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By Request: Tainted Purity for [ profile] dreaming_trees

See, I haven't forgotten about those personal challenges! :P If you'd like to give me a specialized request, please see this thread for details.

Title: Tainted Purity
Rating: X
Warnings: Violence, rape, character death
Word Count: 7605
Summary: She was his angel, his innocent, his beautiful purebred saint. He was her worst nightmare made flesh, one from which she could never escape.

Author’s Note: Written for [ profile] dreaming_trees, who requested “Naraku/Kikyo” during my call for challenges.

This is actually a bit of a special case for my "By Request" collection. The rating and content leave me comfortable with only posting the piece at Media Miner, so you can click here to read the story. Because of its length, and the extended warnings I felt befitted the content, its posted separately from my "By Request" collection.

It seems like, with every darker piece of fic that I write, I keep saying, "This is the darkest thing I've ever written. This is the darkest thing I've ever written." Well, nothing I've produced and shared thus far holds a candle to this piece. It was an interesting, gut-wrenching, and strangely empowering experience, to write about things that personally disgust or horrify me.

I'm a firm believer that darkfic is good for the soul, and hopefully getting this out of my head will allow lighter fare to take up residence.

This was written after a two-day binge on 48 Hours Mystery and Most Evil, sparked by accounts of the Kissel murders. Thank Jeebus for streaming video to feed curiosity, and my muses.

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ooooo...WOW! I can see the influence your tv viewing has had on you. (love those shows, by the way ^-^) This was dark and creepy and ooooo. I think I need to go find something happy to read. The images you portrayed are so vivid! I know I might see this one tonight in my dreams! Way to go, Steven King! LOL
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Mmmm - love those shows!

I'm commenting as I go so... ^_^ this could be surprising.
I love the background you've set up for this - nods to canon in AU always make me sorta giddy, LOL

Kaede's reaction is very interesting, as well. Kids see a lot that adults don't - even if they can't always explain it.

I actually had to stop reading for a moment at the scene with Kaede... I seriously wasn't expecting it at ALL. It just spiraled out of control from there - I'm absolutely shocked and amazed. I didn't expect any of where it was going, but loved every second of it (in a creepy, can't-stop-watching way, of course!)
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My response to this: "Oh, Lord..."

LOL I got so into the piece I couldn't keep coming back to comment -_-;;

The idea of him regenerating, "becoming a new person" just fit really well with the sociopathic/psychopathic personality I was attempting to give him.

It worked really, really well. It was a great lead-in and really rang true with how a lot of these things get started (ugh - you see a lot of this stuff in journalism)

side comment: I appreciate you visiting our site ^_^ Streaming video is good for our revenue. LOLOL

Now, what does that say about me, LOL?

LOL - positive things *patpat* I'm personally much more horrified by acts of violence, sexual acts, etc. that are perpetrated to or by children and young'uns.

I wasn't really sure if it made sense, especially at the end, or if Kikyo's reasons for her thoughts, feelings, and actions rang true at all.

Oh, they did! Or you know I'd be prodding you asking "Wait, why..." Especially in a piece like this, my journalistic tendencies come out. Made perfect sense to me!

I admit, I was really shocked at the end, with InuYasha dead, too.
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You get a cut off the 'national' website? Cool. Just tell them they'd get even more revenue if they allowed ALL of their full episodes to be streamed outside the US. (Seriously - why can I watch 48 Hours episodes but nothing else?!)

LOL, partially... our advertisers also get some time on the national site, but the money comes to us. Plus the money going to national comes back to us in the form of new equipment ^_^ And I think they're actually working on expanding the full episode streaming outside the US - it should start updating within a few weeks, iirc

Or - one day I'm going to figure out a way to do a dissertation on smutty fanfic and its appeal and effect on its consumers :P

LOL You are going to start a series of dissertations... "Fanfic, smut, and the average consumer"... "Fanfic and Drama - mutually inclusive?" ^_~

Woohoo! I feel like I've passed some sort of test.

LOL - at least now you won't be bombarded with me going "But whyyyyy?"

But doesn't it make perfect sense, at the same time?

It really does. I don't think the ending would have been as strong if he had lived. In fact, I think it really would have taken away form the whole piece and the final line.

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Glad I do not watch those shows. Your story was very good even though if was so dark. Your Naraku is the true epitome of evil. Much worse than RT's character who she thinks could have been saved. I like your canon references It gives it that IY feel.
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Yikes! I loved the end (as hard as it was to read)--you didn't flinch. A happily-ever-after conclusion would not have fit in with the chilling, tragic tone you set up and kept going throughout the piece. And great job with a totally depraved villain--sick, evil, unredeemable.