what I think about this fic, so I'll spare any more gushing, but...

she wrote a damn good Mirosanta herself, so there were certainly standards to live up to!

Ehhh?! You flatter me! o///o
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I have to admit, reading this made me really wish there were fanart of them in their costumes. Like, you have no idea. And the fact you provided references is not helping whatsoever...*stares*

...I promise nothing.
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Haha, it's definitely a rare idea for me. Still, I just love the imagery in this one, and it makes me want to do something beyond doodle in the margins of my notebooks. (Plus, I think I've been spending way too much time on DevArt looking at pretties, and it's going to my head.)

We'll see. The whole plate armor part is a little intimidating. =P
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Oh, lol, I got this LJ notification right after sending you an email. You'll have to let me know if my visualizations are anywhere near where you're are. And this shall be great - I had a few other images of plated armor suits pulled up on my laptop, but if this is what you were thinking of...

kinda the point of storytelling anyway, IMO, to make the recipient feel like they're there
I don't know what it was about this particular piece, but it definitely got my imagination going. So, I'd say you're mission was accomplished!

It makes me a little giggly that someone likes my stuff enough to draw fanart for it, you know? I've never had that happen before...
Haha, I've had it happen before, and it's definitely an interesting feeling. But well, you got the doodle!Muses going, and sometimes, you just have to go where the muses take you. ^_~
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OMG THAT'S PERFECT!! Love it, love it, love it. Srsly.
Haha, I'm glad you liked it. ;) I aim to please!

That's the sort of helmet, tho, with just the visor...I think the rest of it was a bit more complicated than I had in mind. I mean, he was able to dance in it...
*nods* Good point. I'm definitely trying to figure out how to keep the essence of the costume and make it look like something he might be able to move in. XD I'm sure there will be lots of armor doodles in my notebook. I'll have to spam you with emails as I make progress or something. =P

If this is where your muses take you, then sign me up!
LOL. Somehow, I think you're the one that signed me up, somewhere. Gosh. Look what you did, woman!